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Site News: I Got My Own Site!

NEW SITEHello my fellow readers! Guess who has gotten myself a brand new spanking site? Yes, that’s right, me! It’s been a long time wish of mines to have a site that is mines and now it is finally here! I’ve moved over to the self-hosted platform of WordPress, i.e., which gives me greater flexibility with how I want my blog to look. That was the main reason I wanted to switch and I’m hoping that this will bring you all a better viewing experience. ((: Continue reading

Three Years Already!?

Happy 3rd Birthday!It’s my third year blogging already!? Woaaaaahhhh, time flies! I can’t believe that I’ve hit my third year blogging already! Third year! Woaaaahhhhh, just give me a moment to comprehend this please. That’s just something very very very unbelievable. The third year here. Woah. I feel so old, ahaha! Here I am turning three while most bloggers are just hitting their first or second year. But age doesn’t matter, it never did, because age is just a number. This year was a very very hectic one for me. I watched fewer dramas than I previously did and I spent less time blogging. But despite that, I still received many love from you readers and that alone makes me so happy to blog. ^o^ Continue reading

Mid-Life Drama Catch-Up 3

Mid-Life Drama Catch-Up 3Hello my beautiful and dearest readers! You might have noticed that I have been a bit slow with my blog recently, if not the entire year. I wish I could blog more often but real life really limits the time that I can dedicate to blogging. I love blogging and watching dramas but I just don’t have enough time to balance everything with real life. This year in particular has been especially tough on me time-wise. You might have noticed that I have watched significantly less dramas and have posted less frequent posts this year. As much as I desire to blog and drama more, my priorities lies elsewhere (aka, with school). I don’t want to write half-hearted posts for the sake of it because that’s just not who I am. With the year drawing to a close, this means exams are approaching and right now my main focus is to tackle those exams. I have a few planned post coming up but after that I will be taking a hiatus from this blog unit I get those exams over and done with. Please bear with me while I juggle my current life. I really do appreciate your love and support! ‚̧ Please drop a comment! ūüôā Continue reading

Liebster Award Second Time Around

I am on cloud nine right now! I am filled with happiness to have been honoured to be blessed with the Liebster Award for the second time around. (I was nominated last year so you can check out that post here). I am so thankful to have met so many new and cool friends through blogging and just to know that I was nominated by them is something very heart-warming, so thank you to coffeenlucia, Soori, Oshelooishi,¬†NeeNee, Kelly199865,¬†Chocokokoro, Yami Hyunnie,¬†Kat,¬†Time in the Gray, dewannifordrama and¬†Breathless Survival, Isabelle Alyssa,¬†Zombie Mamma¬†and Melon¬†for the nomination!¬†‚̧ Also thank you to Heisui and Justwacky for the nomination last year! (: What makes blogging so much fun is the ability to meet new friends and this is something I am truly grateful for. I can smile happily everyday that there are people out there appreciating dramas as much as I do. This blog is mostly focused on dramas so the Liebster Award gives you an opportunity to know a bit more about me and my love for dramas. I hope you have fun reading it as much as I enjoying writing the answers to it. (: & thank you for taking the time to read it!

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Turning 2!

Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Say what!? Unbelievable! It’s been two years or 104 weeks or 730 days or 17 520 hours or 1 051 200 minutes or 630 720 000 seconds and counting since I have started blogging. If you told me two years ago that I would make it think far I would call you out for trying to deceive me but that now this is a fact right here in front of my eyes! I just have trouble believing this because never ever did I think that it was a possibility. It never once crossed my mind but somehow I have made it this far and I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from you guys!¬† Continue reading

Drama Airing Schedules

Hi fellow drama-ers! Today, I have a very different post for you all. I don’t usually write these types of posts but one should always experiment and step out of their square every now and then, right? Since entering the dramaland and broadening my views on dramas from different countries, I have come to learn a thing or two about the support of a drama. I have come a long way from just watching a drama. I also pay attention to ratings, the writers, producers and even what channel the drama airs on!

It has sparked up my curiosity as to the different airing of dramas in different countries so this is what this post will be about today. Hopefully this will be somewhat informative for those who want to know a bit more on how dramas are aired. Or maybe you just want to calculate when subs will be released, but nonetheless, hopefully this will give you an insight to the way dramas are aired.

I am not 100% certain on these so please feel free to correct me or add something in! Also, please let me know if you would like to see more of these informative posts in the future! (:

Have fun reading! It might be complicated to understand but I tried to simplify it! Continue reading

Blogging Award? Liebster Award!

(^random but cute!)

I must have been pretty outdated because I didn’t even know that there was an award for blogging! But it is such a good feeling to know that I am be “acknowledged” for my blogging work! Also, a huge shout out to my dear friends Heisui and Justwacky over at mydramatea and justkoreandramas respectively who nominated me! Since I had two nominations, I shall answer the questions set by them both! (:

What is so amazing about this award is that it is an award once you have been nominated. Yay! My first blogging award!  Continue reading

What’s a Cinderella Story?

How many times have you heard a drama being described as being a¬†Cinderella¬†story? Probably too many times to count? I honestly have lost count as to how many “Cinderella”¬†stories that I have seen.¬†¬†That’s because a¬†Cinderella Story¬†is such a broad term that it can be used to describe almost any drama where it involves a man and a woman coming to love each other through a series of obstacles.

The term¬†Cinderella¬†story is applied too¬†broadly. Regardless of what the actual drama itself is about, as long as a couple come to love each other after a series of events, the term¬†Cinderella¬†story can be applied. A drama is not necessarily a Cinderella¬†story if it has the word “Cinderella” attached to its title. To be a Cinderella story it must, at the very least, not stray too far from the¬†Cinderella¬†plot. Of course, there must be some tweaking here and there to create a unique plot but some tweakings are too overdone that the drama no longer resembles any a¬†Cinderella¬†story.¬† Continue reading

Seeing Double?

Let’s go on a little adventure with this blog hey? Ever since I started this blog, it has just been locked between the actual drama itself. I have always written recaps and reviews but I think it’s time to broaden out the topics of this blog. I want to try something new and not just be stuck in the tiny ep by ep universe. I want to actually start to pull out the pieces of drama and enlighten the way I see dramas, so without ado, let’s kick this thing off with a bang! Btw, I had no idea what to put for the titular image so I decided to go without one.

In dramaland, the number of actors and actresses are limited and there is no question that we have seen the same actor playing a different character on our screens one time or an other.¬†SETTV¬†(Taiwan) and¬†TVB¬†(Hong Kong) are the prime victims (I don’t think that’s the right word to use here!) for using the same actors drama after drama. Continue reading

Mid-Life Drama Catch-Up 1

Jkkkks, I am no where near mid-life yet, but to all my fellow drama watchers and bloggers, we do need to have a catch up, don’t we? This blog has been a bit dull and gloomy, hasn’t it? Well, that’s probably an understatement, it is more than a bit dull and gloomy! It has been somber and dreary, and I haven’t been feeling all that proud of my efforts. I would love to devote more time to this blog but time is a huge limiting factor, especially with my heap of school work! However, I’m not going to give up on this blog, I am going to give it all my might and I am hoping all you drama queens out there will be there to support me, because I greatly¬†appreciate¬†support (and it would be great if you could comment because this blog has been lacking comments and it is making me quite sad. ūüė¶ I love reading each and everyone of your comments and it makes me smile when I see a new comment)

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