2016 End of Year Drama Review

2016 was a great year and I loved every moment of it! But I can’t believe that it flew by just like that! 2016 was a big year for me! I have learnt so much and met so many amazing people! 2016 was full of challenges, just like 2015, but going through these challenges has helped me to become a better person. I was quite busy this year and I found that as you grow older, you become more and more busy in life. I still, however, managed to fit in some drama-watching in my life, ehehe. The year start off quite slow with not much dramas attracting my attention. The middle half of the year was when my attention start to pique up but it wasn’t until the end of the year that I found numerous dramas calling for me. There were some amazing dramas but at the same time there were some not-so-amazing dramas but overall, I am quite happy with what I watched. This end-of-year drama review is late, but I finally finished it! 

Chinese Dramas

Les Intèrpretes

Love is a very powerful language. Mutually intelligible or not, love spawns all languages and will bring people together. Les Intèrpretes is a story about two French-Chinese interpreters whose love for both the French and Chinese languages brought them together. Cheng Jia Yang (Huang Xuan) and Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) crossed paths once in Zurich, Switzerland during their French studies and then once again in China as colleagues working in a profession that they love. Their fated meetings bought their hearts together as one as they got to know more about one another and come to the realisation that they are the perfect one for each other. However, unfortunately for them, their romance went on a very rocky path and they were met with many obstacles, including a meddling mother, a crazy ex-boyfriend and Jia Yang’s adopted brother, Gao Jia Ming (Gao Wei Guang), as well Jia Yang’s childhood best friend, Wen Xiao Hua (Zhou Qi Qi) who is crazy in love with Jia Yang. Jia Ming and Xiao Hua both went out their way to ruin the lovebirds but love wins and it is Jia Yang and Qiao Fei’s love for one another that got them past all their hurdles and made them stronger as a couple.

This drama had some very nice vibes to it and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Huang Xuan and Yang Mi and I really liked being able to watch their relationship grow from a relationship that started off at the wrong foot to one that is filled with lots of love. I really liked both the characters of Jia Yang and Qiao Fei, who were both very nicely written and developed. However, I am not a fan of Jia Ming and Xiao Hua, who were both not very well written nor developed. I personally felt that Wei Guang was a miscast for the role of Jia Ming; he constantly gave off a very aggressive persona and I didn’t like that for Jia Ming. Xiao Hua also made me really frustrated for not knowing how to let go and move on. Arghhhh!

The first half of the drama was nicely written and paced but the second half of the drama progressed way too fast and all sorts of insane things were happening, including some very ridiculous “noble” acts that brought Jia Yang and Qiao Fei together that it could have done without as to lessen the frustration. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the drama but it was the second half that really brought it down for me.

All in all: Love is a language itself and will bring people together but being able to interpret it is the hard part as not all romances are made equal; all are unique with a special journey that exists only between the two parties involved.

Love O2O

This was a very cute drama to watch and is all about an innocent, cute, university romance love story. Two university students, Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) and Xiao Nai (Yang Yang), are both the cream of the crop at uni. They excel in everything whether that be in academics or music or otherwise but one characteristic that you can see from judging their physical appearance is that they both have a strong preference for computer gaming. Initially their on-screen alias got together in order to further advance their characters’ skill levels. However, they soon brought their on-screen romance to real life and instantly hit it off with one another, bringing up their romance another level. They very quickly accepted each other into their lives and really opened up to one another, which really helped them to accentuate their romance. This made their romance so adorable to watch. The intensity in their love for each other continues to build up the more time they spend with each other and the more that they get to know each other. I really liked their progress – how it feels fast but not rushed, which really helps to build that intensity in their relationship. There was a nice youthfulness vibe to the whole drama but especially between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s romance. It was just so cute and I love how the drama was able to execute this on-screen.

This drama was a very well thought out drama. I really enjoyed the drama progression, especially between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s love story as well as the character development. Though, I guess it is with the nature of the drama but I would have liked to see more depth with the characters. Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang have a really nice chemistry between them, which really helped with their portrayal of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s love story.

This was an enjoyable drama to watch that ticked all of the right boxes for me. It had a nice amount of romance and the romance is nicely portrayed such that it does not feel too excessive or boring. It like the innocence attached with it and I also how despite the growth of the romance, this innocent vibe is still there with Wei Wei and Xiao Nai. It was definitely a very cute drama to watch and still makes my heart blush when I think about it.

All in all: Definitely heaps of love here, some very cute and innocent love.

Ode to Joy

This was a surprise drama for me. I did not expect to watch it nor did I expect to like it as much as I did but surprise, surprise, what a surprise drama this was for me. I never thought I would be into this drama as it isn’t driven by the rom-com themes that I love, but rather it is very realist based with all of friendship, romance and career being of equal focus. There was just something about this drama that made it so loveable to watch, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. It has a very nice, charismatic vibe to it that was made the whole drama very captivating to watch.

I love all of the five ladies living in the complex and the friendship that evolved as the ladies got to befriend one another. They grew braver and more confident with all of the different obstacles that they had to face. Each of the ladies have different personalities but somehow they all click and at the end of the day, despite their different socioeconomic situations and age, they are all there supportive of one another. I also really love that the friendship from the ladies is really genuine and really sincere. The romance in this drama is also quite enjoyable to watch; it is very earthy and hearty and it’s nice to see how each of the ladies deal with the different romantic hurdles in their lives while at the same time keeping up with their work and social life. Each of the ladies have their own strengths and weaknesses but it is through meeting these hurdles and learning to jump over them that really allowed them to grow to become a better person of themselves and the drama was really able to bring these characteristics on-screen, which is what made this drama such an unexpected enjoyment.

All in all: This drama was definitely a joyous watch and I’m so ready for the second season.

Stay With Me

Let’s all pay tribute to Kimi Qiao for being the wonderful star that he was and for being the best that he could be. For those of you who don’t know, Kimi took his life in 2016 as a result of depression, which ultimately lead him to escape from this world. 😥

Stay With Me is a drama about a fashion designer, Li Wei Wei (Chen Qiao En), who loses her memory of the past seven years in a drowning accident. Her fiancé, Huo Qiao (Kimi Qiao), is someone who she remembers as being her childhood best friend rather than her fiancé and she is left wondering why she broke up with her ex, Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai). I’m not too impressed with this drama, despite the amazing cast that it boasted. It had everything to be an amazing drama but it just wasn’t. The cast was amazing; there wasn’t any problem with that. The problem lied with the writing and development of the drama and the characters. The drama was over-exaggerated and the plot was written quite messily; there were certain scenes which left me questioning why it happened the way it did.

Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai are amazing actors, each in their own rights but I think with the characters that they were given, Li Wei Wei and Chen Yi Du respectively, they were not able to shine as brightly with their skills. Li Wei Wei and Chen Yi Du are both quite one dimensional characters. They had a personality to them but it was very rigid and their characters weren’t able to have any further progression. Wei Wei and Yi Du were just in constant conflict on their feelings for one another and it was just a game of tug-of-war between the two and them being together with one another. There wasn’t even the vibe of them wanting to be together because they were in love with each other, but rather it just a sense of them to be together because they had to be together. There was just a constant get-together, break-up situation that were happening between the two of them and nothing solid to the drama, which made the drama itself appear draggy to watch. Yi Du and Wei Wei’s relationship keeps getting exposed by certain people but the rest of the world is still able to believe that Wei Wei and Huo Xiao are in a relationship?

There were lots of things in the drama that didn’t make much sense and that contributed to the overall messy structure of the drama. The drama itself ended up being quite draggy and it became a struggle to watch. I got bored and disengaged, and that’s opposite from what I want from any drama.

All in all: It’s hard to stay with this drama with the lack of substance it had.

Korean Dramas

Cheese in the Trap

I feel very indifferent towards this drama. I neither liked it nor disliked it, but I do admit it was quite an interesting drama to watch. It revolves around the relationship between university students, Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and her senior Jung (Park Jae Hin). Yoo Jung displays psychopathic tendencies and finds himself struggling to form relationships with others. However, he does find himself attracted to Seol while Seol finds herself with conflicting feelings for him and Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Joon), Jung’s adopted brother. Added to this complicated relationship is Baek In Ha (Lee Sung Kyung), In Ho’s sister, who is crazy in love with Jung despite him not reciprocating her feelings. The four find themselves in a complicated relationship with them each trying to decipher their own feelings while at the same time juggle their life in between.

Although this drama was quite interesting to watch, I didn’t really enjoy it. It just didn’t touch me emotionally and I got quite confused as well as annoyed with the relationship progress between Seol and Jung and Seol and In Ho. I couldn’t really feel the feelings between the four leads. The relationships were there but I was just waiting for feelings develop, which didn’t quite get there. I did, however, feel that Jung was quite well written character. There was definitely a dark ambience to his character and that really reflected in the drama and Jae Hin himself did a wonderful job in conveying Jung. He had a decent chemistry with Go Eun that definitely could have had more deeper chemistry to it to make their relationship more solid but otherwise they definitely conveyed well as a couple. Overall, I felt quite indifferent to this drama.

All in all: This drama was trapped in many ways; it was neither stellar nor bland but I felt indifferent towards it.

Descendants of the Sun

2016 was turned on its feet with the arrival of Descendants of the Sun. It was an excellent viewing experience with the writing being the key factor in carrying the drama to success. The execution was also amazing in helping drive the drama to success but it was really the writing that tops it. The writing really shows from the get-go and remains solid through the entire drama-run, and this paired with execution and the chemistry between the cast really sealed the drama for me. I just loveee the drama and there is only really praises from me and nothing else. Everything just worked together well for this drama, from the chemistry of the cast right through the cinematography of the drama.

The drama is about captain of a South Korean Special Forces Unit, Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki), who instantly fell in love with Kang Mo Yeon (Song Kye Kyo), a hospital doctor, the moment he met her. They begin to date but because of their jobs their dates are never complete and because of that they decide to part ways with each other. Si Jin gets a deployment in the country of Urk while Mo Yeon finds her assigned to Urk to lead a medical team. While in Urk, they go through many obstacles together which strengthens their bond with one another and they click with each other on an emotional level. Work is their priority and it always will be. They love each other but still retain a very professional front with their jobs, which is why they click so well with each other. Si Jin’s best friend and First Lieutenant, Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo), finds himself in a dilemmatic relationship with army doctor, Yoon Myeong Ju (Kim Ji Won). He is given a ultimatum by her army father to either continue his relationship with her or be removed from his position in the army. This ultimatum puts their relationship on the waters and really hurts Myeong Ju because she loves him dearly. Both couples find themselves coming face-to-face with lots of obstacles and this both strengthens and tests out their relationship.

All in all: Regardless of how dire the situation may be, as long as your hearts are together with each other, you will make it out stronger than when you entered the situation.


I quite enjoyed this drama for what it was able to show. This drama is about Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye), who was a rebellious school student until she met her teacher, Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), who completely changed her life around, helping her to change from being a delinquent to becoming an admirable lifesaver. Just as the two were getting to know each other, time tore everything apart for them. They cross paths 13 years later both as doctors working in the same hospital. Hye Jung pursued the path of becoming a doctor and Ji Hong returned back to his previous profession as a doctor. The two also got to ignite the spark that was there between them from 13 years ago and come to the realisation that they are the one for each other.

I quite enjoyed the overall ambience of the drama. It was a nice flow from start to finish, though there were certain parts that could have been written better. The drama did a job in conveying the love story between Hye Jung and Ji Hong. I just really love how their relationship in so deep yet carefree. I love that although their relationship started off with them being in different levels from each other they but they very quickly found themselves standing as equals to each other and I just really love how that came to be. They have very different lifestyles, yet there is so much that brings them together. I also really enjoyed the character development of Hye Jung and Ji Hong, who both grew with time and grew with each other. They work in sync with each other and have very complementing train of thoughts. Being with each other allowed them to bring the best out of each other and with the wonderful chemistry between Shin Hye and Rae Won, it was easily conveyed on-screen. However, I wasn’t too impressed with the second leads, who all lacked in character and were essentially there to add some conflict to Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s beautiful relationship. The drama definitely could have done with some better overall drama development but otherwise, this drama is a beautiful piece to watch.

All in all: Timing is everything. Sometimes, things aren’t just meant to happen at the time but is meant to happen at another time.


I can easily say this is one of the best dramas to come out from 2016, because it is. It gave me so much more than what I could have asked for in a drama but more than that was that it piqued interest, retained interest and generated further interest with each ep. I love this drama so so so much! This drama was just so splendid to watch and there was never one boring moment. It has a very unique plot that’s simple in words but has so much more to it that what words can convey. It is about an immortal goblin and protector of souls, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), and his friendship with amnesiac grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who is in charge of sending deceased souls off into the afterlife. The two’s friendship is backed by a deep history and they meet the goblin’s bride Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) and  a woman from their past, Kim Sun “Sunny” (Yoo In Na) who helps the two to piece together their history. The writing for this drama is just so amazing and was very solid from start to finish with lots of interesting and unexpected developments happening every ep. It’s also very creative with some very interesting elements woven into the story-telling and it helps that the execution is beautifully done too.

Each of the characters were whole-heartedly written and they all have a very interesting character profile. I love each of the character interactions and their individual character developments. They all have some sort of past history with each other and that came to existence as we got to discover more of the backstory. The goblin is a goblin and the grim reaper is a grim reaper for a reason, as is why Eun Tak and Sunny are who they are. The four of them have a cute friendship between them and I love how they are all connected with each other on so many levels. There is love in the friendship but yet at the same time there is regret and sadness.

My favourite relationship would have to be the bromance between the goblin and grim reaper. I really love them together! They are so cute and so sweet with each other. I love their coordination with each other and how they both really warmed up with each other the more that they got acquainted with each other. It was just so touching to see them be able to speak about their life troubles with each other and I love how blunt their advice is towards one another but yet niether of them take any offences. This bromance is just so so lovely to watch and I can’t just get enough of it. This bromance honestly shines brighter than any of the other relationships present. But overall, each of the relationships are very nicely written and all integrate very well into the drama.

All in all: It’s not about what has happened in the past but about what the future will hold.

Lucky Romance

I love myself a good rom-com and Lucky Romance was the first drama that I saw in 2016 to hit that spot. A hopeless romantic, Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum), was not expecting to fall in love, but one man, Je Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol), completely changed her life and her heart. She puts herself at distance and those around her because she was informed by a fortune teller that she is cursed and will bring back luck to those who come close to her. When she first met Soo Ho, she and him were on two different ends with each other but slowly grew with each other and Soo Ho started to change her train of thought, letting her realise that she does not hold any sort of curse within her. As much as she tried to repel his love for her, fate played its part and allowed them both to come to the realisation that they are the one for each other. One of my biggest criticisms for the drama is with the second leads, who both could have definitely done with more character developments. Their characters were very one-dimensional and we weren’t really able to see them grow as characters.

This drama was a quite fun to watch. It was very light-hearted and had a nice combination of humour to it. Though, there was nothing about it that was really outstanding to me. However, that being said, it managed to tick all of the boxes of what I would like to see from a drama and that’s really all it needed to do. It was engaging and had a nice pacing to it that kept up with the character and plot development, which helped to make the drama engaging.

All in all: This drama was a lucky find!

The Legend of the Blue Sea

I decided to watch this drama for no particular reason at all. I went into the drama not knowing anything about it but I went it and there was no way out of it because it sucked me in. This drama is quite interesting and started off with quite a bang, taking us all the way to Spain with a fast-paced chase around town. The drama is like a modern, Korean take on Disney tale of Ariel the little mermaid. Mermaid, Shim Cheong (Joon Ji Hyun), finds herself as human while on land. She has a quest with her and that quest requires her to find love with con artist Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) if she wants to continue living. She gets close to him and tags around him all day and night. He opens up his heart to her and soon find himself falling for her. He knows that he is a mermaid but despite knowing that she is not of the same species as him, he still falls for her regardless. The more time that he spends for her, the more that he falls for her and the more that he wants to protect her from any dangers that may come at her. He finds out that he held some special feelings for her in his previous life and that same sort of feeling still holds.

The first half of this drama was a lot more interesting than the later half, which seemed to have died down significantly from the bang that the drama started off from. The drama is quite interesting and has a nice pacing to it. The writing of the drama is quite nice and it integrates a nice amount of intensity that keeps viewers happily engaged with the drama. I like the modern tie with the romance story between Cheong and Joon Jae that dates back to the Joseon era,, though I did find Cheong very annoying at times during the modern era, which I guess is a result of how her character was written out to be. The drama also nicely integrates and develops the supporting cast and I love how their presence in the drama adds further depth to the drama. This drama was quite interesting to watch and gave a really solid storyline to back-up Cheong and Joon Jae’s romance.

All in all: Legend has it that this drama is one to watch.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy this drama as much as I did and it’s always nice to lay eyes on something that you never expected to. Two unlikely sports university students, weightlifter Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung), and swimmer Jung Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk), find themselves falling in love with each other while at the same time struggling through their sporting careers. Falling in love was unexpected for Bok Joo, but she did. She found herself in love for the very first time with Joon Hyung’s brother, Jung Jae Yi (Lee Jae Yoon), and being in love changed her as a person. Her weightlifting career was still as ever important to her but she found her heart playing a bigger role to her life than ever, and she decided to pursue that. However, Jae Yi shattered her first love when he broke to her that he is not the one for her. Her heart had already moved on sooner than she could realise, because when Joon Hyung confessed to her, her heart was more than ready to accept it.

I quite enjoyed the drama and I know most of my friends enjoyed the drama too, though the domestic ratings says so otherwise. The drama is a simple rom-com; there is nothing too special about it but is very easy to watch, which made it so enjoyable for me. I really enjoyed watching the character interactions between Bok Joo and Joon Hyung and Sung Kyung and Joo Hyuk have a bubbly chemistry between them, which really helps sustain the drama. There characters were quite shallow but it was also deep enough such that there is enough character to them. I guess you could describe this drama as being shallow-deep; it’s deep enough to keep the drama going but it’s not shallow to the point where it is boring and dull.

All in all: There is nothing special about the drama but it was definitely quite enjoyable to watch.

Taiwanese Dramas

Back to 1989

Back to 1989 turned out to be much better than what I had so coming and probably the best Taiwanese drama I saw all year, if not the best Taiwanese drama for the year. It had Chen Che (Marcus Chang) travel back in time to the year before he was born on a mission to find out who is father is and to bring back happiness to his mother. During this journey he found himself falling in love with Ye Zhen Zhen (Ivy Shao) and sparking a love that should not have been, especially because he was not technically born yet in 1989. In words this plot sounds like it could be quite messy, however, it was very nicely written and executed. I love how the drama was able to build a sense of curiosity as to who Chen Che’s father is but also at the same time really take Chen Che on a journey to get to know his mother and the happiness in her life that she lacked ever since she had him. Every action he too to change the past brought on a butterfly effect and he did manage to change the future for the better. He changed his mother’s life for the better by giving her happiness and that was a one of his main pursuits upon returning to 1989.

I really enjoyed the overall development of the drama and how it was written and executed. I love the friendship that was built between Chen Che and everyone else and I liked that he was able to witness the journey that his mother went on to bring him to life. However, my biggest criticism for the drama is the love story between Chen Che and Zhen Zhen. It definitely could have developed a lot better; I didn’t quite feel them fall in love. One minute they were bickering colleagues and then the next they were declaring their love for one another. Hmmm… I would have also liked to see some more chemistry between Marcus and Ivy, which would have definitely helped to create a more loving romance for Chen Che and Zhen Zhen. This was definitely an enjoyable drama to watch and I did enjoy it for everything it was able to give me. It was very creative and had an interesting plot that flourished and kept me engaged to the drama.

All in all: Not everyone has the opportunity to travel back in time but it’s worthwhile to give up technology and step back in time if it means the future will be a brighter one.

Life Plan A and B

Tbh, I only watched this because I found out that Rainie Yang was in it and the dramas that she picks are always of quality with this drama being of no exception. This drama featured Rainie as Zheng Ru Wei being in a parallel world based on following plan a and plan b. Everything was going so well for her – she was in a very loving relationship with her boyfriend Tang You Yan, played by Yen Yu Lin, and they both had career growth opportunities waiting for them at Shanghai. However, a family crisis meant that You Yan had no choice but to remain in Taiwan and this is where the decision becomes difficult for Ru Wei. She can either expand her career or remain by You Yan’s side but having to sacrifice her career and we get to watch her life evolve in parallel worlds as she embarks on both of the plans.

I really enjoyed how the parallel worlds were laid out. Everyone deals with the quintessential “what ifs” in life but this drama actually takes the “what if” situations to life and allows Ru Wei to experience the outcome of both situations. Neither of the plans were an incorrect path to follow with in the first place but it was all about Ru Wei following her heart and truly following through with the path that would leave her with no regrets.

I really liked how the drama was written and executed, creating a sense of curiosity as it left you guessing which plan it was that Ru Wei chose to follow. The drama ended in a very sincere way, although it was quite ambiguous with what path Ru Wei chose to follow. Regardless of the path she chose, it took her on a journey and it is a journey that taught her many things about herself and also allow her to find happiness for herself. This drama was definitely one of the more touching ones that I have seen. I really enjoyed this drama and I loved the maturity found in the drama.

All in all: Regardless of which plan you decide to follow, as long as you hold no regret with the decision you made then everything should be happiness from thereon.

Love @ Seventeen

Love @ Seventeen is not your typical rom-com drama; it has a darker undertone to it. It is about Ai Li Si “Alice” (Nikki Hsieh) who gets a second chance to correct the biggest mistake in her life. She finds herself as her seventeen year old self and gets to meet her first love, He Hao Yi (Lego Lee), who she thought she lost for good. High school brought her some of the best memories but at the same time that was where she got hurt the most. An unfortunate misunderstanding caused Alice to part from her best friends and Hao Yi and ever since then she is a a completely changed person. She is now no longer that cheery and bubbly girl that she previously was, instead she has become a very cold and stubborn person. However, Hao Yi stepped into her life once again and brought her happiness that her life has been lacking, while at the same time helping her to fix up her past mistake. He tested her comfort zone and helped her to find her happiness. I quite enjoy the spark between Lego and Nikki, though it could have definitely could have done with a bit more fire to really tie Alice and Hao Yi’s relationship together. However, overall, the two did have quite good chemistry and that really helped them in bringing Alice and Hao Yi’s relationship on-screen.

However, I can’t quite say that I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. It was a good watch but it wasn’t exciting and was missing that sense of excitement to make the drama more enticing to watch. I actually left the drama on hold for a while and had actually forgotten about the drama, which explains a lot about its ability to captivate. It was dull, but definitely not boring and did make an interesting watch, though I did find myself wanting to see some more excitement from it but disappointingly, that excitement never managed to show.

All in all: Life is all about timing; the right timing can change everything for the better and the wrong timing can change everything for the worst but sometimes a past mistake is the clue for a happier future.

Refresh Man

Refresh Man is your typical Taiwanese drama with the overly done plot that I have seen way too many times. The drama tried to differentiate itself by turning the tables and switching the ugly swan role but didn’t quite work as anticipated. The drama was quite dull to begin with and I didn’t feel any form sense of direction in regards where it wants to go with the plot. The drama essentially had one playing factor on hand – the OTP, Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan), and Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) – but still somehow managed to screw that up. They were the driving force of the drama and the whole drama spent on them getting together with not really much of a back story to support their relationship or make the drama itself an interesting watch. They might as well hold hands by the end of the first ep and walk down the aisle and call it a day. The 15 eps between the first ep and last ep were filler, draggy eps that itself struggled to stagger through the 75-so minutes, which made the drama really dull and boring to watch.

My biggest problem was that the drama did not know where it wanted to go with its 17 episodes and was lost in how to develop the plot and characters so that the 17 eps would be an interesting watch. I was most frustrated with how the characters were written out to be. Aaron was again typecasted in the stern but secretly sweet CEO role but there wasn’t really much to his character. Similar can be said about Yu Tang who was not a well-rounded character and barely had any development, though what made me really frustrated about her character was how naive and clueless she was written out to be. Let’s not get started on the second leads who added no colour to the drama.

The drama was such a struggle to get through. It lacked excitement and development. I can’t even say that this drama is a bad drama because there was not enough development to be a bad drama. It definitely could have been a more interesting drama to watch had it had some sort of drama in it but it didn’t but somehow managed to stagger to 17 eps, which is an amazing feat in itself.

All in all: This drama unfortunately does need to be refreshed.

And…that was 2016!

Wow :O What a year 2016 has been! I have achieved so much in 2016 and met so many people who have entered into my life for the better. I couldn’t have asked for a better 2016. Sure, there were ups and downs, much like every year but what’s a year without those ups and downs? Those ups and downs are what helps you to grow into a better person.

2016 was also a very busy year for me. There were sleepless nights and tired days but I got through the year and now ready to kick ass for 2017. I found myself with drama peaks throughout the year. I didn’t really like anything that was on-screen during the start of the year but some some dramas that drew my attention during the middle of the year. However, it was coming to the end of the year that I found a few that I enjoyed, which in a way explains for this very belated post. Last year, I spent less time on my blog and this correlated with the number of views and I know the direction of this blog isn’t where it once was any more. I’ve been writing more review posts than before and I think that will be the direction of this blog for 2017, simply because time is becoming something that I have less of now.

I know that 2017 will be yet another hectic year but I know that we will all be able to get through it! Thank you for your continual support throughout the years. Here is to another year of great dramas. ❤ *muahhhh*

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4 thoughts on “2016 End of Year Drama Review

  1. heisui January 17, 2017 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Happy new year!! Sometimes the dramas that we don’t expect to be good–or that we didn’t even intend to watch at first–turn out to be the best surprises. Those one or two gems amidst a lot of disappointing dramas are what make watching dramas worthwhile for me.

    • misscupcakees January 17, 2017 at 7:51 pm Reply

      Same to you! Yeahh, that’s so true!!

  2. Mitta January 17, 2017 at 3:04 pm Reply

    I watched many of the same dramas you mentioned above and I share many of your exact sentiments of these shows. I find myself hooked on Ode to Joy even though romance is not its primary draw. The sheer fact that many of the challenges faced by these women resonate so much with RL. Love 020 is simply refreshingly different and preppy and has its own little magical draw. Stay With Me started off with so much promise but lost me towards the end. Since you did enjoy Ode to Joy, you may want to check out Age of Youth – many parallels except the women are college bound but the subject matter is surprisingly mature and unfiltered!

  3. misscupcakees January 17, 2017 at 8:07 pm Reply

    Yesss, that’s nice to hear! I feel the same with Ode to Joy, ahaha. I’m actually pretty excited for season 2! I might give Age of Youth a go (: Yeahhh, I got bored with Stay With Me and found myself losing interested towards the second half of the drama.

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