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Music Downloads: Adrian Fu’s Good Morning, Hard City

Time is just blitzing through and before our eyes is half the year over and out. Oh, how the time flies! I remember it was only just last month when I found out about Adrian Fu‘s Good Morning, Hard City debut album release and told myself to type up a post about it but it just slipped my mind until today. So here it is today.

I can betcha that you guys out there probably had no idea who this Adrian Fu is prior to the feel-good, nostalgic opening theme song “Good Morning Hard City” for In A Good Way  because that was definitely the case for me. After some researching, it turns out that I have in fact heard of him prior to IAGW! He actually sang and composed quite a few songs for The Fierce Wife: The Final Episode which means that this album has been in the works for well over two years. Continue reading

Music Downloads: Super Junior-M’s Swing

Super Junior was one of the first k-pop groups that lead me to the of k-pop. I’ve always been quite fond of them but I never really took much notice of them. It wasn’t until after my discover of their subgroup, Super Junior-M after Han Geng‘s departure that I really started to pay attention to them and their music. SJ-M brought me two biases in my life – Zhou Mi and the multi-talented Henry Lau – and I am so glad of it because dayum, these two lads are smokin’ hot. I am just swooning over Henry who is fluent in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Thai and Spanish) and can play multiple instruments at a very high standard! This morning I was watching videos of Henry speak in multiple languages and I’m not sure if it is possible but I found him so damn cute and sexy in more ways than ever! *Swooooooon* Continue reading

Music Downloads: William Wei’s The Fear

William Wei (AKA Weibird) is back in town with a new album! Every since my discovery of William, I have been love with his music ever since. He is a very talented musician with great song-writing skills and an equally wonderful voice. I just love it and he really encapsulates emotions with his voice. Whether it be happiness, sadness, regret etc., he tells a story with his voice. It’s something very powerful and something that speaks so much. Last month on the 25th of March, he dropped his third album titled The Fear. It’s much darker and heavier compared to his previous album Someone Is Waiting and is definitely a new genre that he is venturing out to. It’s a risk for him but it has definitely paid off. He showcases his voice in a new way that is exciting yet speaks of the William that he is. I love that despite how different this album is, there is still him in it. The album is stamped by his essence all over and that, I like. Continue reading

Music Downloads: Show Luo’s Lion Roar

Show Luo just never fails to impress me music-wise! (He’s acting skills are on a very different level). He is one of my all-time favourite singers. I can never get bored of listening to his songs! Show has consecutively released an album each year and this year on 08 November, he dropped his tenth Mandarin album Lion Roar. This album isn’t all that different to his previous album; there is still the name Show imprinted everywhere on it but it just feels edgier compared to his previous works. It just has more of that fierce sound to it, though his ballads retains that softness that I have come to know.

The theme of the album is inspired by his astrological symbol, Leo. The fashion for the album were Continue reading

Music Downloads: Mag Lam’s District 23

I am behind with the times! This always turns out to be the case music wise. It’s been nearly two months, having been released on 26 September 2013, that Mag Lam released her third studio album and I have just recently gotten myself into it. I have become a fan of hers ever since her songs were featured in TVB dramas, but it wasn’t until I heard Aerial Lovers in Triumph In The Skies II that I really started to notice her as well as come to appreciate her singing skills. She is arguable one of the most successful singers to come out of Hong Kong’s reality-singing competition, The Voice (not to be confused with the worldwide “The Voice” franchise, Hong Kong’s The Voice is not part of the franchise and follows a different format), having won the 2011 and second season. Her voice is very sweet and moving but isn’t what something I would describe as being powerful.  Continue reading

Music Downloads: Yen-j’s Y4You/Love x Pi

I’ve had this album sitting on my desktop for probably a month now before I finally had the chance to truly enjoy it. Life was probably too hectic and this just slipped my mind. Y4You/Love x Pi was released about one and a half months ago on the 9th of July 2013 so I guess I am pretty late in tuning into this? Well, late is better than never! This is Yen-j‘s fourth album since his debut in the music industry and half of the title, “Y4You”, reflects this of him.

Yen-j is one of Taiwan’s most amazing singer-songwriters, with almost all of his songs being written and produced by himself. He has composed songs for Fish Leong, Della DingJia Jia, Magic Power, Hubert Wu and Dream Girls. Of the songs he has composed, one of my all time favourites is No Ifs by Fish Leong, and this was way before I knew he was the composer! Furthermore, he is very talented with musical instruments with his ability to play the piano, trombone, guitar, bass guitar and drums etc. His songs are constantly featured on dramas with majority from his previous album, Simple Love, being the OST for Miss Rose. His songs have also been featured in the OST for Autumn’s Concerto, Dragon Gate, and Love You (AKA Drunken To Love You). Yen-j’s unique style of jazz mixed with pop makes his music one-of-a-kind! It also has a really upbeat and lively atmosphere to it!  Continue reading

Music Downloads: Alien Huang’s Make Sense

Guess who’s back with a new album!? Alien Huang! It’s been about about one and a half-ish years since his last full album release with Break Heart, Black Heart and about 7 months since the run of his latest drama Sweet Sweet Bodyguard. He is one busy man taking on project after project! I never really took any notice of him until his appearance in Love You (AKA Drunken To Love You)  where he played Rainie Yang‘s childhood friend (he was also Rainie’s real life sweet heart for two and a half years before they called it quits) but even then I did not really notice him. That was until I discovered that he is also a singer. There is no denial that I would rather hear him sing than watch him on screen; he just delivers a different charisma with his voice. His voice isn’t what you would call powerful but it is strong. It is very unique and you can feel enticed by him just hearing him sing! Continue reading

Music Downloads: miwa’s Delight

I don’t usually make these sort of posts, in fact I never do them but let’s venture out a little shall we?

As you make be aware (or not) I loved Rich Man, Poor Woman as well as its special Rich Man Poor Woman In New York. Aside from the wonderful plot and sizzling chemistry between the OTP, I also fell in love with the OST “Hikari e” sung by miwa. She reprised her voice once again for RMPW SP singing “Delight”. I fell in love with both songs as they were both really catchy and so upbeat. It really worked for the dorama neatly tying it all together.  Continue reading