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My Opinion on From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made): First Impressions

5jikara9jimadeOh, I am hooked, seriously hooked onto From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made) and I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a good time to get hooked onto any drama as I should really be studying for my exams. But once you’re hooked, you’re hooked and there’s no way out. 5–>9 is such a sweet drama; it’s captivating from right from the first ep and has a very luring charm to it that one cannot resist. It lured me in right from the very first ep and now I just cannot get enough of it. 5–>9 is a drama adaption of the manga of the same name. The manga is said to have more of an arousing theme to it while here that theme has been toned down significantly to better suit TV purposes which makes sense and is actually working well for the drama as it creating balance and smooth progression for the plot.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 11

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 11 (2) Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO did not air last week for some reason that I did not bother to search up and instead was aired this week. Despite everything happening accordingly to its original source material, I feel like the drama is moving along at a very slow pace. It just dawdles along, making very slow movements each ep. In saying so, this ep actually walked along faster than its usual pace and was quite engaging compared to the previous few eps. There was more that came out of Naoki and Kotoko’s relationship and there was a setback which will either bring them closer together or pull them apart.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 10

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 10 (4)This ep was actually quite nice and picked up pace between Naoki and Kotoko as well as allowing him to get to know his wife more. This ep was all about Naoki meeting Kotoko’s extended family with a trip down to her home town. The drama is just following how the manga was set out but there’s something lacking for this drama. Something’s just not quite right. The drama is not very long; it’s just 16 eps with the eps last around 35 minutes each but the drama feels draggier and draggier with each ep and there’s not even that much happening each ep! I’m just getting less engaged with the drama with the main problem lingering around Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship, which is the heart and soul of the drama. They are the whole reason the drama exists but it’s just getting harder and harder to watch them when it is one step forward, two steps back for them. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 6

INK2Oh no, this ep was all about relationship turmoils for our OTP pushing them to breaking point. The jealousy kicked in but resulting in a negative effect rather than a positive. The jealousy is pulling the OTP apart rather than bringing them closer together. Naoki is handling his jealousy totally opposite to what one expects. Instead of putting up a game against his love rival, he is distancing himself from his wife leaving her in all sorts of confusion and frustration. Poor Kotoko who is trying her very best to remain positive of the situation despite receiving the cold shoulder from her hubby but she can only do so much because a relationship can only work with participation from both parties but not both parties are willing to participate. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 5

INK2I was travelling this past week so this post is coming up later than intended, but at least it is here, right?

This ep was all about bringing Kotoko and Naoki closer together by first bringing them apart. They are still so young and still have uni life ahead of them. Never would anyone have thought they would end up as a couple (except for Mama), not even Kotoko herself and definitely not Naoki but they are together despite the people around them thinking that they are incompatible together. But even between themselves, there is the sense that they might be incompatible together. This is obviously the case for Kotoko who is working extremely hard to try and match her hubby’s standards while not so for Naoki who seems like he couldn’t care less for it. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 4

INK2As a sequel, Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO has one of the best feeling of being a sequel. It has the same tone and captures the same essence that was Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO and this is not something that can find in a lot of sequels. Most sequels then to have new casts, diverge from the storyline that was the prequel, add in unnecessary plotlines or be a combination of all. INK2 is different in that it does what a sequel is supposed to do – continue the story of the prequel, and that is something that I am loving so so so much about this second instalment. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 3

INK2I had myself in a mini fright when this episode of Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO which was supposed to air last week didn’t air. Luckily things resumed back to normal this week with some sweet action and a reality check in place for our lovebirds filled with a few time-jumps in between all the changes that are occurring in their lives. Everything is slowly falling into place with Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship becoming something of envy to the public eye. We also get to see the lovebirds forge ahead with their life goals while having one another by each other’s side and live their day-to-day lives not as individuals but together as one. They are still young and just starting out in the real world, chasing after their dreams and finding one another has helped them to further cement their dreams in place. INK is the story of their romance but more than that, it is a story of them chasing after dreams. Love is the key factor here which enables them to chase after their dreams and I love how it is evidently present in all that they are doing. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 2

INK2After what seems like forever, I finally got my eyes on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO, the sequel to Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO. INK2 premiered last week and I was so excited and ready to watch it but then when I went ahead to watch it, I discovered that the first ep of this season and the special were literally the same except for the last three minutes. This is why I don’t have a post for episode 1 but you can check out my review on the special, which technically is episode 1, lol. Last night I went to watch ep 2 of INK2 only discover that the subs were out of sync! It wasn’t a problem though since I had other dramas to watch. Today I tried again and finally I could watch INK2! Finally, at long last! I know there are many drama-ers out there who are like me, highly anticipating this season, and for now it I am pretty confident in saying that it is hitting all of the right notes. Continue reading

My Opinion on Like Father, Like Son

What a jewel this movie was! Critically acclaimed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda not only served as the director for the jewel of a movie but also as the writer and editor. This movie was just so beautiful, melancholic and pensive all the while telling a very emotional and touching story. I was so impressed with the density of the movie. I like it when movies are implicit in addressing us as the audience but I think that a dense like such as this works better being explicit so that it allows us to gauge and decipher the hidden meaning with the movie. And that is what Like Father, Like Son has done. Its plot is simple on text but brought on screen, it spoke of so much more than just written words. It spoke from the heart and that is exactly what this movie set out to tell.

LFLS is about two couples who find that their six year-old son was accidentally swapped at birth and is being raised by two families of different socioeconomic status. The two couples are faced with the question of blood or bond that they have built up with their non-biological son throughout the six years of companionship. Biological relations are one thing but that does not mean that it is everything. In fact, at times if not most times, the bond forged between two strangers people holds a much deeper connection over any blood relationships. These two relationship ties come into play here and the two couples must really question the extent of the importance of physical and biological bonds. Continue reading

My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 2

I’ve learnt not to hold my hopes up too high for any drama even if the first ep provides a good, solid base. The second ep tends to drop from the first ep and this was exactly the case here. Ep 1 scored 14.4% in ratings while this ep drop slightly taking in 12.7% of the ratings. It is very rare that will you find a drama that progresses naturally at a perfect pace. Most dramas either move too fast or move too slow, and so far this drama is lingering towards the latter. Ep 1 provided an amazing staging to lead the drama onwards and while this ep carried it on well, it walked very slowly and this in turn made whatever developments the ep had feel quite lacking. I kept wanting to push the drama to walk faster to actually include some significant development but right until the last minute, it kept going at that very slow pace. It’s still early stages so hopefully the drama will be able to pick up its pace with the eps that is come.  Continue reading