My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 7-12


When I See You Again has been such a cute and fluffy drama to watch and even now as we are hitting the middle point of the drama it still remains ever as cute and fluffy to watch. I love this because I don’t have to necessarily be up-to-date with the drama to feel like I am in it on the drama action. Its fluffiness makes it such a great watch for me, especially during my studies break because I don’t necessarily have to be up-to-date with it to feel like I am clued in on the drama action. WISYA isn’t a drama with substance, but it is a drama that packs a punch despite lacking the substance. It manages to keep me engaged ep after ep and I personally think that is a wonderful achievement for any drama, and especially so for this drama as it feels so minimal yet is able to achieve the achievement that many emotionally heavy dramas struggle to achieve. That in it of itself is already a winner for the drama.

12These few eps were all about that You Qian and An Xi getting together. For You Qian it was about chasing after his heart while for An Xi it was more about discovering herself and her own feelings. You Qian is very certain that his heart calls for An Xi and while his initial intention was to make her fall in love with him so that he could show her how it feels to have his heart broken, but he just couldn’t bear it and decided to change tactics and sincerely win her heart once and for all while she decided to let herself love.

I really like how easy it is to fall into pace with in the sense that you can just fall into the rhythm of what is happening without needing the backstory to it. Of course, the backstory adds more of a skeleton to the story but it is not something I feel is necessarily needed for the drama to tell its story. We could have done without the backstory and the drama still would have been able to keep up this overall tone. The drama is just walking along really well with the way it is developing the story between You Qian and An Xi. The backstory for them just stems as a little hurdle in their relationship to really emphasis the whole “when I see you again” aspect of their relationship. Seeing An Xi again, You Qian is still heads over heels for her, with the fire for her still ever as strong as the way it was way back in their high school days. Her sincerity was what won his heart; she was there when no one would dare befriend him and he responded back with as much sincerity if not more but due to bad timing it wasn’t as well received. That changed his impression of her and he wanted to dislike her for deceiving him yet he can’t help for fall for her all over again this time around seeing her.
15You Qian is so adorable and very sincere to his heart. He is very lost in love so the way that he approaches his feelings for An Xi is very cute. I love watching him fall in love with An Xi as his love for her is very pure and very sincere. He doesn’t know what approach he should take in their relationship but he definitely tries his hardest at it to win her heart. The sincerity were many times when he tried to reveal that he was “Yi Zhi Mei” but every time he tried there was something stopping him from doing so. Then upon hearing her thoughts on this “Yi Zhi Mei” guy, he deterred from revealing himself. The revelation though will be something that brings them closer as a couple and for An Xi to really upon up her heart.


9There’s doubt to An Xi. She likes You Qian but she doesn’t quite like him. Inside her heart, there is that sense of remorse and guilt that she feels towards “Yi Zhi Mei” and for that reason she is unable to fully open her heart to love You Qian. It is because of the pain that she indirectly caused “Yi Zhi Mei” that she closed herself from allowing to love. She doesn’t want to hurt any one else but more than that she is uncertain about the feelings that she has for “Yi Zhi Mei”. She likes You Qian yet she also likes “Yi Zhi Mei” and that’s why she can’t fully allow herself to love You Qian. An Xi is not a type of person to just toy around with feelings and I guess with You Qian she can kind of sense that she likes him but she is afraid to take that step forward. The people around her done not have much luck in love and that has definitely toned down her confidence in falling in love. There’s also that part to her that doesn’t want to get hurt and it’s quite understandable considering all that she has been through.

3The storyline in regards to the second leads is really really slow and lacking to the point of non-existence. There has not been any development to Yan Ze or You Qing at all and for that they are very one-dimensional characters. They barely have any screen time to them and when they do, their screen time and their character progression is very limited which is such a shame considering they are the second leads. The focal point here is You Qian and An Xi but if you are going to have second leads in place at least make them the second leads inside of sidelining them to a position far from being the second leads. In saying so, there’s actually not much of a need for Yan Ze or You Qing considering their current positions. You Qian and An Xi are progressing fine the way they are and if the drama was going to head down the typical path with interference from the second leads, well the drama is far from there.

WISYA isn’t anything spectacular or outstanding but it remains as a good watch as ever. For its fluffy nature I didn’t expect much from it other than it to be a cute watch but it has proved beyond that. It is a lovely watch and continues to keep me engaged ep after ep. The plot is nothing to write home about but the direction the drama is heading is clearly working for its benefit.


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