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My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier: First Impressions

Shitsuren Chocolatier has set itself up in a winning state so hopefully it won’t collapse half-way. I really enjoyed this first ep. It laid out a very solid foundation for the path that it is going to head on and it has all the ingredients for this win. (How can it not be a win with those delicious eye candy chocolates to look at!?) This first ep didn’t catch me by surprise and neither did it make me want to fall for it, but rather, as the cute fuzzball that it is, it left me with lots of cuteness and surprises that is waiting to unveil itself. It was cute and I enjoyed everything that came out of it. Given that this is a live-action, the plot is not unexpected, but I see that the drama has a lot in store to make itself stand-out from being a live-action and that is something I can’t wait to see.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Last Cinderella

Promising start, sluggish development, unsatisfying ending. Very unsatisfying, and it isn’t just because my preferred OTP did not end up together.

Last Cinderella started very so well but it quickly fell and when it fell it slugged its way down which made the drama that much less satisfying to watch. The drama quickly assured its declining quality when I no longer looked forward to watching the next ep; it just didn’t kept my interest in. It wasn’t only just that, in fact, I felt it struggling to watch through each ep. I actually had to push myself to finish off the ep with numerous pauses in between. The drama started off well but once the complications started to kick in, the drama lost its sense of direction and had no idea how to build upon these complications. The drama ended up being quite flat and uninteresting.

I went into this knowing not to get my hopes up but despite that I was still disappointed, because even without putting in any hope towards this, it still fell under the radar. I didn’t expect much from the drama but the drama continued to let me down because the drama itself had no clue what it should do any more! Nearing the end of the drama’s run, it felt as if the writers had given up hope on the drama itself and just wrote whatever to get the OTP together.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Last Cinderella: First Impressions

Honestly, my sole reason for picking up this drama was because of the hype that it has received so I decided to see for my own eyes. I have heard that it starts off well but then goes downhill but I shall see how I fair with this. (:

I am always up for a Cinderella drama because the plot is concrete so you can’t stray too far from it. It is always solid and knows the direction that it wants to head off too. Admittedly, I have seen numerous Cinderella dramas, so I am always keen on watching one that puts a spin on the Cinderella story. Last Cinderella has that spin; it takes the Cinderella story on a path that I have never seen before and it makes me eager to see how it will develop. Continue reading

My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 0 and Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York Special

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll! Everyone squeal with me! I am so glad that there is a Rich Man, Poor Woman Special! It just brings back all the memories! The official special was aired on 01/04/2013 and one of the first things that I did this morning was frantically search for this special. The special is supposed to be two and a half hours long but I’m not sure with the way that they are doing it as I only found the first 12 minutes of the special.

Actually, the first 12 minutes that I saw wasn’t the special but episode 0. Yeahh, I know, weird? That got me really confused because I thought it was the special! Oh well, but it was a nice 12 minutes spent. It focused on the backbone towards Toru and Kosuke’s friendship which nice to know since it wasn’t developed in the drama. I loved watching how their close friendship came to be so!

The special itself filled the gap from the drama when Toru confessed his feelings to Makoto before she left for Brazil (which doesn’t exactly make sense when the special is set in New York…) and from when she returned about a year later. I found that it was a nice touch to know how their relationship developed because the relationship development between the OTP is vital to the drama. It was adorable to see the changes that they made to each other and how they strengthened their relationship in this special. Also, could it be possible that Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi have even more chemistry here in the special than they did in the drama? I think so!

This special just makes me desire for a second season! It also makes me want to re-watch the first season, ahahahahas! I am hoping for a second season, and I think there might be a glimmer of hope with the ending stating “The End …is the next beginning”. This just ups the ante for a second season! Continue reading

My Opinion On Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files: First Impressions

This is my second dorama and I was quite impressed yet not impressed with what I got. I was most happy with the genre because it shies away from the typical rom-com that is conquering k-dramas and tw-dramas. I like that it is a fresh take from the typical mystery case-solving dramas, because I never would have thought that books could tell you so much! However, the plot development was nowhere near developing; it was quite slow with how things are coming into place.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman

Amazing! Stunningly, remarkably, overwhelming amazing. I have never encountered a drama much like this one that could have well blew me off my seat while I sat through and watched each and every ep not wanting it to end. I only got into the bandwagon nine eps into the drama and boy am I glad that I did get on but let me tell you, the last two weeks were agony for me having to wait for the subs to come out. To all those out there who have not seen this, seriously get on board now! Continue reading