My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 13-20

5It’s been a while since When I See You Again finished airing and it was such a cutesy, fluffy drama to watch from start through to finish. Every ep was filled with fluff and that was what made watching it so easy. The fluff what basically what held the drama. There is no denying that the drama lacked substance but there was enough fluff going around to sustain the drama and that in it of itself is not something that many dramas can manage. Dramas that lack substance tend to fall flat but luckily WISYA does not fall in this category. WISYA, while lacking in substance, packed a punch in delivering for its worth, and really that is all that I could have asked for from it. With the direction that WISYA headed it, there was only so much that it could deliver and it did deliver which what all dramas should be going.

8The thing with WISYA again was that it limited itself from how well it could develop right from the very beginning from how it structured. It basically pushed itself into a corner with no way out of escaping. WISYA started with a very narrow plot line and then when the drama took off, it found itself unsure of where to go on from that starting point. The core of the drama was about An Xi and You Qian getting together but there was nothing around that to liven up their relationship. The biggest problem was that An Xi and You Qian never really had that get-to-know each other phase. Technically, they did but for us as viewers we didn’t get to see that and thus we missed out connecting with them on that front. They had already fallen in love with each other back in their high school days but miscommunication drew them apart. This second encounter was really a chance for them rekindle their fire and express once and for all that their minds has never forgotten each other. You Qian and An Xi immediately got together after they resolved their miscommunication and from then forward it has just been all lovey-dovey for them. They moved in together and adjusted their lives together in what felt like a few seconds since they got together. That is fine and all but with You Qian and An Xi getting together quite early on, the drama just didn’t know how else to develop their relationship. The drama lives and breathes on their relationship but when their relationship becomes dull to watch, so does the drama.

In saying so, the drama has been quite pleasing to watch with lots of fluff each ep. I like that it was all fluff, fluff and fluff, but that in many ways was what really let down the drama. The drama really lacked substance and that really showed through, particularly in these final last few eps. The drama really fleshed out everything it could from the fluff during the first half of the drama and this half of the drama was not really left with much to work with. The drama tried to add in conflict to create that substance that it was lacking but the conflict didn’t really go anywhere and more than that it was not fully developed. The whole conflict with Yan Ze is a prime example of this because I found myself asking what was the whole point of it? It surfaced too late in the drama to any good for the drama and it made him that bad guy when he didn’t need to be one. This conflict would have been better integrated into the drama had it appear earlier and with more depth.
7The drama couldn’t have done without You Qian and An Xi and although their relationship became quite draggy to watch, the fluff really worked in favour for how their relationship appeared on screen. They were adorable to watch and I just love how they interacted with each other. They were quite comfortable around each other and they grew more comfortable around each other with time. Initially, they were quite stiff characters but they loosened up around each other as time passed by and that was transferred onto their chemistry. They had a really nice chemistry with each other, one that was really charismatic and bubbly and that made watching them so easy. You Qian is so sweet with the way he looks out for her and is always there to protect her just as she was there for him during their high school days. He will always be there when she needs it and even when she doesn’t need him. She helped him to achieve greater heights when she saved him from the bullies, falling in love with him in the process but little did she know she would have influenced him this much. He changed for her and she fell in love with him once again.


10I’m actually not sure what to say about the second leads Yong Qing and Yan Ze except for the fact that they were second leads? For the role they played and their limited screen time, one can easily disregard their presence. Yong Qing was really there to challenge You Qian personally but trying to break up his relationship with An Xi. She used petty methods to try to get him to change his heart but instead it made him assert his feelings towards An Xi and that’s about all that her role entitled her to. Yan Ze is a character with depth but the drama didn’t flesh out his character enough and by the time they headed down to doing so, it was too late and so he was left as a two-dimensional character.

WISYA is a nice, fluffy drama but it lacks depth. The plot relies heavily on the fluff and while the fluff carried the drama to the finish line, fluff does not create substance. Without substance, there is only fluff left but fluff itself is only fluff and does not hold together the drama. The relationship between You Qian and An Xi was very cute to watch and that for me was what really kept me going on with the drama. WISYA was a very easy watch and I did enjoy it for what it offered.


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6 thoughts on “My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 13-20

  1. lifewithdramas October 29, 2015 at 2:30 pm Reply

    Hahaha, the amount of times you said “fluff” just demonstrated the lack of substance in WISYA. I sat through about 9 eps before I absolutely could not handle anymore. Like you said the fluff held the drama together but in my opinion the “fluff” was not working for me. It just got a bit overboard and suuuuuuper repetitive. It was the first time I saw Jasper in a “serious” character and I absolutely disliked it. His sweet smile was the things that caught my eye and without it he seems just like every other actor/ male lead. WISYA didn’t exactly start with the best premise and this was proven by the drama. I apologise for sounding so whingy lol.

    • misscupcakees October 29, 2015 at 2:35 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, not sure how else to describe the drama other than “fluff”! It was just…fluffy! But I’m a romcom kind of person and the fluff was enough to keep me through it. The drama started on the wrong foot, because it pushed itself into a corner with where it wanted to go with the plot. And then as the drama progressed further it pushed itself deeper into the corner giving itself no way to escape.

      Jasper was adorable though! ((:

      • lifewithdramas October 29, 2015 at 3:14 pm

        Sighs. I need a good tw-drama now before I lose all my faith for them. 😦

      • misscupcakees October 31, 2015 at 12:51 pm

        I’m excited for Marry Me, or Not?

  2. Ivy September 2, 2016 at 7:10 pm Reply

    How many starts would you give this drama out of five? I would re watch it but the thing that’s holding me back is stupid yan ze and Yong Qing. They are just there to create a conflict in the story so that the drama could drag on 20 ep, which is why I fine their characters kind of useless. (I only realized this after I finished watching it lol.) I’m a rom com girl too, and I loved the cute and sweet scenes between An Xi and You Qian. But then again, Jasper is too handsome to miss out on so I’ll probably rewatch it. 🙂

    • misscupcakees September 4, 2016 at 4:52 pm Reply

      Probably a 3/5! Yesss, Jasperrrr! ❤

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