The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 10 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.47.08 pmThis ep was actually pretty boring which all the steps forward not actually being steps forward. It’s supposed to be a simple one with two people involved but it’s complicated when the two parties are being wishy-washy with their feelings. Guess they have a few more games to play before they will be able to unleash their true feelings for one another. The vacation didn’t seem to do much for Won who has come back with his heart still torn while Ha Na is still trying to understand whether she has made the right decision in getting back together with her former flame. It’s all about decisions, decisions that will lead to better decisions in the future but for now they have to live with the consequences of their current decisions. 

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 10 Recap:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.43.11 pmWon is enjoying his leisurely break from work and taking the opposite viewpoint from work. He is on the plane as a passenger and complains about the espresso being too bland and demands for a mochaccino instead with cinnamon powder and no cocoa powder.

Won turns up to the wedding, though a bit late.

Won and Ha Na have a quick catch up before they head to the afterparty with their high school buddies. The friends pick up on the strange atmosphere between Won and Ha Na but both deny they have been in a fight. Na Young confronts Won about Ha Na dating Seo Hoo again and Won acts like his is okay even though we know he is not. Na Young takes the opportunity to tell him that he can date her if he likes.

Won notices Ha Na’s call with Seo Hoo even though she didn’t know he was watching her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.45.12 pmWhile everyone else is dancing swiftly away, Ha Na and Won are on the couch watching their friends. Ha Na looks over to Won and flashes back to when he hugged her before he decided to go on his vacation and told her that he will come back as a friend who will be by her side.

Won breaks the atmosphere but asking how things are with Seo Hoo.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.45.35 pmWon and Ha Na take a leisurely nighttime stroll. She asks if all he did for one month was walk. He answers yes and reflects that he also discovered that the sound of his breathing is louder than the sound of anything else. She notes that he has changed – he has become manlier and healthier. She is all serious and all while he jokingly tells her that she is a lot shorter than he is.

Mi Hyang and Won have a catch-up session over facial masks and beer. She pouts that he never called her once while he was away and her loneliness got real. She asks him what he thought about on his trip and he replies he thought about life, about the things he should keep and the things he should throw away.

Won receives an award for being the most caring flight attendant.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.48.06 pmSeo Hoo calls Ha Na to ask how the wedding was yesterday and whether she regrets not bringing him. She replies he doesn’t really know her friends that well. He tells her that she will come to regret it…

And then he appears in front of her. He comments that he likes working with her because this means he can see her any time he likes. He is far from work as all he can focus on is her while she tries to push back to work.

Ha Na grins happy when she receives a message from Na Young of a photo of Won posing for his award but Seo Hoo gets upset and wants to know what made her smile so happily. She just tells him that it’s a message from Na Young.

Won goes out drinking with his buddies for his award. He ends up singing to Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You” while drunk, clearly missing Ha Na a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.48.45 pmHa Na walks in on one of Seo Hoo’s practice session and he wastes no time to pull her to his lap. He pulls her in for a kiss but she pulls back when she hears the door open. She seems nervous but when he tries again for a kiss she doesn’t resist.

In the car, Ha Na touches on the topic for him to go to the head office in China to please the online investors which he sweetly agrees as anything is fine with him. Her phone rings but he protests for her not to pick it up. She answers it anyways but is late as she misses the call. Mama is worried and wondering if her daughter is dating some weird guy again.

Competition is on at work with Min Ji so warmly letting her know that the design team has their eyes on her collab project with Seo Hoo. Ha Na marches into the design team telling them not to proceed on without her permission because she is the one in charge. She already got one of her projects stolen, she isn’t going to let that happen again.

Seo Hoo messages Ha Na that he will pick her up later tonight. She calls him excusing that she is too busy with work. He tells her he will call her later and hangs up. His manager informs him that his agency will be suing him in violation for the project with Ha Na’s company. Seo Hoo is not afraid and looks at the lawsuit as a way for him to get out of his contractual relationship with the company.

Won, Mi Hyang and So Eun are leading in a group of recruitments. The new recruitments are all in awe of Won and all want to take pictures with him.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.49.24 pmLater, So Eun goes to find Won but he retains his distance from her and gets up to leave. She calls out that his love is also one-sided too which gets his attention enough to make him stay. Since he can stand next to Ha Na as a friend despite her relationship with Seo Hoo, So Eun voices that she would like to stand next to him as a hoobae. Won shakes his head and tells her not to do something like this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.49.35 pmHa Na is out grocery shopping but the wine she wants is sold out. She sees a trolley bump into hers and looks up to see that the owner is Won. He tsks tsks but seeing her mood he asks her what’s up. She replies it’s nothing. She sees the wine in Won’s cart and play fight with him to steal it off him.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.49.46 pmHa Na and Won hide from the rain under a sheltered area and of course between them is some cans of beer. He asks her how things are with Won and she replies that it is fine and changes the topic to wanting to eat chicken feet. She remarks that she is getting old. She used to like seeing her heart flutter but now this is too heavy for her. She thinks she is at the right age to have her heart dulled but it isn’t easy. Won comments that having your heart flutter is a good thing to which she replies she just wants to march on forward.

Won supports her and encourages her to push on until the end. He is surprised she hasn’t been to their hideout while he was away. They then go and run away from the rain.

Won cooks Mi Hyang up some delicious homemade food. Mi Hyang advises him to date, though it’s not that he can’t date but that he won’t date. And so he continues to suppress his feelings.

Dae Bok digs out from Assistant Hong that his noona is going on a business trip with Seo Hoo. Assistant Hong can’t help but keep admiring Dae Bok.

Mi Hyang’s fangirling over Seo Hoo’s professor and waits in line to get his autograph. She finally reaches the front of the line only to have him ask if she is not going to the bath house today. Turns out he is familiar because they actually ran into each other at the bath house before and they bickered because he ran into her while jogging.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.50.57 pmHa Na is actually surprised that Won is her and Seo Hoo’s flight attendant. Won does his best to maintain a professional front while at the same time being a supportive friend but really, he is hurting inside. Ha na still finds it quite uncomfortable to be with Seo Hoo but later eases into smiles and laughter with him which Won catches.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.51.05 pmSeo Hoo wants Ha Na to take him out to all her friends but she is hesitant, telling him that not all her friends will like him. He acts like he doesn’t need to be accepted but she points out that he wouldn’t have asked to meet her friends otherwise. She asks him to wait for her because she’s changed and hopes that he has changed too.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.51.17 pmSeo Hoo takes Ha Na home. Mama is taking out the rubbish and Seo Hoo goes to greet Mama. Mama is shocked to see her daughter with Seo Hoo and immediately pulls her away. Mama and Papa are both just as shocked as one another. Ha Na explains Seo Hoo has changed and that she is giving him another chance.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.51.30 pmSeo Hoo stops to talk with Won outside. He tells Won that they need to be friends, friends like him and Ha Na. He wants to experience the friendship that Won shares so clearly with Ha Na. He warns that he doesn’t want to be the third wheel in Ha Na’s matters and Won has to assure him that he has no interest in his relationship with Ha Na.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.51.44 pmPapa finds Won to talk about his daughter getting back together with Seo Hoo. Papa asks Won if he knew of Ha Na getting back together with Seo Hoo. Won nods and Papa tells him that he should have stopped it. Papa sighs that he was only ever disappointed in Ha Na once – the time when she gathered all her friends to witness her and Seo Hoo’s vow exchanges without her parent’s permission. It turned their family upside down only for her to lock herself in her room for days without eating after coming back.

Papa can’t allow himself to consent Ha Na’s relationship with Seo Hoo to which Won defends that it was probably a hard decision for Ha Na. Papa wonders why she made that decision then. He then turns his attention to Won accusing him of not stopping Ha Na sooner; he and Ha Na always stuck together so why wasn’t he able to win her heart?

Won tells himself as much as Papa that Ha Na will be alright. Papa won’t hear it and doesn’t want Won in the house any more.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.52.09 pmHa Na finds her father drinking alone in the living room. He sits her down for a talk. He remembers the little girl who loved her father so much that she wanted to marry him like it was yesterday. He tells her that even if she chose the best man in the world, if that man makes her shed a tear, he will not accepted him. Because his daughter is the best thing in the world. Ha Na can only cry and apologise. She promises to do better.

Won is on his job and remembers about Papa’s words on how he and Ha Na always stuck together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.52.41 pmSeo Hoo turns up to Ha Na’s work unannounced and asks her to accompany him in the afternoon. She tells him that she actually has work to do but that doesn’t stop him from sitting across from her and watching as she works. He suggest they go for a ride later that night but she declines, citing work and the heavy atmosphere at home for the reason. He compromises to tell her that he won’t get her home too late then. She turns to him with something to tell him but then ultimately doesn’t tell him.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.53.43 pmHa Na and Seo Hoo enjoy some piano time together and he takes a picture of them together and uploads it on social media. She chastises him for showing up at her office unannounced and now this, always doing things without first consulting her. She tried to understand him for whatever he did because she loved him but it’s different now. She wants him to be more considerate of her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.54.37 pmWon meets with Chang Soo who mentions Won having two graduation photos. Flashback. Ha Na wanted to take a graduation photo with him but she would be graduating first since he had go off and serve the military. Despite that, they both rocked up to each other’s graduation just to take a photo with one another.

Na Young advises Ha Na that it’s better not to fix broken things. Ha Na assures her that she won’t get hurt this time around.

So when Ha Na sees the couple photo Seo Hoo posted, she messages him to go out tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.55.52 pmThe project with Seo Hoo is going good so the company from the project that the design team stole from her contacts her company, wanting to work with her again.

Mama slips and hurts her back. Dae Bok calls Won over to help.

Seo Hoo finally reaches Ha Na and wants to know why she hasn’t been picking up his calls. She just tells him to compliment her because she got back the project she worked so hard on. He asks to spend the night out with her but before she could respond, she gets a call from Dae Bok informing her of Mama. She calls Seo Hoo back telling that she needs to return home ASAP.

Won and Dae Bok do all the house cleaning for Mama. Ha Na rushes home worried about her mother but sees everyone enjoying dinner together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.57.09 pmHa Na walks Won out who gives her a whistle necklace for her to use whenever she is in trouble while Seo Hoo has come to face Ha Na’s family, kneeling before them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.57.45 pmFlashback. It’s Won’s graduation day. She jokes that she had to give up her overseas training opportunity for him and her next one wasn’t until three years ago when she met Seo Hoo. She narrates “The choices we made to stay together were the reasons we can’t be together now. Of course we didn’t know then.”


My Opinion:

For the progress that this drama could be making, it’s not making much. Any hopes for plot or character development just went plop and I’m actually seeing the characters make a backward progression rather than a forward. Won and Ha Na could both be so much more interesting characters but they aren’t because they are stuck, stuck in the same position as they were since we first met them at the start of the drama. Won has loved Ha Na since the beginning of time but was never able to confess to her and instead chose to hide his feelings and even now, he finds himself in the same position. Stuck in the same spot and just watching her as she chases after her heart. He is content with just being her friend but he’s actually not content and is very hurt on the inside. He had so much opportunities to pursue during their extensive friendship but he didn’t and placed himself in this position. He can only blame himself for being in this position.

Ha Na, on the other hand, is chasing after her heart but is she really? On the surface she loves Seo Hoo and is starting over again with him but her actions show that she is uncomfortable around him. She feels uneasy around him and she is afraid of him and his actions. Every time she is around Won, she is herself and her smiles are genuine. Maybe it’s because they have a very extensive friendship that she doesn’t see Won as more than a friend. She is the only one oblivious to his feelings when everyone else can see that he is in love with her. I feel that we have been through this phase already and just stuck here.

And Seo Hoo? He hasn’t changed one bit since three years ago. Still the same arrogant, overbearing guy that he was. He only considers his own feelings and never Ha Na’s feelings and there’s not even that sense of fire between them. He is the superior one and will always be the superior while she is with him because of a reason that is not love. It will only be a matter of time until their relationship comes crushing down because what they have between them is not love and without this feeling of love their relationship will not be able to stand up to the tremors that rock them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.55.05 pm

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