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Final Batch of In A Good Way Goodies

Watching In A Good Way has been such a ball, really rocking my world of dramas. IAGW is a drama that really wrenches you emotionally, not dramatically emotionally but rather realistically emotionally. It is a drama that is just really realistic and because of that, it makes you feel as though you are walking the journey along with the characters. This is why Liu Chuan and Jia En’s break-up was so heart-wrenching to watch. Clearly, breaking up was not something in their plans but the relationship they had with each other took a huge toll on their dreams. Having a break from each other will do them good and strengthen their relationship. It was not something that I didn’t expect to see because right from the very start the drama has been out to create a very sincere and realistic story.

Watching the drama was amazing but the BTS was something that I especially enjoyed. I just love it seeing the close-knit relationship between the cast. I really am going to miss them heaps! I’ve recapped the final BTS below so you can check it out. (:

Also check out the MVs belows which brings you back to relive the IAGW journey. So so so beautiful.  Continue reading