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Boysitter Episode 1 Recap

BoysitterIt’s been a long time since I last recapped a drama but hopefully I’m not too rusty with it! I’ve heard about Boysitter for quite a while now but didn’t really look much into it until after this ep. Boysitter is such an awful name but the drama is definitely not awful. In fact, I am getting into it more than I had thought. In one sentence, Boysitter is able a woman caught in a love triangle between two men. We’ve seen this storyline done over and over again but what makes this drama interesting is that the drama is tackling this one sentence synopsis on the sides and not straight in front as one would expect. I am loving this take, especially with how direct it is and it wastes no time in establishing the OTP. It is quick to bring us to the point before fleshing out the details and that move away from convention is what is making this drama so interesting to watch. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way

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I have been meaning to write up this review a while back now but school got the better of me. But at least it’s here now, right? Hehehe!

Despite the inundated amount of dramas currently out there for viewers’ pleasure, it is still a very rare find to find a drama that ticks all the boxes while telling a very down-to-earth and hearty story. I went into In A Good Way almost blind-eyed, not really knowing what the central plot was about and who the cast were but it blew me away right from the very first moment in some very unexpected ways. Not only did it turn out in a very good way, but it also stood out in creating a story that was realistic and being something that all viewers can relate in one way or another. IAGW was a drama that really connected with the audience and that’s something really important that all dramas should strive to achieve. It’s one thing for a drama to execute actors playing a character onscreen but it is another to collate that all together along with bringing in the audience to feel a part of the drama. I absolutely adored IAGW right from the beginning. It was all sorts of goodness that managed to attain a really smooth-sailing journey right from the opener. To say that IAGW was good is an understatement. You won’t understand the full goodness of this stellar of a drama until you set eyes on it and once you do, you won’t ever want to take your eyes off the screen! Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 13 Recap

We finally made it to the finish line! 13 weeks but it was all worth it. I really enjoy this drama despite some inconsistencies that it had.  Nonetheless, it was a really good drama to watch and I am very happy with what I got out of this journey.

This ep was concerned with bringing the OTP together and I couldn’t be any happier with how it came about. It was subtle and understated but yet it was very sweet and adorable to watch. Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) had already fallen for each other long ago but they just needed that push for them to realise their feelings. That push came about during their separation which allowed them to really dig deep into their feelings for each other. Yi Kang needed some clarification for his feelings while An Lei needed some confirmation for her feelings. Without him in her life, she started to realise and accept that she could not be without him. It was this separation that brought them together; she had gotten so accustomed to life with him that she didn’t realise just the grand scale of the effect that he has on her until he actually left her. It might have taken 13 eps but at long last she has finally found the one for her!

This drama was really An Lei and Yi Kang’s show, because He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang) and Shen Hai Lun/Helen (Aggie Hsieh)’s storyline was non-existent. They served their role in bringing Yi Kang and An Lei together but didn’t do themselves any justice in their relationship. I didn’t mind because An Lei and Yi Kang alone were enough to sustain the drama and that was enough for me to grow to love the drama. An Lei and Yi Kang really brought the drama home; their relationship was nicely developed which was all that I could ask for.

Watching this drama was like going through the journey with An Lei and Yi Kang. They really made their relationship one that was dense and filled with feelings. While their relationship might have been draggy at times, but it was without a doubt a nicely written one. The Pursuit of Happiness centralises on their development and did a very good job at doing so. Most dramas which are centralised on building the OTP tend to go haywire but that didn’t happen here, for which I am very pleased about. The drama concluded beautifully which really tied together the long journey that Yi Kang and An Lei went through to find each other.  Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 12 Recap

Things are finally picking up pace now that there is only one ep left until this all draws to a conclusion. Yep, it’s all going to end next week. The drama has done quite well in building up Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang)’s relationship and it has finally reached a turning point. While some might define An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship like a tug-of-game, I beg to differ. An Lei chooses to push him away because she is still not sure of what she feels about him yet and even in this ep it is still something that she is constantly  trying to work out. She knows that she doesn’t have much time left to play around with feelings and she does want to have to go through that again. After her experience with He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang), she knows all the more that she can not toy with feelings; she wants to be certain of her feelings before she even decides to give it a try. Having been through all these experiences with Yi Kang, she is growing more and more aware of her feelings for him and this is something that she has to stop avoiding and face with a brave heart.

There was some conflict in this ep for the OTP which was solely to push them closer together. The conflicts did just that and really helped for An Lei and Yi Kang to listen to their heart. For An Lei, this is something that she is still learning to get to terms with. These conflicts helped her to realise the feelings that she holds for Yi Kang as well as to understand what it is exactly that her heart feels. I know that these conflicts were a very clichéd way for bringing the OTP together but I love that it was just glossed over which was such a slick way to get to realise their feelings without being OTT.

This ep served quite well being the penultimate ep. Hopefully it will lead to a good conclusion to the drama! Just one more until the finale! Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 11 Recap

The drama is back to giving me a waiting game! I had expected it to come around because we are still a fair way from the ending but the previews were so misleading that I just wasn’t fully prepared to come to face with it yet. But that’s okay, I’m learning to deal with this waiting game. It is actually a very vital aspect to Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) and Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui)’s relationship because I am not ready to see them together yet. They still have a long way to go before I can accept that they are on the same page with their feelings. What we are getting from them right now is that they are finding their footing on how they feel towards each other. They have yet to cross that line and that is something that they need to carefully take their time on. It is a risk that they cannot turn back on so they need to be certain of this decision before they decide to embark on that step.

Oh dreams, stop toying with me! You get me excited for the wrong reasons! While I may be annoyed with it, I do like what the drama is trying to do. It captivates you and then leaves you disappointed. But at least there was a kiss, even if it was a dream. Now, if only Yi Kang and An Lei can muster up the courage to confess to each other then these dreams would become reality. Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 10 Recap

Ooooo, things are getting hot for Yi Kang and An Lei and somehow things appear to be moving at the pace they are supposed to be going at. I find that Yi Kang and An Lei are really moving it fast given that it has only been two months since they officially met but despite this, I don’t find it to be fast moving for their relationship. This is because they have built on a very strong friendship, one that is much stronger than anything that they have ever had in the past. This in turn allows their love for each other to show up naturally and as it happens, you just accept it to be as it does not feel forced or planned. Of course, Sonia Sui and Tony Yang have great chemistry together which helps to top off this natural feeling. Even when An Lei and Yi Kang do get together, I don’t want to see it end just there. I hope that we will get to see some conflict between them to actually show that meant for each other.

This ep scored the highest rating for the drama sitting at 1.39 but it is running last behind the current crop of dramas airing at the same time. It also isn’t faring as well as its predecessor, A Good Wife so hopefully it can pick things up as we wind down to the finish line. I can see why this drama isn’t raking in the ratings but I am really enjoying this drama. Light-hearted sweet love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this one is sure mines! Its rival over at SETTV, In A Good Way is breaking its own rating records week after week and is one of the current most-talked about drama in Taiwan. I am going to get my hands on it, hopefully soon!

This ep there is a lot of mind-crossing talk, if you can call it that and anecdotes under the name of “my friend”. So for this recap when there is the mind-crossing talk thing, I am going to indicate it with “…” to switch back and forth between the talks from the two parties. Hopefully this will be understandable enough. Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 9 Recap

Yi Kang has fallen for An Lei hard and fast! He is such a lovely and sweet guy! The little things that he does for her such as waiting for her to finish work, taking her home and playing along with her story is enough to show the position that she has in his heart. He likes her but he isn’t ready to confess to her yet, not that he doesn’t want to but he is afraid that upon doing so this might change their relationship in a way where they can’t even be friends any more. He also knows that she still hasn’t completely moved on from Wei Ting yet. He doesn’t want to be the rebound guy and neither does he want to force his feelings on her. He wants her to truly love him for who he is and not because she has to. He wants to win her heart fair and square which would mean that they have the same feelings for each other. He has so that he wants to say to her but he keeps them all bottled up inside himself because he knows that An Lei isn’t ready to handle it yet. Always thinking of her before himself, I say that he is a keeper!

I loved that this ep didn’t involve any complications as such. There was no Wei Ting and no Helen; it was just An Lei and Yi Kang. It was really nice to be able to see them in a relationship progressing on their own terms. An Lei’s parents might have interfered but they didn’t intervene as such; they just helped to push forth An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship. Well, someone needed to give their relationship a helping hand! I really enjoyed watch that family outing. It was so sweet and at the same time it deepened Yi Kang and An Lei’s relationship.  Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 8 Recap

Oh, goodies! This ep has redeemed itself back up from the previous ep! I liked this ep for more reasons than just the near kiss. While last ep felt quite disjointed, this one managed to gel all the pieces together. I am so glad it managed do so, because it is really working to maintaining a pacing, though I would love to see some lift with the drama. This drama is doing a really good job is execution as well as delivering across its atmosphere to viewers and it retains this with each ep which is an excellent thing.

It might seem that An Lei’s case of moving on is getting draggy but I love that it doesn’t appear that way. If this occurred in a different drama, it definitely would be draggy but in this drama it is not just a plot device, it is also the force to growth of the OTP. As such, the interactions between her and Yi Kang through this helps them to grow and understand each other. It brings out the real them and the more of them that we get to see, the less that this appears draggy. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if they kept with this for a few episodes longer because Lei Lei needs more time in order to move on.

The preview left me so excited! There is a kiss coming up! I can’t wait! An Lei and Yi Kang have come so far in their relationship, well, not their relationship, but they have come so far in letting go and learning to love again. It is the steps that they have taken to move on that makes their relationship so endearing. They have been through a lot, including a number of setbacks, to bring them to where they are and it just watching how they slowly overcome the obstacles that are before them that brings me to love them. Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 Recap

This ep marks the point for An Lei and Yi Kang to move on after their failed confessions, more so for An Lei than for Yi Kang. For 15 years, An Lei has loved Wei Ting but in the time frame of a night, she has to let go of her feelings for him. It is not something easy to do but she is learning to move on. She knows more than any one that Wei Ting will not and cannot love her the way that she loves him. This is more than enough of an indication to tell her to move on, though she is having difficulty peeling herself off from this 15 years of love. What I love about An Lei here is that while she tries to remain strong in front of the people around her. She pretends that she is alright and handling all this really well but she breaks down into tears when she is around Yi Kang. When she is with him, she is able to show him her true self and he won’t judge. He will help and support regardless of what happens. He can see through he true colours and despite that, he still remains by her side helping her to deal with her ordeal.

This ep dropped down remarkably from the intense and emotional ep 6 giving in lots of scenes of An Lei and Yi Kang to be together. However, I can’t say that I am too happy about this. I want to see more of An Lei and Yi Kang but there were some parts which felt pushed and unnatural. Ever since the start, An Lei and Yi Kang has had a very swift friendship and just when I thought that we could it slowly progress into love, the writers decide to put in some forced action. I can see where the writers are getting at but it would be better for An Lei and Yi Kang if their relationship comes naturally.

Though, in saying all this, the drama is doing a decent job in showing us the pursuit of happiness for the characters. This is something that I really appreciate because it is already halfway into the drama and this theme is progressing on really well.  Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 Recap

This is easily the best ep thus far. It was emotionally and mentally very promising. I am very glad that An Lei and Yi Kang has both confessed their feelings because this will allow them to move on and realise the happiness that is in front of them. It now puts Yi Kang and An Lei on a very tough position to find a way to deal with life ahead of them. They can no longer hide behind their shell, keeping their feelings to themselves because the world knows now and they have to face this. Yi Kang has already found away to deal with his heart but it is much harder for An Lei to let go and move on. For 15 years, she has loved Wei Ting but never found the opportunity to confess to him and then when she finally got the courage to do so, she discovers that his heart does not lie with her. This is going to be a big obstacle for An Lei to cross but she is lucky to have Yi Kang by her side helping her through this. I am really enjoying watching their relationship, especially seeing how he continually stands by her side helping her to overcome the toughest of toughest situations. Their relationship has really grown on me and seeing them helping each other has helped to strengthen the bond. They are like each other’s handrail, supporting each other when one is down. This mutually supporting relationship that they have allows them to show their true selves and this is something that I really enjoy of the drama.  Continue reading