My Opinion on Love O2O

17Gu Man is back with another novel-to-drama adaptation Love O2O and I absolutely adored it! This drama was just all sorts of cuteness to watch and made me beam ear to ear with every ep that I watched. Love O2O is a sweet, uni-romance story that blossomed from a love-at-first-sight meeting and centres on uni and post-uni life around the theme of online gaming, which was what actually brought our OTP together. I particularly enjoyed the drama because of the pure, sweet and innocent romantic vibes that captured the entire romantic story and was the backbone to the drama.

1Bei Wei Wei “Luwei Weiwei” (Zheng Shuang) is not only the campus goddess but also one of the best players in the gaming realm of Dreaming of Jianghu. She studies computer science and aspires to be a game designer/engineer. In the game she is paired up with Zhen Xiao Xiang “Zhengshui Wuxiang” (Zhang He) but he dumps her for another girl. She gets approached by the game’s number one player, Xiao Nai “Yixiao Naihe” (Yang Yang), who suggest the enter into a strategic marriage. Little did she know the true identity of her online husband is in fact Xiao Nai that every girl on campus has a huge crush on, including herself. By the time they meet in real life, they had already fallen in love with each other. Their relationship becomes the talk of campus and also on of envy for many of the females on campus, particularly campus belle Meng Yi Ran (Ma Chun Rui). Yi Ran has a hugeeeee crush on Xiao Nai and tries to strategically approach him. She may have been able to grab some of his attention but his heart was already with Wei Wei when he first saw her, so regardless of the effort that Yi Ran had put in to pursue Xiao Nai, there was no way that effort would exceed the emotional love attachment that was already ingrained in the first sighting.

2Xiao Nai fell for Wei Wei at first sight. He was captured by her ability to manoeuvre her fingers in an agile but yet beautiful way to enraptures a charismatic, swoony vibe from her. It was at that moment that he fell for her and at that moment he realised that he is the girl he needs to complete him. He very subtly took her on outings and opened up the potential for her to realise that this could very much blossom into a relationship. For Wei Wei, this was all just a dream to her but reality kicked in and before she knew it herself, she already found herself comfortable with him. What I love most about their relationship was how there was never a sense of inequality between them. They are of two equals and I love how that was conveyed in their relationship. It was nice seeing the respect for each other and how their social status did not affect how they viewed their relationship and their fit for one another.


13Xiao Nai is so swoonyyyyy! The looks that he gives Wei Wei are just so gravitating and the way he smiles at her is enough to melt my heart, and Wei Wei’s as well. I also love how he took but the initiative in pursuing Wei Wei but also allowed her to take initiative to approach him. He took on a very cool, calm approach in meeting Wei Wei first face-to-face for the very first time. On their first meeting he was just causally standing by the bridge waiting for Wei Wei. He saw her but made no move to approach her and instead made her take the first move to come and greet him. He even walked past her before telling her that he is in fact the person she is here to meet. He may play cool but for Wei Wei, his heart was easily won over. I also love that Wei Wei just fell into the relationship, no questions asked. She just accepted the idea that Xiao Nai was now her boyfriend and that was all that mattered to her.

Xiao Nai is such a sweet boyfriend and Wei Wei is so lucky to have him in her life. He is very considerate of her and does all the sweet boyfriend tasks. He would wait for her to and bring her breakfast and would specifically offer to drive her around even though she does not necessarily need it. He will be there for her when the rain pours and when the sun shines. He is everything that Wei Wei could have asked for and so much more. It was so nice to see them grow with each other despite how fast-paced their relationship advanced. Xiao Nai may be a genius in the field that he is in but Wei Wei gives him the mental support that he needs. I also like that she and Xiao Nai are able to work together in a field that they are passionate about. They are able to support one another in what they love and are able to work with each other while bringing the best out of each through their shared interests. I just love that their relationship spreads to shared interest and how they are able to integrate this shared interest into their relationship.

16Wei Wei is a very interesting character and pairs perfectly with Xiao Nai. She is a very determined person and definitely one who is willing to go all out for her friends. She is very thoughtful and also has a very forgiving heart. I especially love the relationships that she has with those around her beside Xiao Nai. The relationships that she has with Xiao Nai’s best friends, Yu Ban Shan “Yugong Pashan” (Niu Junfeng) and Hao Mei “Mo Zha Ta” (Zheng Yecheng) is so adorable! I love how she gets along with them so well and how she is a friend to them as opposed to a “sister-in-law”. Wei Wei also has a very nice friendship with Er Xi (Mao Xiaotong), who is her roommate and best friend. I just love their interactions and how Wei Wei is always on the lookout for her best friend. I just really like how Wei Wei was able to foster such meaningful relationship with those around her and I especially enjoyed that the drama was not entirely centred on Wei Wei’s relationship with Xiao Nai.

What I love most about this drama is the sweet, innocent vibes of it. There is none of that dramatic, meddling scenes and even when they did appear, they were resolved very quickly. It was overall just a very charismatic, sweet vibe that the drama offered. Yi Ran tried to interfere in Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s relationship but that only lead her to realise that true happiness is something that will come if you are sincere and willing to wait. Xiao Xiang also tried to interfere with their relationship but only realised that relationships cannot be forced. Fate brought Wei Wei and Xiao Nai together but it was their love for one another that kept them together and will continue to be what binds them together.


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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Love O2O

  1. SZJung November 6, 2016 at 11:25 pm Reply

    Woah. I am surprised at the overly fangirlishness of this review…but then again it’s your opinion so.

    I actually found some parts dragging and some conflicts unecessary. Although I have to commend on how they were quickly and conveniently resolved.

    Xiao Nai comes off as nearly perfect that sometimes he can be domineering (without being obvious about it) and a know it all. He has the tendency to push his decisions on you on a very logical way that it would seem like the best choice. I would want him as a boyfriend but at the same time I wont. huh? haha.

    Also, am I the only one to have an issue of the “kiss scenes”? She just stands there like a statue and the guy does all the work. Which is a pitty since the build up to every kiss is good then when we get to the actuall kiss…errr…

    The show was very good in setting up scenes that makes sure viewers would swoon. An example is the Basketball tournament where he approached her and basically announced to the whole world that they are dating. And when he arrived to pick her up from her guild meeting. The look on everyones faces (specially the annoying girls) was just so satisfying.

    I did managed to finish the series which is surprising. haha. But much of it was because of Yang Yang and my roomates near dictator like “command” for me to do so.

  2. Jyoti November 16, 2016 at 6:36 am Reply

    Plsss suggest me some other Asian drama which contain happy happy storyline like love O2O with good leads….plsss

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