My Opinion on Lucky Romance

Lucky RomanceLove is not something that you can force. If it’s there, it’s there; if it’s not then it’s not. Luck is not what brings together a couple; it is fate and if fate has it that two people are to be together, regardless of whether the luck that they experience may be good or bad, they will still be together. Lucky Romance tells the story of a woman who never considered romance as such to exist in her life as she believes she is cursed by bad luck. However, that all changed when she met her lucky star, changing her perception of luck from bad to good. The romance was one that was lucky indeed.

6Shim Bo Niu (Hwang Jung Eum) is a woman who lives her life with the constant worry that something undesirable will happen to those around her as she believes she is cursed with bad luck after the death of her parents and her younger sister, Shim Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min), falling into a deep coma. She has since lived her life with atrocious superstitious caution. She frequents a fortune teller who informs her that she is such by bad luck and that those around her will feel the effects of her bad luck. As such, she puts herself at distance from those around her and tries to isolate herself from those she cares about while constantly carrying salt and beans with her so that she can rid her bad luck away. She is afraid to fall in love and be in love because she doesn’t want to hurt those around her. But fate is not something that even she can resist. And it is fate that helps to show her that she is in fact a very lucky woman.

2Je Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) is a tech genius and can literally code anything that comes his way. However, coding his life may be a different story. Love is something quite new to him and not something that he completely understands. However, that all changed when he met Bo Niu. At first they were two against two, constantly butting heads with each other but despite that he needed her. He needed her for her creativity and to help him further enhance his abilities. The two grew closer working on this new project and the more time they spent with each other, the more they were able to see that they are compatible with one another. For Soo Ho, he was just a man in love but for Bo Niu, she was a woman treading on the boundaries of love. She fell in love with him but it was constantly on the back of her mind whether she would be hurting him or whether he would be hurt as a consequence of being with her. I guess that component to her life was what made this romance with Soo Ho so terrifying yet amazing for her. The more that she was with him, the more that she was able to let go of her superstitious beliefs and grow trust with him by her side. With him, she was no longer that woman who was afraid to love; instead she became a woman who was more than ready to open her heart and hold someone inside it. At the same time for him he was able to open up his heart and allow himself to be a man in love. He fell for her and she soon became an integral part of his life.

Soo Ho was like the angel that Bo Niu never had in her life. He showed her that there is so much more to life than talismans, salt and beans. He showed her that when you are in love with someone, you will be able to do anything and everything for them. However, what the drama lacked in showing was why Soo Ho fell for Bo Niu. He just fell for her but there was not much explanation as to what exactly made him fall for her. She constantly dismissed his feelings away because she was afraid of being in love while he had no problem falling for her. But Soo Ho was unable to give off the reason as to why he fell for her and that was let-down to the drama. This is because we were able to see the romance from Bo Niu’s side but never from Soo Hoo’s side.


8It must be luck because Bo Niu suddenly reconnects with her childhood best friend and tennis world champion Gary Choi (Lee Soo Hyuk). At the same time, Amy Han (Lee Chung Ah), Soo Ho’s childhood crush re-enters his life. I quite enjoyed the role that the second leads played. They did not cause too much havoc for the OTP but were instead the supported second leads helping to get the OTP together. However, admittedly, the second leads did feel a little bit undeveloped. It would have been great to have seen more character development to Gary and Amy. Though I did really enjoy seeing the platonic, work relationship between Gary and Amy. I actually really enjoyed just seeing them work together and be supportive of each other’s actions.

Lucky Romance was somehow quite a fun drama to watch. It was very light-hearted and all of the issues that the characters came across were all dealt in such a way that did not I really loved the humour that the drama threw at us and the incorporation of the side characters and their little story, which I found to have been very well woven into the drama. I quite liked the interaction between the two leads as well as the role that the second leads played. However, the drama would have been a lot better to watch had the second leads been better developed. In saying so, this drama is quite an interesting drama despite it being of one that I did not expect to work out well. This drama goes to show that what is meant to be is what will be and what is not meant to be will not be regardless of how hard you push for it. Luck was in it for Bo Niu and Soo Ho and despite how the ending played out to be, I am so glad that they both had a happy ending to their romance. Their romance did not come down to talisman, rather, it came down to their hearts, which were ultimately tied together.
7Click here or here to watch Lucky Romance.

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One thought on “My Opinion on Lucky Romance

  1. kalel July 25, 2016 at 4:17 am Reply

    I also liked Lucky Romance. Although I did find the second leads a bit one-dimensional, it was refreshing enough that they were not the pushy/scary/silly types of old flames that we’re used to watching in dramaland.
    As far as Su Ho’s feelings, I think his constant interaction with the desperate Bo Nui in the early episodes made him part of her odd world. That and the sudden kissing, the touching and the nights in his “girlfriend’s house” woke up his human instincts; from a calculating machine became a man and a person who cared for other human beings, in more ways than one.
    Maybe the role was meant to be for an older actor, something that it could have been funnier as multiple shocking revelations about his feelings would pop up and his hopeless need to fight them off before giving in (numerous scenes in the show depicted his struggle at his home, the company and practically everywhere else). The OTP was fabulous nonetheless.
    A definite rewatch!

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