Kingone Wang Back with Daily Love or Spend

2Some stars just never seem to give themselves a break and Kingone Wang is one of them with back-to-back dramas. No sooner does one drama end, but before I hear news about that drama ending, I am hearing news of his comeback drama. In 2013 he starred in the drama Happy 300 Days and followed that on with Spring and Tie the Knot. Without giving himself a break, this year he starred in the melo Somebody Like You, the heart-wrenching The Day I Lost U and now back with a new daily, Love or Spend. Kingone has got an impressive resume under his belt, having played an array of characters. Just this year alone, he has played two of his most challenging characters to date – a blind man in SLY and a spinocerebellar ataxia sufferer.


1LOS brings him back to rom-com territory. He will have a romantic with Jennifer Hong in which not only are they direct work competitors but also childhood sweethearts. Rounding up the main cast will be Jolin Chien and Da Yuan Lin from the girl group Popu Lady. Dear Mom‘s power-couple Melvin Sia and Joanne Tseng will also play a cameo role, except I’m not so sure how that will work since Jennifer and Joanne played sisters in Dear Mom. I’m all for Kingone expanding his acting repertoire and taking on new roles but I wouldn’t want to see that come to the detriment of his health. Kingone please take a break!


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