First Look at Refresh Man Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

Refresh ManToday premieres the new Sunday-night SETTV idol drama Refresh Man filling in the shoes of Bromance. Refresh Man stars Aaron Yan who is making his return back to dramaland and Joanne Tseng who is ready for another drama adventure after her successful venture in Marry Me, or Not? Rounding up the main cast is Lene Lai and Jack Lee. Refresh Man is a workplace drama, exactly right up my alley, and is a mix of all the elements that previous SETTV workplace dramas are so fond of using. Back in high school, Aaron’s character used to be the dud of the crowd and was constantly teased and bullied by Joanne’s character. However, fast forward in time and he is no longer the same man that he once was. He is now the CEO of Joanne’s workplace and she, who was previous the top student of her school, must now do as Aaron’s character directs. Of course, throughout their interactions, love will blossom between them two and bring these two unlikely people together.

Check out the teasers and trailer below which should probably be of reason to watch the drama.


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