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Ariel Lin Arm in Arm with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen at 50th Golden Bell Awards


Ariel Lin with Vic Zhou (left) and Bolin Chen (right)

Last Saturday hosted the prestigious 50th annual Golden Bell Awards, and a star-studded event it was with everyone looking stunning. There were some big winners who I was so glad to take home an award. Of course, fashion is always something to look forward to in events like this and it was definitely glam glam. But I don’t think anyone was as glam as Ariel Lin, only because she herself is a two-time Golden Bell Award winner walked down the red carpet with two arm candies side by side – Bolin Chen and Vic Zhou – who themselves are also Golden Bell Awards winners. The trio were clearly there to promote their upcoming movie Go Lala Go which will be out by year end (can’t wait!) but it was nice to be able to see Ariel reunite with Bolin after their winning drama In Time With You which brought them together as best friends.  Continue reading

Most Buzzed Drama of the Year Wins the Most Awards at the Annual TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB Awards 2014 It’s pretty disheartening that other than the surprise package that was Swipe Tap Love, not one TVB drama even managed to capture my attention a little bit. The biggest buzz this year came for Line Walker so it’s no surprise that it took home most of the awards that it was nominated it for at this year’s annual drama awards ceremony. The buzz is still very much alive and TVB is really lucky to have had such buzz this year, otherwise it would have rounded off being a very lackluster year. The amount of stars who were in attendance has steadily decreased year by year to a mere handful and this year only the award winners and a few other nominees were in attendance, most likely due to their repeated appearances in multiple dramas. The biggest winner of the night was Charmaine Sheh who took home two of the big prizes, which not only shows off her impressive acting skills but also cements her popularity despite her shift to Mainland China. Read on for the full list of winners and pictures of the outfits. Continue reading

2013 On-Screen Couple Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Reaps Home the Awards at This Year’s SETTV Drama Awards

The awards season has well and truly kicked in. As always, SETTV Drama Awards are moreso a popularity award than it is an acting award. That is, however, that is not to say that there isn’t no critical analysis behind the handout of awards. There certainly is, but the popularity of the stars and dramas outweighs everything else. It’s better to see these awards as some fun and games and that is really what it is. SETTV dramas are light and fluffy dramas that uses tried and tested storylines and are abundant with handsome and pretty leads who might not always have the acting charisma, but they sure do have the on-screen presence!

Last year’s on-screen couple Aaron Yan and Puff Guo swept home the awards while Lego Lee and Lorene Ren got lots of love. The awards ceremony was was fun one with lots of red carpet fun. The red carpet this year was pretty much spot on and it was just nice to see these hard-working stars glam themselves up for the night and reunite with some of their close friends. Continue reading for the full list of winners and the red carpet pictures! Continue reading

2014 TVB Star Awards

TVBSAThe year has really been flying through hasn’t it? It’s that time of the year for the awards season again! The annual TVB Star Awards was held recently on the 23rd of November in Malaysia, celebrating the year that was for TVB whose dramas get simulcast in Malaysia. I haven’t seen much dramas this year and especially with the decline in quality and production of TVB dramas, there hasn’t been a drama this year that even remotely caught my attention! A lot of artistes have left TVB and many dramas now feature a recurring cast. This year hasn’t been a good year for TVB; not one drama averaged a 30 in ratings and we are seeing the same storylines being recycled again and again. I don’t really have a view on the awards winners since I haven’t seen the dramas. Line Walker received the most buzz this year so it is no surprise that it won big at this award ceremony. This puts it on good ground to also win big at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. Check out the full list of nominees and winners as well as the red carpet pics below. Continue reading

Lego Lee Snags Up Actor of the Year at the Milk Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hehehe, the name of this award is so cute but behind it all it is actually quite punk and edgy with lots of fun! The annual Milk Awards, which is organised by the Hong Kong-born magazine Milk was held a few nights ago on the 3rd of July in Taipei and actually went unnoticed by me until today! It’s one of those casual, magazine popularity based awards so it doesn’t hold much meaning but it does mean a lot in terms of artistes being acknowledged by the public for their work. In terms of the work and effort given by the artistes in the past 12 or so months, I do feel that most of the winners were worthy of their win. They have demonstrated why they are popular with the audience and that’s more than enough for them to take home an award. Lego Lee took home Actor of the Year and that was no surprise considering his huge rise in popularity since he starred as the perfect guy in In A Good Way. The biggest winner of the night was Alien Huang who took home the top prize of Mr. Milk and Artiste of the Year while Singaporean twin duo By2 took home Band of the Year. Claire Guo who is currently in the midst of promoting her new album was also in attendance along with fellow musician Ann. Continue reading

Just You’s Popularity Scores It Multiple Wins at the 2013 SETTV Drama Awards

Last night, Sunday 22 December, SETTV held its year end drama awards acknowledging its stars in this year’s productions. The awards aren’t anything prestigious but rather it is just some fun and games to appreciate the stars’ hard work. Every year, Taiwan only has a handful of dramas on its hands with most of the rating successes and popular ones coming from SETTV. While my favourite drama this year came from SETTV, one of my least favourites also happened to come from SETTV. The offerings this year from SETTV weren’t great but there was quite some variety with what it offered.

The awards were decided with 30% of the decision coming from weibo votes, 30% coming from the media and 40% from a team of bts professionals. I’m glad that it wasn’t an all-public vote because Just You would have took home nearly all of the awards. I did not watch it but from the public votes alone, there is some huge bias towards that drama. However, it did really well at the awards ceremony taking home 4 of the 12 awards. Its leading man, Aaron Yan took home the most awards of the night, claiming three titles.

SETTV was not shy from using this event to ramp up the popularity with In A Good Way. IAGW is not eligible for participation in the awards this year as it does not end its run until next year. The OTP, Lorene Ren and Lego Lee were presenters for the best kiss award. They look so cute together even if Lego’s outfit was a bit too old school for the event. This reminds, I need to hop onto the IAGW bandwagon asap!

Check out the award winners! I am glad that Two Fathers came home with some winnings because I honestly loved that drama to bits and pieces!

*Winners coloured green.

Continue reading

Dark Horses Win Big at the TVB Anniversary Awards

I am so surprised this year! Shocking, shocking wins but the wins were well deserved. I am speechless with how the wins turned out but I am happy for the way that it turned out to be. I am now a big fan of this half-public voting system. Not only was the awards very fair, but it also recognised well-deserving talents. The series this year have only been mediocre at best (the average rating was only 30) but there was a number of solid performances. All of the award winners were justifiable which makes this award all that more meaningful. The ceremony was held last night, 16 December 2013, from 8:00pm – 10:30pm at TVB City and was hosted by Carol Cheng and Amigo Chui with most nominees in attendance.   Continue reading

2013 TVB Star Awards

Triumph in the Skies II was victorious at the TVB Star Awards taking home an award in nearly every category that it was nominated in. The TVB Star Awards was previously known as My Astro on Demands Favourite Awards but this year the event is organised by TVB Entertainment News with Astro on Demand and MyFM as media partners. This is Malaysia’s annual award ceremony celebrating the best of the best of the TVB in television. It is usually considered to be the precursor to Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards and gives a good indication of who will take home the prestigious prizes back on home land. It runs on an all-public voting system with the public having full say in who should take home the prized trophy.  Continue reading

2013 46th TVB Anniversary Awards Nomination List

Every year, Hong Kong’s most coveted TV awards ceremony, the TVB Anniversary Awards (Hong Kong’s equivalent to the Emmys) always causes up a stir immediately after the awards for the preceding year is given out. This year was no exception, and a stir there was but this stirred was not on who the awards were to be given out to, but rather on the voting system. Last year, TVB elected for the public to vote on who they think should deserve the awards but this year TVB has changed the voting system to a half-public voting system with the public only having full say with My Favourite Male Character and My Favourite Female Character. Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress will be half decided by the public and half decided by a team of professionals consisting of backstage members, including directors, scriptwriters, producers and editors etc. All other awards will be decided by the backstage crew as well as TVB artists. Personally, I think an all-public voting system is the way to go as it is without a doubt that TVB does some handiwork on deciding who to give the awards to. This means that winners who are deserving may go home empty-handed while those who are not ready for this prize yet will take home something that they do not deserve. Continue reading

2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Award Winners

The 48th annual Golden Bell Awards were held yesterday, 26th of October, at the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. It was a very vivid event featuring a number of guest presenters and performers including Yoga Lin and Wan FanFalling lead the race with eight nominations and came home winning four trophies for Best Drama, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director and Best Screenwriter. An Innocent Mistake was not far behind with six nominations but only went home with one award. Vic Zhou finally wins the Best Actor award after failing to do so back at the the 2009 44th Awards to fellow co-star, Mark Chao in Black and WhiteCongrats to him! I have never seen him act before but I am certain that his praise and hype is not just show. Everyone loves him and are over the moon that he won. He dressed himself really well for the awards and was probably the best dressed male of the entire awards. He was well groomed and in a suit that fitted him perfectly.  Continue reading