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You Know You’re Obsessed With Dramaing When…

You just know it, you have been lured into the world of dramas! Continue reading


G.E.M Tang: A Rare Gem

I have been listening non-stop to G.E.M Tang‘s songs recently, and it is currently on non-stop replay as I write up this post. G.E.M is an exceptional singer with an exceptional voice. Ever since I discovered her single Someday I’ll Fly, I have been taking notice of her music but it wasn’t until this year when she appeared on I Am a Singer Season 2, a Chinese singing reality show adapted from the Korean version of I Am a Singer similar to The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor except with professional singers with a well established career competing against each other that I really started to take notice of her. Her performances has received critical acclaim for her amazing voice and ability to put on a powerful live performance. She also bet out a number of singers with more experience than her having scored 1st place for three of the six rounds. I don’t watch this but I have been catching each of her performances and I have to say, she puts in 110% effort each time.  Continue reading

MVs that tell a story and MVs that just dance

Recently, I have been obsessed over Coco Lee‘s Can’t It Be (theme song to The Good Wife), like really really really obsessed. It has been on replay on my Youtube for consecutive days and it is currently playing right this moment as I type up this post. I have mentioned in my Liebster Award that when I get obsessed with a song it is goes on continual replay until I get over it, which usually means I will find another song to get addicted to. You guys have these addition moments too right? Well, this is the very case for me right now, so until I get over it, the song will continue to blast out of my laptop!  Continue reading