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My Opinion on Ode to Joy 2

Hey guys! It’s been a looooong time since I last blogged! I’ve missed blogging and dramaing but I’ve been caught up in life with quite a few matters to take care of. I’ve been trying to tackle down uni, which is still a pain to tackle down. This semester has been my hardest semester yet; the units that I am taking is a lot more difficult compared to what I have been taking in previous semesters and this has meant that I needed to devote more effort into these units, not to mention, I’ve recently had some exams to deal with so I’ve been trying to study for that too. Sometimes, I just want to give up on uni but I keep telling myself to keep going. I’m so close to finishing, yet so far! I’ve also been applying for Vacation Programs (end-of-year internships) and although I have not been successful yet, I will keep trying! The truth is, there are so many uni students/graduates nowadays and only a limited number of available positions that firms only hire and take in the cream of the crop. But one can only keep trying and hope for the best. If you try, there is hope; if you don’t try, there is no hope. I’ve also been busy doing work for a uni organisation that I am part of as well as this relatively new start-up firm that I recently got involved with. Not to mention, I am doing all this alongside my current part-time job. So life has just been busy busy busy! Nevertheless, I did manage to squeeze in time to watch Ode to Joy 2. Continue reading

My Opinion on Love O2O

17Gu Man is back with another novel-to-drama adaptation Love O2O and I absolutely adored it! This drama was just all sorts of cuteness to watch and made me beam ear to ear with every ep that I watched. Love O2O is a sweet, uni-romance story that blossomed from a love-at-first-sight meeting and centres on uni and post-uni life around the theme of online gaming, which was what actually brought our OTP together. I particularly enjoyed the drama because of the pure, sweet and innocent romantic vibes that captured the entire romantic story and was the backbone to the drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Les Intèrpretes

19It’s been a long time since my last post but I am back and ready to watch some drams! Right after my exams, under recommendation, I decided to watch the highly popular drama Les Intèrpretes. It’s a drama that is based in the world of translation between the Chinese and French language, with the scenes set in China and Switzerland. The drama has a very nice, bubbly vibe to it and quite refreshing to watch, especially with this integration of inter-culture and the bridging together of two languages. As the title says, the drama is very much about interpreting and takes this on various levels. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Lost Tomb: First Impressions

The Lost TombIf you are looking for an action-packed drama then The Lost Tomb would be the one for you. It is action-packed right from the beginning, in fact the action starts from the very first second! The Lost Tomb is described as a cross between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones featuring elements of the supernatural, action and adventure. TLT is a web-drama adapted from the insanely popular internet novel Grave Robbers’ Chronicles written by Kennedy Xu. It is said that this novel created a craze in China for novels focusing on grave-robbing that also deals with supernatural elements. The drama version will have eight instalments filmed over a period of eight years. Unlike the typical C-drama length, each instalment of TLC will only have around 12 eps, two of which were the prologue, which puts it up for greater action and more promising developments. Continue reading

My Opinion on Boss & Me

Boss & MeThis drama is soooooo cute and sweet and literally melted my heart with all the sweetness that was there! I just couldn’t stop watching it and saw there hours on end watching one ep after another ep. I haven’t marathoned through a drama in such a long time but it feels so good to be able to do so. It’s been a good two months since I haven’t dramaed but watching this drama immediately revived the drama heart that laid dormant inside me. It’s quite safe to say that I lurve this drama and I’m just glad that I was encounter such a drama! Boss & Me is actually based off the internet novel by Gu Man (顾漫) called Come and Eat, Shan Shan which, from reviews that I have heard, seems to be an excellent adaptation. I haven’t read the novel but when I have time I will be sure to get my hands on it and a few of Gu Man’s other novels! Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 34-46

Oh, I am so glad that I finally finished this drama! Honestly, I lost motivation for this during the second half and it was such a struggle to make it through to the ending but I stuck through and witnessed the progress that was present in the drama. There were some great writing to the drama but at the same time, there were writings which faltered and felt underdone or rushed. Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) is a historically based drama which some huge tweaks to it to add in Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin) as the romance line and create some sort of bromance between Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng) and Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan). I really commend the drama for what it was able to present us with because it is no easy task to create something original with your foundation already laid out for you. However, they worked with it and managed to create a very successful drama that received the ratings as well as lots of love and attention worldwide.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 28-33

I’m taking it real slow with the drama due to some lack of motivation. Somehow, as it reaches the second half of its run, I am starting to stray away from the drama. I was really enticed during the first half of its run but not so much any more. Maybe it is because of all the political games and whatnot taking place but that aside, it just lacks the pull that the first half had. The energy that the drama had during the first half seemed to have shifted away here. Plus, there was a lack of Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan) these eps which was a disappointment. I just await to see him back soon and kick some butts!

Despite the lack of energy these eps, Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) has managed to prove that it is standing strong on a sturdy platform. The pacing of LLW is something really enjoyable to watch. They take the time to build up the tension required yet everything progresses in a very well thought way that does not appear to drag. Dragginess is hard to handle in ancient dramas so I am glad that LLW does not have this to drag it down. The way the events unfolds is something that I really like because it creates long-lasting impacts on the events that it touches. That is something that the drama is really doing well at and something that makes watching very interesting, though the sparks that it started off has undoubtedly been diluted throughout the sparse theme of the drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 20-27

I’m back on the Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) viewing ship after having left it on halt for a while. I guess I am the only person on this ship since the drama has long finished its run. But that’s okay, as long as I am enjoying the drama then that’s all that matters. I actually struggled to get back on board but now that I am on board, I just want to watch, watch, watch!

This drama is far from perfect but it somehow entices me to stay interested. It does that because the plot doesn’t drag; it is constantly moving with a new challenge in place for the characters to face. The more that I watch of the drama, the more that it tickles me fancy. The set-up of drama is quite refreshing (at least it is for me); it has a very different period/palace drama setting to what I am used to but I like it. I really enjoy the incorporation of romance into such a dense drama, if you would call it that. The romance to the drama is very well written and this is part of the reason that entices me to watch the drama. I am fully aware that this drama is based on a real-life historical story, and although I have no idea what this real-life historical story is about, I do know that the drama has manipulated this real-life story in some ways to include the romance aspect. I really appreciate this writing from the drama because it allows the characters to really show through. It dips me to want to watch more which is a rarity between me and period dramas. Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 4-13

China’s speed of airing dramas is just too fast for me but I am slowly making my way to the finish line! Lan Ling Wang has already finished its run but I am still on on the starting end of the spectrum! I do admit that I have been taking it slow with this drama, although I did not intended for it to be this way. It just worked out to be so. Now that the drama has finished its run, it’s hard not to come in contact with spoilers flying left and right, however, I am restraining myself from reading them because I don’t want to have the fun taken away before I can witness it for myself. Though, the general vibe received from people who are way ahead of me is that LLW is amazing which is a good thing to hear. I, too, am receiving a beautiful vibe from this drama. The more that I watch of LLW, the more that I find myself really enjoying it. It just makes me really keen to catch onto the next ep! Only what stops me from doing so is time!  Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang: First Impressions

I must be in luck this drama season or I just have the touch to pick up amazing dramas. This drama exactly falls into that category. Hehehehe, because this drama is just splendid! It is amazing and I just love it. There is just not enough amazing words that I can use to describe this drama! This is my first “official” ancient Chinese drama and I think it is off to a wonderful start. Actually, I have been anticipating this drama ever since I heard of its existence; in fact, I have been stalking its every news that surfaced. I might not have understood every dialogue between the characters, but that’s okay because the interactions and chemistry between the actors really helps portray what could not have been understood through the dialogue.

This period drama is actually quite light on the historical context which is a nice touch, because dealing with the language difficulties is already hard enough. Also, because of this fact it allows you to concentrate on the characters much more and really see the traits that they bring to the drama.

Why does life not have enough time!? I need more time in life! 24 hours is not enough! I am only up to ep two and it does not help me to speed watch any faster with this drama airing from two up to three eps daily. LLW has been confirmed for 46 eps (at 45ish minutes per ep). Continue reading