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Wedding Bells for Sunny Wang and Celebrity Girlfriend Dominique “Dizzy” Cai


The wedding bells are ringing for Sunny Wang and celebrity girlfriend Dominique “Dizzy Dizzo” Cai. Yuupp, you read it right, Sunny is officially off the markets! Who would have thought, especially with his status of being the playboy of Taiwan. Sunny has had quite the number of celebrity hook-ups so much so that it’s quite easily to lose track of who he is dating, and there definitely wasn’t any sign for him to get married any time soon but when the time comes, it comes and sometimes it comes when it is least expected.  Continue reading

Beatrice Fang Pregnant with Dear Mom Co-Star Yang Ming Wei’s Baby


It is just happiness on top of happiness for Beatrice Fang who is enjoying her career high having achieved household recognition with her roles in the drama Fall in Love with Me and more recently in the daily Dear Mom with her recently announcing that she is pregnant with frequent co-star Yang Ming Wei‘s baby. The two first met on-set during the filming of FILWM where they clicked, something which they got to develop during the filming of Dear Mom and now with a baby on the way, it will be something that will forever bound these two together. The two are going to be such adorable parents and the pregnancy comes at the right time with Dear Mom wrapping up in a few days, giving the parents-to-be some time off to adjust to this bundle of joy heading their way. Marriage is on the way for them with them dating on the premises of marriage and with their bundle of joy in the coming it’s double the happiness for them. Their pregnancy news was supposed to be revealed after Dear Mom wrapped but it surfaced earlier than expected and now it’s news we all know.  Continue reading

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Announce a Xiao Chou Chou is On The Way

3Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan‘s extravagant, extravagant, extravagant weddings back in January is one of the most-talked about celebrity hook-up in TW-ent. It has just been raining happiness for them with their three weddings allowing them to travelling around the world. The happiness continues to rain for them with an oven in the bun! Awww, congrats to the parents-to-be! We all knew this was in the coming especially when Jay vocally expressing that he would like to have many kids. The couple stuck with the tradition of keeping mum for the first three months of the pregnancy. The announcement came on Facebook where Jay posted two photos, along with the caption “Let’s see who looks better walking around with a ball”. It’s just bliss for this couple and it will only get better for them with their bun that’s cooking up.  Continue reading

Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Team Up for New TW-Drama Marry Me, or Not?

1Me likey, me likely this drama even though it has just barely started production! I have no clue what the drama is even about but I am already loving it. There hasn’t been a Taiwanese drama that has gotten me this excited with barely any news about it. Just the casting is enough to make me jump for this drama. After Roy Qiu and Alice Ke‘s very successful pairing in the unexpected ratings hit drama Office Girls four years ago, they will be reuniting once again in the upcoming drama Marry Me, or Not?  Continue reading

Aaron Yan and Kim So Eun to Play Couple in C-Movie Sky Lantern

1 I just haven’t found the time to blog recently which is why this is such a late post. But anything about Aaron Yan deserves a post regardless of how late it is. His career has just been red hot since he left Fahrenheit both acting wise (with hit dramas Love You and Fall in Love with Me) and music wise (with the release of mini-albums and his first ever Japanese album). His career will soar up the radar now that he has been confirmed to star in a joint Korean-Chinese movie Sky Lantern (昔日戀人; Chinese translation: Past Lovers) . His leading lady will be rising K-star Kim So Eun who is also riding on a career fire after starring in Liar Games and as the other half to on-screen hubby Song Jae Rim in We Got MarriedContinue reading

Aaron Yan Releases First Official Japanese Album and Single

1This is a very belated post but my beloved Aaron Yan has recently released a new single and will be releasing a new album very soon (18 March) and that is something that I cannot not write a post about. Since last year Aaron has just been working non-stop with his album releases and drama filmings and he still isn’t giving himself a break as he is hitting up the Japanese market with the soon-to-be release of his first official Japanese album that is not a Japanese version of his Chinese albums called Moisturizing. Aaron is a multi-talented man; not only can he sing, dance and act but he can also sing in Japanese! There is a reason why I lub him so much and I willingly sat through the trainwreck drama Fall in Love with Me just for me. Anything, I will do anything for you my beloved! Continue reading

No One is Busier Than Tiffany Tang With Drama Airing One After the Other

1One down, just a few more to go. The highly anticipated novel-to-drama adaptation My Sunshine starring Tiffany Tang recently finished its run and immediately following that, Tiffany’s other highly anticipated novel-to-drama adaptation Lady & Liar took over that spot. And in a few days time, Tiffany’s other other drama drama Legend of Fragrance which so happens to be set in the Republican era will be in direct competition with Lady & Liar. Not sure if this a good thing or not but she is definitely generating talks with her drama and isn’t she just lucky to have such handsome co-stars to work with. There is more than enough Tiffanys to go around this year but she still has a few dramas in her inventory which is waiting for an airdate. And she is currently filming for Diamond Lover starring cross-strait Korean idol Rain. Plus, she still has internet-drama The Lost Tomb which is awaiting for a premiere date. Tiffany is one busy busy lady with lots of promotions to do in these few weeks. Not only that, but she didn’t even take a break in filming the three aforementioned dramas! Filming for Lady & Liar started in November 2013 and finished in March 2014, then she went on to film Legend of Fragrance which finished filming in June 2014. She took no break because right after that she filmed for My Sunshine which took three months, finishing its filming in September 2014. Sweetie, please get some rest!

Continue reading

In A Good Way’s Leah Lin Has Flash Marriage and Bun in Oven

1There is no better time than right now to get married because wouldn’t you know it, marriage strikes again. In A Good Way star, Leah Lin (that’s her official name on Instagram so I’ll go with that) who played the sassy scarlet Tracy has officially tied the knot with her non-entertainer boyfriend, Wu Ze Pu, of less than one year. She also has a bun in the oven, bringing double the happiness. During the filming of IAGW, Leah had turned her on-screen romance with Steven Sun to real life but when the drama finished up so did their flame. Through her friends, she met Ze Pu who is the Mr. Right in her life. Last year, she went to Japan to spend New Years’ there and her now-hubby went along too, surprising her with a very sweet and romantic marriage proposal which deeply touched her. Her boyfriend also sweetly asked for her family’s permission beforehand and got them involved with this romantic moment. Leah has also wanted to get married and have kids by the age of 25 and now her dream has come true. The couple will hold their wedding after the bun in the oven is cooked which would be after July. Congrats to the happy couple!  Continue reading

Another Bachelorette, Tammy Chen, Is Saying Goodbye to Single Life

Tammy ChenWeddings, weddings and more wedding news out of the Chinese/Taiwanese entertainment industry in just a matter of days. I swear, sooner or later there will be no eligible bachelors or bachelorettes left as they will have all tied the knot by the end of this year. Next off to get married is actress Tammy Chen who recently accepted a marriage proposal by her non-entertainer, doctor boyfriend who is divorced and with two children from his previous relationship. They’ve dated for a mere four months with marriage in mind. Despite the short period of courtship, that was more than enough time for them to know that they are the right one for each other. Time is just an arbitrary unit of measurement and does not mean anything. As long as the couple is happy and that is all that matters because in the end time is meaningless to a relationship if the feelings between the two parties are not mutual. The earliest that they can get married will be in May because Tammy is currently filming Rose Battle where filming will not be complete until May. Sending my congratulations to another happy couple! Continue reading

Scarlet Heart’s 4th Prince and Ruo Xi Tie the Knot

Nicky and CeciliaSeeee, wedding bells ringing left and right! Power couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu got hitched! Yuppp, they got hitched! This is news that all fans of Scarlet Heart (AKA Bu Bu Jing Xin) who have been waiting eagerly for their OTP to get married is glad to hear. Apparently they already registered their marriage last year in Taiwan and now it is officially registered in China too! Nicky and Cecilia rose to a new level of fame after starring in Scarlet Heart, becoming household names and breaking many hearts after they announced last year on Weibo that they were dating. The pair became close after working on a number of projects together starring alongside one another and eventually brought their Ruo Xi and 4th Prince romance to real life. I haven’t seen the drama but the fan power surrounding them is one of the strongest that I have seen. LOL, there are even polls around Chinese portals about how fans view of their marriage! Continue reading