Love @ Seventeen Drops Nostalgic Teasers

Love @ SeventeenLego Lee either really loves to work or really loves to work because with barely enough time to rest, he is back on the small screen with a new drama. I’ve checked on him every now and then since the conclusion of my all-time fave TW drama In A Good Way but none of his follow-up dramas really appealed to me. But this might all change with Love @ Seventeen, a drama that shares the similar nostalgia theme as IAGW. Except, this time the timeline progresses from the high school era right through to the current era. This drama also works the theme of missed love and I think it will work really well with this nostalgia theme that the has going on. 

Lego’s co-star is Nikki Hsieh and I am expecting to see some great scenes from them. Rounding up the cast is Amanda Chou who I have grown very fond of since Two Fathers and Edison Wang.

From the released materials, this drama seems to be something that I will definitely fall in love with. It’s got lots of substance and seems to hold a punch with its storyline. Not the punch that goes bang, but the punch that slowly hits you as it unveils itself in due time.

Maybe a little too late in writing this up but Love @ Seventeen is actually due to air in a few hours, Taiwan time. But check out the teasers and previews below nonetheless, especially if you haven’t made it to watch the drama yet.

“Missed Out” Teaser:

“Lost” Teaser:


Episode 1 “Not Planning to Re-Acquaint” Preview:

Episode 1 “You’ve Gone Crazy” Preview:

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One thought on “Love @ Seventeen Drops Nostalgic Teasers

  1. Hazel September 16, 2016 at 10:36 am Reply

    I m 60 n seldom watch tw drama, IAGW really caught my attention till the final episode. Since till now have not found any appealing to follow full episode. Started to look into news relating to Lego and Rong Rong then. IAGW supporters were on the topic all day longing for IAGW2 or movie version but all hope died off. Its such a pity, those scenes now become a memory. The main casts really look good together…cheers

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