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My Opinion on Swipe Tap Love

Swipe Tap Love is an underrated drama that I unexpectedly really enjoyed. TVB has really been lacking in the department in creativity and originality as of late but this drama was exactly not that. It was fresh and the story was told in a very natural and realistic way. It’s not your typical drama where events happen for the sake of pushing the drama forward but rather these events happen for the sake of telling a story that is true to the heart. And it works because these events follow along one another like without feeling like it was forced happenings. I haven’t seen anything like this from TVB in a loooong time so I am pleasantly surprised that this drama turned out to be so genuinely good. Like Fall in Love with Me that I am currently watching, I had no intention of watching this but out of a split-second decision, I chose to give it a go and I am so glad I did because this is like finding a needle in the haystack.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Brother’s Keeper

Yeahhhhhh! TVB has finally got a drama out this year that has hit the bulls’ eye! If this TVB continues with this it will really be on a roll! This is the only TVB drama this year that has left me wondering how the ending will turn out to be like until the very last 10 minutes. It was a very adventurous watch indeed! Furthermore, it was also very well written. I loved the news snippet as well as the shocker introduction. That was a really nice kick-start to the drama. However, it wasn’t until about 20 eps in that the drama really started to pick up with speed and momentum. The first 20 eps stood as the filler and the basis for what was to come. It was here that we got to really see the background behind each of the characters to make them who they are. The details which are important for characters’ development were very neatly unfolded here, allowing for a very smooth transition in the time-scope. Continue reading

My Opinion on Triumph in the Skies II

Well, Triumph in the Skies was one eventful ride despite it getting it a bit too ridiculous as the drama progressed. There were good and bad aspects coming from this drama; it had its only adventurous journey throughout its run. There were a lot to love about it but at the same time there was a lot of frustration going on. Compared to other TVB dramas, this one was on for quite a long run. And this extended period of air time meant that the drama inevitably went onto the path of having some draggy, non-nonsensical and ludicrous storylines. Despite all this, I actually quite enjoyed this drama; there were tender and sweet moments among all the madness which was actually a nice watch. Admittedly, this drama wasn’t all that great but this is definitely the best TVB drama of 2013, which, I am crossing my fingers for, will be a good sign for upcoming dramas, especially for The Hippocratic Crush II, which I am particularly looking forward to watching. Continue reading

My Opinion on A Change Of Heart

Similar to the title, the drama went haywire, like really haywire.

And this drama was the best that TVB has offered this year, so that has got to say something about TVB’s production qualities.

I was quite disappointed with what I received from A Change Of Heart only because I had expectations for it to do well, well on the level of TVB well. This was the first drama this year that I got excited for but I soon realised that it was for all the wrong reasons. It failed to impress me but it is definitely one of the better TVB watches in recent times.

A Change Of Heart had a good start but everything that occurred after the first five eps started to go haywire. The problem with the drama is a result due to three factors: a) there were too much coincidences, b) there were too much interpersonal relationships and c) the entire plot itself made no logical sense. All of this can be contributed to the writing, I guess the writers just had no idea where to head with the plot and decided to throw in whatever they could to fill up 30 eps. Continue reading

My Opinion on Season of Love: Episodes 11-15 (Autumn)

This was definitely my favourite “season” of the drama, and not just because my personal favourite season is Autumn. I especially looked forward to this season because I loved the cast, they were especially appealing to my tastes. I was most looking forward to Vincent Wong and Nancy Wu as a couple, ever since I shipped them in Gun Metal Grey. Also, what made this season really interesting is that it was unpredictable from the very start. I didn’t know in what direction the plot will head nor did I know who Chau Sang will end up with. In fact, in terms of the guy for Chau Sang, I was in a whirlwind on which guy matched her the best!

I loved the creativity about this season because I have no recollection of seeing such a format used in any TVB drama that I have watched (or, maybe that’s just because I have a bad memory… ). I loved the time-travelling concept of heading back and having a second chance. It worked but it wasn’t without flaws as it was quite messy with its line of events. However, once you realise that there is actually three stories and the moral behind the season, everything will fall in place and would actually make sense. You really have to dig out the meaning behind what is happening to actually understand this season. It is one of the heavier seasons that requires you to realise that connotations that are present. Continue reading

My Opinion on Friendly Fire: First Impressions

Uhmmm, well…this can’t really be called a ‘first impression’ since I am basing my impression on the first 9 eps which is about a third of the way through the drama. Ahahahas, but since I like my episodes to be in five eps intervals, and I haven’t got up to ep 10 yet, I decided that I would just call it a first impression. Just consider this to be a long first impression. (:

Coming off Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles I was surprised that TVB scheduled a Tavia Yeung drama back-to-back. I’m not sure what the tactic is (maybe it is to give this drama momentum since Tavia won Best Actress?) but I was still shocked so see Tavia in another drama again, though I am not complaining. She really is one exceptional actress who can handle all roles thrown at her, and she can do so without her previous characters clashing. I loved her in The Other Truth as a right and justice lawyer and again I love her here again as a right and justice lawyer.

Starting the drama and I find myself loving it already. I love dramas about cases as well as lawyers so it is a no brainer that I would love this one. Having seen quite a number of lawyer dramas throughout the previous few years, I am always up for something new. I have seen stories told from the barrister, solicitor and defence attorney aside but I am yet to see one told from the prosecutor side so this was something quite new for me. So far, the lawyer dramas that I have seen were told from private lawyers whereas here it is told from government employed lawyers so again, this is something new to me. I love how this drama tries to differentiate itself from previous lawyer dramas by linking the police aspect in as well creatively using the lawyer line to intertwine the relationships.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Gloves Come Off Episodes 1-5

I am more of those girls who are into romancey-comedy-policey-forensicy-lawish dramas. I never thought I would find myself falling in love with such a masculine drama. Kevin just never fails to impress and he is doing a great job as a father. Raymond suits his cheeky, rebellion role well. It reminds me of him in When Lanes Merge. Selena is much more prettier with long hair and her acting has gotten better. Oh, and beautiful fashion! ❤ Natalie’s acting has sure improved a lot! It is much more natural but it isn’t quite as smooth yet. Short-medium hair just doesn’t suit her. Every time when I look at her, she looks older than her real age. Is it just me who thinks this? I know that she is supposed to be younger than her real age… Continue reading

My Opinion on Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 6-10

What a fast 5 episodes.  Finally, Matthew makes an appearance! So much happened yet it all seem to flow in a way. Dating, fights, break-ups, friendships, you name it and it has probably happened. Niki is still as brilliant as she ever is in any of her roles. Surprising she really suits being a police officer but she has handled that more on the emotional side, which suits her well because she has done an excellent execution of her role. Michael can play any role! From serious to comedic, he really does a good portrayal of it. Urghhhh, why is Mandy always given the cool/fierce/determined role?  Continue reading

My Opinion on Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 1-5

I think that it is kind of ironic that Michael Tse is playing a reporter. I was kind of expecting him to be playing some kind of police officer because of his now famous Laughing Gor role. Niki Chow is once again given the emotional role of Lui Fei Hap. Not that I have anything against it, but I would like to see her with some challenging role. And hi Mandy Wong once again! She is ubiquitous! She is in every drama that I have seen recently. And it’s nice to see Matthew Ko back on screen. I missed his handsome face. It’s interesting how both of his dramas are warehoused dramas – The Greatness of  a Hero and this drama. I also like Lui Hap’s group of besties. I actually like this drama.

Throw in some romance and police and what do you get? A wonderful drama! Continue reading