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Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 5 Overview

This episode is where things are starting to head off now. (: Emotions and feelings kick as Xi En and Mr. Chocolate find themselves closer with each other. Oh, this is where things are heating up.  Continue reading


Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 4 Overview

Ohkay, there is love in the air. (: Family is still just as strong. This is development. Emotions are here. Yay! Continue reading

Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 3 Overview

Xi En and Mr. Chocolate’s relationship is quite cute. They connect even though I thought they wouldn’t have the chemistry. Family Hong is one of the most warmest and complete family that I have seen. (: Continue reading

Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 2 Overview

Noooooo! Poor girl! Her hair 😦 Noooooooo! Noooo, why did she have to chop it off? Oh, this is going to get interesting, especially when Gia Hua and Xi En begin to work alongside each other.  Continue reading

Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 1 Overview

What is with Vanness’ hair!? Enough said. And I like Joanne with her long hair. I’m going to have to watch her with short hair? 😦 Continue reading