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The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 10 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.47.08 pmThis ep was actually pretty boring which all the steps forward not actually being steps forward. It’s supposed to be a simple one with two people involved but it’s complicated when the two parties are being wishy-washy with their feelings. Guess they have a few more games to play before they will be able to unleash their true feelings for one another. The vacation didn’t seem to do much for Won who has come back with his heart still torn while Ha Na is still trying to understand whether she has made the right decision in getting back together with her former flame. It’s all about decisions, decisions that will lead to better decisions in the future but for now they have to live with the consequences of their current decisions.  Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 9 Recap

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This ep was all on Ha Na as she follows her heart and whether that is a good decision or not, that will be up to her to find out in due time, but as of now, she is chasing her heart and it’s going to take her on an adventure of a lifetime as she rediscovers love with an old flame. Even though Seo Hoo is a baddie kind of guy but I really like him together with Ha Na and it’s for some unexplainable reason. My heart just prefers him with together with Ha Na. He does love her, just in a way that makes Won’s love for Ha Na superior. Won’s the nice guy and has sidelined his own happiness for Ha Na to chase after her own happiness. He has loved Ha Na for 17 years from the sideline so what more can he lose by continuing to love her from the sideline?  Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 8 Recap

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😥 I am so sad because the recap I wrote for ep 7 didn’t save properly so everything I wrote disappeared! This is why this ep’s recap is out first.

There’s a saying that goes “timing is everything” and this has never been truer for both Won and Seo Hoo who were both just at the wrong place, wrong time so they missed out the opportunity to be together with Ha Na. For Won, he just never found the appropriate time to confess while for Seo Hoo, he was not there with her when she needed him most and because of that he crushed her heart. Won had 17 years to confess but could never muster the courage to do so. Seo Hoo had three years to find her, explain and apologise but never did so until now. For both these men, following their heart both comes down to timing. Now, they are given the opportunity to win her once and for all and timing will be the crucial deciding factor. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.48.16 pmLove takes people on a journey, one that is full of self discoveries. It’s a journey that is very complex, not that it is ever simple to begin with, and for Won and Ha Na finding love has never been more complicated. Ha Na has never had much success in the field of love; just when she think she has got a good hold on love, she loses grip and it all comes crashing down beneath her eyes. It is no wonder she loses more and more confidence with each relationship. The guy who she almost walked down the aisle with has returned and ready to start anew with her but the question is whether she has the confidence to give their relationship another shot? Won will, regardless of her decision, remain by her side and catches if she falls, though he will definitely protect her from falling over like the protector he has been to her for the past 17 years. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 5 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.50.33 pmIt’s all about the ex-lover as Seo Hoo enters back into the game and is ready to fight for another chance to be with Ha Na. Won is not happy to see the jerk who once broke his best friend’s heart back in town and Seo Hoo’s appearance only pushes Won to realise deep down how he feels towards his best friends. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the feelings are no longer platonic, not that it ever was. For 17 years, he has been in love with her. He has witnessed every one of her past relationships just as she had with his. While Ha Na is still lost in her complicated love life, Won is not and is certain with his heart that counter to always telling Ha Na that he will never love her, he does in fact love her. But first he must get through that pesky ex of Ha Na’s before he can take her heart and one thing for certain is that Won will definitely put up a fight with Seo Hoo and that Seo Hoo will also put up a fair game. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.22.20 amHa Na and Won may have been friends for 17 years but a friendship can all change in the spur of moment. Everything changes with time and although a 17 year friendship may seem like a long time for Ha Na and Won to work out their feelings for one another, but there are some things that just take its time to foster. Ha Na and Won’s relationship take one huge leap forward this ep with both Ha Na and Won becoming more and more aware of their feelings for one another. While they are both taking on a different path in their lives, one thing that they can be sure of is that they will be there for one another to the very end, because that is what friendship calls for. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 3 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.22.56 pmHa Na and Won both take a turn in finding love. While Won’s love life takes an uphill turn, Ha Na’s come crashing down again but she has one guy in her life who will stick with her through and through and that is none other than Won. She doesn’t know it yet but her heart is racing for him in a way that feels natural to her, as it always has been, due to their extensive friendship but one thing that she can’t shake way is how she is growing more and more agitated as he advances on in love. Won, on the other hand, has a woman right in front of him who is more than eager to take their relationship up to the romantic level and whilst Won is trying to fall in love with her, his heart is already telling him otherwise. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 2 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 9.02.09 pmFriendship is something that has tied Ha Na and Won together for 20 years but that, after 20 years of just friendship, will all change with time. The bet that they placed will force them outside of their comfort zones and actually get them to made advancement to their currently dry love lives which, in the process, will get them to realise that they are best suited towards one another. This ep was substantially better than the first ep with more of the past being revealed than what was initially shown to us. There’s also some strong moves taken by the interns and now the game of love is building up in its speed. Continue reading

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 1 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.45.20 am Everyone has been highly anticipating for the release of The Time We Were Not In Love both internationally and domestically and it has finally arrived. TTWWNIL (what a mouthful!) is the Korean remake of the critically acclaimed Taiwanese drama In Time With You which not only spawned a number of awards but also gained itself quite a niche audience, an audience that still keeps with them despite it being four years since it aired. Korean dramas getting remade by Taiwan is quite common but it is not that often that Taiwanese dramas cross the strait to get its own version in Korea which is one of the numerous reasons why TTWWNIL is so highly anticipated this year. With remakes, as they are based on being a remake, there is both pressure for it to be good and also the added pressure for it to live up to its cousin. That is my biggest worry for TTWWNIL and only time will tell whether it will float or sink. Continue reading

My Opinion on Misaeng: Dropped

6I’ve always had this mindset with me that when I start something, especially I should stick through to end with it regardless of how the process was and that was a principle I stuck with in regards to drama-watching because I don’t like the feeling of starting a drama and just not knowing how it comes to an end. However, I realised myself that this is not an easy principle to stick with. Drama-watching is a leisure activity but once I force myself to watch through something I don’t enjoy, that drama-watching hobby of mines becomes a chore and that makes it a boring and tedious task to do. Especially now with different priorities in life which are all very time-consuming, I no longer have that time to spare to drama-watching as I once did. Not only am I more selective with what I choose to watch now, but I’ve also started to peel away from the mindset I once had.

Misaeng (AKA Incomplete Life) was a drama that received a lot of hype and compliments for its beautiful story-telling and because of that I decided to jump in on the bandwagon and see what the fuss was all about but for me I couldn’t see it. It didn’t work for me right from the get-go but I decide to pursue on with it but five eps in and I still couldn’t see it. I started on Misaeng on a few months back and actually left it on hold after one ep and only resumed watching it recently. I guess my gut instinct told me that Misaeng isn’t for me. While innumerable amount of people fell in love with this drama, I didn’t. Five eps in and I just couldn’t do it any more. My mental mind was tired, tired from watching something that had nothing to keep from continuing on. Continue reading