The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 9 Recap

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This ep was all on Ha Na as she follows her heart and whether that is a good decision or not, that will be up to her to find out in due time, but as of now, she is chasing her heart and it’s going to take her on an adventure of a lifetime as she rediscovers love with an old flame. Even though Seo Hoo is a baddie kind of guy but I really like him together with Ha Na and it’s for some unexplainable reason. My heart just prefers him with together with Ha Na. He does love her, just in a way that makes Won’s love for Ha Na superior. Won’s the nice guy and has sidelined his own happiness for Ha Na to chase after her own happiness. He has loved Ha Na for 17 years from the sideline so what more can he lose by continuing to love her from the sideline? 

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 9 Recap:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.59.04 pmWon waits and waits only to receive a message from Ha Na informing him that she won’t be able to make to the treasure hunt tonight.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.00.10 pmHa Na is with Seo Hoo who questions just what is it that she is supposed to remember? The memories of their love? The memories of him hurting her? The memories of him be totally fine after hurting her? He doesn’t answer her and instead mentions about the bunny keychain he gave her that she cherished so much. She tells him that there is no use remembering that now while he just continues to tell her that he has never forgotten the happy memories made with her. She bluntly tells him that she has forgotten it all; there are no happy memories of her loving him because in her memories he is her past wound that she never wants to pull out again.

Ha Na turns to leave but Seo Hoo grabs her wrist and asks to start over again. He promises that the past will be the past and he will never hurt her again. She shakes his hand away and leaves.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.00.25 pmThe next day at work, Ha Na does her best to convince the director that Seo Hoo will go through with the collaboration project and promises to take responsibility should the project fall through. She tries to get through to Won but can’t reach him as he has fallen sick from waiting for her last night in the bad weather.

Seo Hoo is not worried about the threats to his domestic activities but rather, something else of more importance. He arrives in style to discuss the project with Ha Na and her team while she remains distant and brushes off any remarks that he makes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.01.10 pmHa Na finds Won sick in bed with a fever so she decides to look after him by making him fish congee but has no idea how to do so. Her cooking skills show through because regardless of the flavourings added, even a person sick like Won still can’t swallow it in. Instead, he demands her make him beef congee.

As soon as Ha Na heads back home, she decides to pop back to Won’s place because being sick alone is too sad.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.03.07 pmWon wakes to find Ha Na asleep on his bedside. He heads to the kitchen sees the evidence of her cooking mess. He eats her awful and now cold congee. He cleans up her mess while imagining her chopping up the vegetables with a smile.

There’s gossip at work on whether So Eun will pursue Won again since he is sick and all.

Ha Na wakes up to find her mess all cleaned up and asks Won if he ate the congee she made yesterday. He lies that he threw it out. She asks him what he wanted to give her at the hideout but he tells her that it was of nothing important. She continues pressing on it so he just tells her that it was a box of ice-cream that he cleared himself.

Ha Na heads to work to learn that the collab project with Seo Hoo has been halted. So all her plans for today just got thrown out of the water. The media at Seo Hoo’s charity soccer event were all expected an exclusive interview on his collab project but Ha Na has to explain to them that she has no comment on the project as of now.

Seo Hoo saves her day and gives an exclusive interview anyways. She is determined to keep on with the collab project while Seo Hoo has his own motives for continuing on with the project. He tells his story about how in the past there was a special someone who thought the kind of shoes he wore was important because if his feet were comfortable, then his performance will also be comfortable. The media are all curious about who this particular person is.

Seo Hoo plays soccer with the children and Ha Na is very immersed in watching the game. When he kicks a goal, there are high-fives going around and he asks for one from Ha Na who was reluctant to give one. Instead he gives her a pat on the head and asks her to compliment him after the game.

The parents are home, with an argument too. But their argument shutters down when they learn that their beloved Won is sick and unable to head to work again.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.04.44 pmHa Na finds Seo Hoo sitting alone after the game. He suggest that they eat together here which she agrees to. She comments that it was her first time watching him place soccer and he starts to imagine all the “firsts” the can do together. He invites her to watch his recital tomorrow and laments on how she helped him to become her best.

Mama’s cooking is back and everyone’s glad.

Seo Hoo’s manager seems to be the only one concerned about him. Seo Hoo admits that once he gets his mind set on something he will pursue that at the expense of everything else. Seems like someone important is going to fly in and Seo Hoo is not afraid to face the matters that he will soon have to deal with.

Mi Hyang comments to Won how everyone but Ha Na can see that Won likes Ha Na.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.06.21 pmWon and Ha Na are out for their daily exercise when they run into Seo Hoo. Seo Hoo and Won deviates off with Won asking Seo Hoo if he thinks he will win Ha Na’s heart by sticking by her side all day long. Seo Hoo answers that he can only live if he sees Ha Na everyday. He is very sincere right now except Ha Na seems to trust Won more than him.

Seo Hoo doesn’t want to be enemies with Won but Won just tells him to cut it with the effort because regardless, he won’t see eye-to-eye with him. The only way for Ha Na to not get hurt is for them to be enemies.

Ha Na finally catches up with them and reminds them that they have work to go to. Not that they are listening.

Seo Hoo and Won have a showdown. Seo Hoo wants to know what Won’s relationship with Ha Na is. He wants to start over again with Ha Na but Won is always butting into his relationship with Ha Na. Seo Hoo guesses that Won has feelings for Ha Na. He tells Won that he should be asking why he didn’t turn up to the engagement ceremony three years ago. What Won saw was him not showing up but what he saw was his fiancee crying in the arms of another man.

Won tells him that he has no right to be with Ha Na in the first place. Seo Hoo just warns Won to stay as Ha Na’s friend because he is chasing for something more.

Won heads to work to find So Eun asking about his wellbeing. Really, she is inviting him out to watch a recital. He straight-forwardly shoots her down. She ends up inviting Mi Hyang and it’s a recital for Seo Hoo’s professor.

Ha Na complains about being forced into a project with Seo Hoo only to be forced back out. Her friends think the problem lies with Seo Hoo and Ha Na refuses to give up on the project.

Mi Hyang catches Ha Na who thanks her for taking care of Won. She drops subtle hints that only Ha Na knows everything about Won. But Ha Na is surprised to hear that Won chose to opt out of the overseas training. Mi Hyang claims that she doesn’t know why but of all the people who should know, it should be Ha Na.

Ha Na is trying to think of the reason why Won opted out of the training opportunity while Won thinks about Seo Hoo and Mi Hyang telling him that he needs to make his relationship with Ha Na clearer than ever right now.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.08.00 pmWon and Ha Na meet. He tells her that he can’t be her friend forever. He opens his hand is front of her and dangles the necklace he got for her telling her that he thinks his opportunity is here and apologises for being unable to be by her side. She goes home and brood over it. WTH. Okay, what?

Ha Na gets a gruelling for proceeding on with the project to which she explained what she did was for the better of their company. Luckily it was positively received.

Ha Na accompanies Seo Hoo to his professor’s recital where Mi Hyang and So Eun are also in attendance. Mi Hyang senses familiarity with the professor. Meanwhile, So Eun is more concerned about Ha Na and Seo Hoo.

Dae Bok and Assistant Hong have a cute date outing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.09.20 pmAfter the recital, Seo Hoo takes Ha Na to meet his professor, introducing her as the girl he likes. The professor is surprised because Seo Hoo has never introduced someone to him before.

Later, he asks how the concert was and she comments how he is the same as ever, asking even though he already knows the answer, such as how she waited for several hours and he would ask her if she waited long.

Looks like work is not done yet for Ha Na. She has to choose some photo-shoot pictures for Seo Hoo. Not that he needed it, but he just used it as an excuse to spend more time with him. Suddenly it starts to rain and he tentatively tries to protect her with his hand. They head over to his place.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.09.52 pmHe offers her hot tea even though she declined and he starts drying her hair even though she did not give him permission to do so. He turns her over to him and they stare eye-to-eye. He strokes her head and claiming that he is taking care of her so she won’t get sick. She stands up telling him that she will choose the photo later and proceeds to leave.

She doesn’t get far when he grabs her, cupping her face but she turns and heads off.

Looks like Mi Hyang’s new idol is Seo Hoo’s professor.

While Won tries to work out his feelings so does Ha Na. Seo Hoo’s words about not wanting to lose her hits her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.13.27 pmHa Na and Won meet about the basketball court. She tells him that Seo Hoo is like a compulsion; she can’t see to push him away. Won can only smile as he tells her that from now on their friendship will change. He will have to accept whoever she chooses and she’ll need time to adjust without him as a constant presence.

He tells her that he is going on vacation while a tear rolls down her cheek. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that everything will be okay. And the necklace? He tells her to think of it as reward for their 17 year friendship. He leaves and only when he is far enough does he let himself cry.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.14.18 pmIt’s a month later and the ex-couple is officially back on.

Ha Na attends her friend’s wedding and is about to text Won on his whereabouts when he appears fresh from his vacation. He just greets with “I’m late, aren’t I?”

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.14.56 pmFlashback to all the times when he clued her in on his feelings. She voiceovers about how they’ve been together for so long that he didn’t realise his expressions were changing. Maybe he thought if he got found out he would never be able to look at her in the eye again.


My Opinion:

Won could really take a lesson or two from Seo Hoo on how to express one’s feelings, because I think Won really could do with some lessons. This is why Seo Hoo has gotten Ha Na not once but twice whereas Won keeps on losing her to someone else. He loves her and he knows that well and clear but he has neglected himself to the friendzone since the beginning of their friendship and there is still yet a reason as to why he decided to do so. However, now with Seo Hoo back in the game, Won is more certain than ever that the feelings that he has for Ha Na is so strong that he can’t mask it even if he tried. He loves her, but he has lost out to Seo Hoo who is more vocal in his love to Ha Na.

Won moves on step forward and then two steps back. Seo Hoo’s presence makes him more proactive than ever because he knows that if he doesn’t make a move soon someone will, but yet when he braved himself to make the move, Seo Hoo already beat him to it. And so Won neglects himself to the best friend position once again, always by her side when she needs it and always there even when she doesn’t need it.

Ha Na finds herself unable to resist Seo Hoo’s charms but the problem with the drama is that it doesn’t visually show that. I find their relationship thus far has been very dependent on the writing – and not even writing per se, maybe more like the verbal narration – for it to move forward. The drama hasn’t shown what is it about Seo Hoo that makes Ha Na can’t help but fall for him once again despite the douchebag thing he did by leaving her, unexplained, at their engagement ceremony. She just can’t resist his charms but the drama doesn’t show what these charms are and that makes it difficult to see that in their relationship. I hope the drama isn’t leaving things half-explained because we have yet to know why Won told Ha Na that he will not love her and why Seo Hoo didn’t explain himself sooner.

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