Ariel Lin Arm in Arm with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen at 50th Golden Bell Awards


Ariel Lin with Vic Zhou (left) and Bolin Chen (right)

Last Saturday hosted the prestigious 50th annual Golden Bell Awards, and a star-studded event it was with everyone looking stunning. There were some big winners who I was so glad to take home an award. Of course, fashion is always something to look forward to in events like this and it was definitely glam glam. But I don’t think anyone was as glam as Ariel Lin, only because she herself is a two-time Golden Bell Award winner walked down the red carpet with two arm candies side by side – Bolin Chen and Vic Zhou – who themselves are also Golden Bell Awards winners. The trio were clearly there to promote their upcoming movie Go Lala Go which will be out by year end (can’t wait!) but it was nice to be able to see Ariel reunite with Bolin after their winning drama In Time With You which brought them together as best friends. 10

Cast of The Way We Were

Ruby Lin‘s drama The Way We Were was a big winner, taking home the top award of Best Drama, something that I am so glad it took recognition for. It was such a beautifully drama that was so much than I could have asked for from a drama. Its director definitely played a huge role for the success of the drama with it taking home Best Director too. Tiffany Hsu went home with an award for Best Supporting Actress and I’m so glad to see her gain recognition for her role and also on a career-high since her break-up with Ethan Ruan. I’ve watched her since It Started With a Kiss and there is no denying that her acting skills have matured more and more with her acting projects. Her co-star in the mini-series Wake UpChris Wu took home Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series, while the drama itself also took home Best Mini-Series. Best Actor went to Blue Lan for his performance in Apple In Your Eye.


Ruby Lin


Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan


Melvin Sia and Tiffany Hsu


Tiffany Hsu


Chris Wu


Megan Lai


Blue Lan and wife Jade Chou


Leroy Yang and girlfriend Amigo (Jiang Zhu Ping)

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2 thoughts on “Ariel Lin Arm in Arm with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen at 50th Golden Bell Awards

  1. heisui September 29, 2015 at 6:08 am Reply

    It’s great seeing so many pictures of the TTWW cast together even after the drama finished airing. 😀 I’m super happy that Tiffany Hsu won the Best Supporting Actress award because she’s the one that stood out to me the most in TTWW.

    BTW…Leroy with a mustache?! O_O

    • misscupcakees September 29, 2015 at 9:56 am Reply

      I know right? Love their tight-knit friendship! I love Tiffany, and she was really amazing in her role!

      Ahaha, he looks a lot older than his age :/ ahahaha, now that he has a girlfriend people can stop shipping him with Ruby.

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