Bii Ventures into Acting in New Drama with Megan Lai

1When I See You Again is almost finished with its run and while it wasn’t anything spectacular, it was quite a fluffy and cutesy drama that I enjoyed watching. Seems like SETTV is deciding to stick with rom-coms after its experiment with the melo Someone Like You as the follow-up drama will too be a rom-com. The follow-up drama has yet to have an English name but the literal translation would be “Falling in Love With the Guys” and from that and the promotion material that has been surfacing, it seems like there will be some gender-bender in play.

Headlining the drama is Baron ChenMegan LaiBii and Sean Lee. I only caught onto this drama because Bii’s name attached to it. I have a bias towards Bii, who is perfection not only in looks but also in his music. He is of Chinese and Korean heritage and that has given him the ability to sing and produce songs in both Chinese and Korea. I adore his songs, all clicking well to my ears but I’m not so sure about his venture into acting and it’s such a big role for his first official debut into the acting realm. He has made previous cameo appearances but I’m not sure his ready to jump onto such a prominent acting role just yet. If anything, at least he knows he has his music to fall back to.

Check out their meet-the-press images. They all look so similar with their clothes, hairstyle and hair colour! I’m sure they’re all dressed to play angels or something of that sort.





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