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My Opinion on Cruel City

This was one cruel cruel cruel and heartless city indeed! Every ep of Cruel City (AKA Heartless City) was deliciously intriguing, filled with noir and above all else it was filled with lots and lots of intensity. I started this and then I left it on halt for a while before resuming it and essentially marathoning through the remaining eps. Despite all the stops and starts that I had with the drama, every time I resumed it there was always something about the drama that kept me wanting to stick around. Everything in the drama worked perfectly well together, though most credit would have to go to the sensational writing. This was a really well-written drama and best of all was the consistency from it. I loved the pacing of it; it was fast paced but very consistent from the start right through to the end. CC went above and beyond my expectations delivering a drama that was just so damn good. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Heirs

The most hyped up drama of the year, The Heirs (AKA The Inheritors) has finally come to an end and I am still learning to get my head around what these 20 eps were all about. It was a drama that tried really hard to reach into the depths of the ocean but could only remain on the shores. I was frustrated with the drama but yet I remained by its side, watching week after week. Week after week, I kept wanting push the drama forth and tell it present to me a story with substance and depth but in the end that was not what I got. For 20 eps, it was a drama that lacked the notion to chug forward into building a compelling drama. It had a central plot but within that plot there were a number of sideline storylines that were never fully developed. That ate away from the central plot, weakening it and the drama as a whole. The characters did grow but it was only ever so slightly. The steps that they took were baby steps that weren’t of any significant in showing the person that they have come to be. In fact, there wasn’t much of a difference from the characters that they were at the start of the drama to the characters at the end of the drama. In the end the drama drama only moved forward ever so slightly.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 15-16

Two Weeks” finally comes to an end after eight weeks and what a whirlwind of a ride it has been not only for us as avid watchers catching the drama week after week but also for our hero, Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) who is risked his life to save his daughter, Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi). This was one of the better written dramas in recent viewing. The storyline was very solid from start right down to the finish line. It was very tightly-knitted and filled with action. There was not a point in the drama where the action plummeted; the drama successfully maintained a steady pace of intensity throughout its run. This intensity is what made catching the eps week after week so fun, because I knew that each week will bring about something very different, and it delivered! Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 9-14

It’s quite rare that you will find a drama that progressively gets narratively, emotionally and mentally better with subsequent eps. However, I have found it with Two Weeks; this drama ticks all these boxes and more. Each ep is filled with love, anxiety and curiosity. It really plays on your emotion because it keeps you in the loop of what is happening but it doesn’t give everything away entirely to leave you guessing and doubting. It constantly makes you worry about whether Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) and Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) will survive their ordeal despite knowing that they will survive. This is what really works well for the drama; it presents a sense of uncertainty despite leaving viewers knowing that the ending will be a happy one (hopefully). I just really like the play on emotions because it is one of the many many things that keeps viewers invested into the drama.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Weeks Episodes 3-8

Two Weeks just keeps getting better and better! I just love it, especially the pacing of it! It continues to mess with the normal pacing that everyone is used to with k-dramas by throwing in a good kick of highs and lows in every single ep. It is like a roller coaster ride, except with more extremity. There has yet to be one ep that has not triggered some sort of extreme emotion from me. The highs and lows come with great tension, filling you with nervousness and worry all at the same time. It also leaves you with great feeling seeing Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) safe in the sense that he is safe from infection. I just really feel his character; I breath when he breathes, smiles when he smiles and laugh when he laughs. This drama doesn’t drive you to ship certain couples or watch them fall in love with each other; it drives on the survival journey that Tae San and Seo Soo Jin (Lee Chae Mi) are chasing after as well as the fight for justice that Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yeon) has spent her life working towards. There is great satisfaction in watching as Tae San and Jae Kyung take steps leading them closer the reason for their persistence. Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Weeks: First Impressions

Oh this is good awesome spectacular terrific ground breakingly amazing! I absolutely love it! These first two eps really had me on the edge of my chair. It was very fast paced and really sets up the entire premise for the drama. It left me in awe and very eager for the next week to come! I just want more! From recent memory, the all of the k-dramas that I have picked up have quite the melo theme and they all involve some sort of murder and fugitive. Hehehehe, and with this drama it continues my trend.

The theme song/the anti-hero’s song is now my new music addiction. It’s currently on replay! Hehehehe!  Continue reading

My Opinion on I Hear Your Voice

I highly enjoyed this drama, and I am sure there are many people out there who enjoyed it just as much as I did, if not more. The South Koreans seem to agree with me because drama ratings sat in the mid-twenties throughout its run, and this is a remarkable achievement considering that anything in the twenties is considered amazing nowadays. It was amazing, and really worth the nine-weeks that I spent live-watching it week-to-week. Every ep really gripped me and only made me anticipate the next ep more and more! Not only was the storyline well developed, but the characters were given a rich background story really helped for the storyline to blossom. Together, the different drama elements helped to create a sensational drama. Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 21

Hasn’t this been a roller coaster of a ride? It started off with two children from broken families who got themselves entangled with each other. Just when they thought that they could lean on each, they are separated by a tragic incident. Not only this, they are brought to face each other again 14 years later only to have everything that happened 14 years ago resurface and be the make or break point for them. Not only this, they also have a money driven father who can do so much more damaging things all in the name of money and a psycho revenge driven guy to deal with. Plus, top of this, there are very complicated family relations!

That above is a complication summary and this interpreted on screen is a complicated mess.  This is purely because there was too much going on at once and everything managed to get themselves intertwined with each other. This is why at times the drama felt as though it wanted to head in two directions, like an unbalanced see-saw. One minute it veered towards one direction and the next it turns towards the other direction. And this isn’t a one or two time thing but rather it happens quite frequently with each ep as well as appearing on the characters, Harry in particular.

I felt as though this ep was extremely subtle compared to the previous 20. It may be the final ep but it should serve as the cooling ep, as in an ep that cools off from the complications. Instead, this ep served as a flashback towards all the things that could have never happened. This ep started off extremely slowed due to the lengthy recap and about half the ep spent with Jung Woo, Yoo Seon and Harry in a conversation that can never come to life. Then the second half was the appropriate ending for everyone. And then finally it ends with a what if should they have met differently 14 years ago.

So everyone has their desired endings so that is a plus because I love happy endings!  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 17

Wow, this was one rocking ep. It never sat balanced once as it was constantly heaved to one or the other side by the ever growing conflicting complication. Everything dates back to 14 years ago and as the mysteries from 14 years ago are being revealed, it also reveals the true colours of who our characters are. For Jung Woo, Soo Yeon and Harry, they are each being faced with an inevitable complication concerning their relationship that they each must bypass to reach a conclusion towards their relationship.

This ep wasn’t much of that as to show the aftermath of what happened 14 year ago than it is to show where each of our characters have found themselves landing. It was clear from the start that Jung Woo and Soo Yeon are going to be together but it was interesting to see how they worked their relationship regardless all that has happen 14 years ago as well as during the 14 years that separated them as north and south. As for Harry, it is not the past 14 years of his life that I am concerned about but rather how he will break after Soo Yeon leaves him and his mummy issue.

What this ep also brings about is a huge change for each of the characters. There were changes present in the other eps but this ep brings out a huge and substantial change for each of our characters. In the previous eps, the changes were gradual and to this ep it is gradual too, but then it explodes and suddenly changes our characters in a different direction.  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 13

Okay, so now things are taking a big shift and frankly, this has been occurring quite frequently throughout the drama but this change, most predominantly found on Jung Woo, is easily the most identifiable one. It was abrupt and really takes you back. While watching the previous eps, it makes you question where this drama is trying to head because sometimes it heads west and suddenly it switches to head east. Well, in all, it doesn’t appear that the drama is having this problem but Jung Woo. It’s like he can’t make up his mind and the magnets are dragging him in two directions.

This ep is finally the one where we get to see where exactly our characters want to head – Harry has his revenge plan up and running; Jung Woo realises that he has to protect what he once lost and Soo Yeon is sorting out her feelings as well as trying to figure out who she is. Each of these characters are different and have their different purpose but each of them are being dragged in two directions. If you know these characters well enough, you can definitely see that there is a distinct side to both of them. Continue reading