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Tiger Cubs Episode 12 Overview

I am so sorry for the belated belated belated Tiger Cub overviews! Sorry! Thanks for the wait and here it finally is. (: Happy reading!

What an episode. I knew that no matter what, from all the previous help she has had, she would not be able to left go of her deceased fiancée. She still has a knot that is still tied in her heart. Hon To tried to untie it but failed to do so because the knot it very tight in Cheuk Wah’s heart. She needs to get through this herself.

Cheuk Wah and Hon To are progressing well and make a matching couple. With Hon To’s help and her own persistent she is able to overcome her heart’s barrier.

Action? This ep surely had more than what previous eps had but still not enough. Ahaahahahs! Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 11 Overview

Sweet ep! Ahahaha. After a long wait it is finally Man Keung’s turn. It was quite sweet actually, there was some pretty cute moments between Hok Lai and Man Keung. It goes to show no matter how strong Man Keung is she still needs someone to support her. Naaaaws, but there wasn’t much development from the OTP.  This ep also employs a smooth transition from the previous ep absent that Hon To getting back his leader role did not really fit in. Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 10 Overview

This episode had a lack of action and epicness but there was an increase in the bond between the team. I always knew that the team has a very close bond but this ep shows that the bond between them is concrete. Hon To and Shu Fai have such a tight friendship. However, this ep really did lack action. If ep 6 lacked action then this ep literally had no action. This ep also lack Hon To. 😦 Ahahaha, at least there were lots of SDU connection. (:  Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 9 Overview

At long last there is interaction between our OTP! Yay, finally, at long last! And the interaction is chemistry. The OTP connect in a way that just connect. They just mutally know what they want to say to each other. They aren’t cute for each other, they are mutally matching for each other. He understands her. (: And after 9 eps, Cheuk Wah’s heart knot is untied with the help of Hon To, of course. Ahahahaha. Action? Well, there wasn’t much this ep but the interaction between our OTP makes up for it. Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 8 Overview

Yay! This one is not family related or has any SDU connections! Yay! (: I missed these type of episodes. The action here was definitely more than the last ep. There was so intense shooting and some of life taking actions from Cheuk Wah. And hey, there were some pretty good looking guys here. (: Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 7 Overview

More personal connection!? Although it wasn’t directly connected to members, it still was personal with it relating to Hon To’s father. Ommggg, for the last 4 eps it has all been personal connection! These personal connection are really bugging me. I just want to see a case without family or personal connection. Is it that hard? Arrrghhh, and where’s the action? The action has dropped a lot since ep 1 and 3… I want more action! Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 6 Overview

Okay, I’ll admit that from all the action of the previous episodes, it has to drop somewhere right? Well, it dropped in this episode. There wasn’t much action and much involvement from the SDU team. Ohh, and this ep really starts to solve and delve deeper into some of our character’s personal issues. But you have got to at least be happy that the bromance is on. (: Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 5 Overview

I really appreciated this episode because it didn’t hold that much of a personal connection. To an extent it did, but it wasn’t immediate personal connection which is good because I am sick of the personal connections. I am glad that Chun Hin over comes is lack of self-confidence. (: This was a really different episode. There was action but there was also a sense of closeness.  Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 4 Overview

Gaaaahhh, why do I always cry in TVB dramas? LOL, I am such a sucker for moving scenes. I’m actually glad with this episode with how well everything flows, especially on Hok Lai’s behalf. So all his training actually does have an impact on him. Ahahaha, this episode flows well with how it deals with three-ish, actually four-ish storylines as one and how it all intersects to link to further episodes. Continue reading

Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 5 Overview

This episode is where things are starting to head off now. (: Emotions and feelings kick as Xi En and Mr. Chocolate find themselves closer with each other. Oh, this is where things are heating up.  Continue reading