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My Opinion on Boss & Me

Boss & MeThis drama is soooooo cute and sweet and literally melted my heart with all the sweetness that was there! I just couldn’t stop watching it and saw there hours on end watching one ep after another ep. I haven’t marathoned through a drama in such a long time but it feels so good to be able to do so. It’s been a good two months since I haven’t dramaed but watching this drama immediately revived the drama heart that laid dormant inside me. It’s quite safe to say that I lurve this drama and I’m just glad that I was encounter such a drama! Boss & Me is actually based off the internet novel by Gu Man (顾漫) called Come and Eat, Shan Shan which, from reviews that I have heard, seems to be an excellent adaptation. I haven’t read the novel but when I have time I will be sure to get my hands on it and a few of Gu Man’s other novels! Continue reading


My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 34-46

Oh, I am so glad that I finally finished this drama! Honestly, I lost motivation for this during the second half and it was such a struggle to make it through to the ending but I stuck through and witnessed the progress that was present in the drama. There were some great writing to the drama but at the same time, there were writings which faltered and felt underdone or rushed. Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) is a historically based drama which some huge tweaks to it to add in Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin) as the romance line and create some sort of bromance between Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng) and Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan). I really commend the drama for what it was able to present us with because it is no easy task to create something original with your foundation already laid out for you. However, they worked with it and managed to create a very successful drama that received the ratings as well as lots of love and attention worldwide.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 28-33

I’m taking it real slow with the drama due to some lack of motivation. Somehow, as it reaches the second half of its run, I am starting to stray away from the drama. I was really enticed during the first half of its run but not so much any more. Maybe it is because of all the political games and whatnot taking place but that aside, it just lacks the pull that the first half had. The energy that the drama had during the first half seemed to have shifted away here. Plus, there was a lack of Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan) these eps which was a disappointment. I just await to see him back soon and kick some butts!

Despite the lack of energy these eps, Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) has managed to prove that it is standing strong on a sturdy platform. The pacing of LLW is something really enjoyable to watch. They take the time to build up the tension required yet everything progresses in a very well thought way that does not appear to drag. Dragginess is hard to handle in ancient dramas so I am glad that LLW does not have this to drag it down. The way the events unfolds is something that I really like because it creates long-lasting impacts on the events that it touches. That is something that the drama is really doing well at and something that makes watching very interesting, though the sparks that it started off has undoubtedly been diluted throughout the sparse theme of the drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 20-27

I’m back on the Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) viewing ship after having left it on halt for a while. I guess I am the only person on this ship since the drama has long finished its run. But that’s okay, as long as I am enjoying the drama then that’s all that matters. I actually struggled to get back on board but now that I am on board, I just want to watch, watch, watch!

This drama is far from perfect but it somehow entices me to stay interested. It does that because the plot doesn’t drag; it is constantly moving with a new challenge in place for the characters to face. The more that I watch of the drama, the more that it tickles me fancy. The set-up of drama is quite refreshing (at least it is for me); it has a very different period/palace drama setting to what I am used to but I like it. I really enjoy the incorporation of romance into such a dense drama, if you would call it that. The romance to the drama is very well written and this is part of the reason that entices me to watch the drama. I am fully aware that this drama is based on a real-life historical story, and although I have no idea what this real-life historical story is about, I do know that the drama has manipulated this real-life story in some ways to include the romance aspect. I really appreciate this writing from the drama because it allows the characters to really show through. It dips me to want to watch more which is a rarity between me and period dramas. Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 4-13

China’s speed of airing dramas is just too fast for me but I am slowly making my way to the finish line! Lan Ling Wang has already finished its run but I am still on on the starting end of the spectrum! I do admit that I have been taking it slow with this drama, although I did not intended for it to be this way. It just worked out to be so. Now that the drama has finished its run, it’s hard not to come in contact with spoilers flying left and right, however, I am restraining myself from reading them because I don’t want to have the fun taken away before I can witness it for myself. Though, the general vibe received from people who are way ahead of me is that LLW is amazing which is a good thing to hear. I, too, am receiving a beautiful vibe from this drama. The more that I watch of LLW, the more that I find myself really enjoying it. It just makes me really keen to catch onto the next ep! Only what stops me from doing so is time!  Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang: First Impressions

I must be in luck this drama season or I just have the touch to pick up amazing dramas. This drama exactly falls into that category. Hehehehe, because this drama is just splendid! It is amazing and I just love it. There is just not enough amazing words that I can use to describe this drama! This is my first “official” ancient Chinese drama and I think it is off to a wonderful start. Actually, I have been anticipating this drama ever since I heard of its existence; in fact, I have been stalking its every news that surfaced. I might not have understood every dialogue between the characters, but that’s okay because the interactions and chemistry between the actors really helps portray what could not have been understood through the dialogue.

This period drama is actually quite light on the historical context which is a nice touch, because dealing with the language difficulties is already hard enough. Also, because of this fact it allows you to concentrate on the characters much more and really see the traits that they bring to the drama.

Why does life not have enough time!? I need more time in life! 24 hours is not enough! I am only up to ep two and it does not help me to speed watch any faster with this drama airing from two up to three eps daily. LLW has been confirmed for 46 eps (at 45ish minutes per ep). Continue reading

My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 25-28

Yes, no, maybe. Maybe, maybe I have neglected this drama but well, school started and then I just got busy and didn’t feel in the mood to finish off this drama. I am so so so so super duper sorry! I know I haven’t been posting in a while and I have neglected Drama Go Go Go. But, I did manage to finish this drama and I can safely say that it is one of the better progressive drama that I have seen, which is always a plus!

I loved what this drama was able to bring out from start to finish. In fact, this drama was exceptionally long compared to the usual 16 ep k-drama but this drama (plus, each ep ranged from 45 minutes to 1h 15 mins) did not fail to deliver in its concept. There were the complications, the second leads, love and most importantly, what I absolutely enjoyed about this drama is the sense of family. Sure, there was some slowing down which is evident in every drama but it wasn’t visible enough to actually drag down the plot but instead where is did slow down it helped to lead a build up to the next scene of the drama. That aside, this was a really sweet rom-com to watch. Everything worked so well for this drama from the leads to the plot and even to the complications. Continue reading

My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 21-24

Rest assure, I have not dropped this drama! I have just been behind a little bit, or well, maybe A LOT, because 720p HD eps are hard to hunt down! Now that I have hunted them down, I finally get to see Fu Yun Kai! Like, finally! I have waited 20 eps for this to happen! With everything that has happened to Ming Ming, I am actually glad for his appearance. Ming Ming’s love life to say the least is a mess right now so Yun Kai is great as an alternative path that she can take.

These four eps definitely grew in pace from the previous four eps but it is not going too fast which is quite good. It is going as a steady pace which is extraordinary considering everything that is evolving. I am surprised with everything that is happening yet it does not appear any bit complicated because if you look at it, things should intertwine with each other but surprisingly they do not. They may overlap but it doesn’t weave itself with the other complications present.

These four eps only makes things that much more complicated for Ming Ming. She has to deal with Shao Tian who is actively trying to pursue her, Eason who is trying to win back her heart and Yun Kai who has confessed that he likes her. Not only that, but her life gets even more complicated when it is revealed that Pei Ni is pregnant. Also, she has to deal with her own contending heart and find the one who is right for her. She clearly knows who she wants in her heart but does that person deserve it? That is something that she keeps asking herself time and time again and just as she thinks her answer is there, she gets kicked and realised that the answer is not what she initially thought it was. These four eps gives her no definite answer but instead leads her to truly question what she wants.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 17-20

I can’t help it, I like this picture!

I’m not sure what’s with the airing schedule but two eps were aired on both Saturday and Sunday which meant that a total of four eps aired this/last week. Each of these four eps were a part totalling to the entire four eps, if that makes any sense, ahahahahas! That’s okay because that meant that it was a double dose of Ruby LinJiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin! That is always going to be a plus!

I’m not sure if I like where these four eps are heading because it just seems to have slowed down and softened up from the previous eps. The previous eps was bang and really explosive because it was revealing and these four eps dropped from there. However, these four eps plays off from the bang and subsequently drops from there. Each of the characters present are essentially left to fend for themselves and to travel on their quest of love listening to their heart and this just downs everything because what we have witnessed all along is the characters continually supporting and leading each other on this quest. Now everyone is parting their ways and going on this alone.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 11-12

This is where everything unfolds and comes tumbling down for Ming Ming. After all her failed previous relationships, she must face yet another one before she is allowed to head on the path to happiness. Even as this drama heads to the stalling point, it manages to do so in a way that keeps your attention span and appear progressive. This should be the turning point of where everything else in this drama bounces off from; some people are going to appear (hopefully), others are going to embark on the path that they should have took long ago and then there are others who will reclaim the path that they have accidentally diverged from.

These two eps embarked on a series of relationships that quickly blossomed into something anew. There was Pei Ni and Eason’s relationship, Eason and Qiong Zhi Mummy’s relationship, Eason and Ming Ming’s relationship as well as Ming Ming’s relationship with Shao Tian. These relationships were either dulled down in the previous eps or they were non-existent but now they are alive with fire. What this drama manages to handle so well ep after ep is the way that it handles the various relationships, whether they be romantic or simply platonic.  Continue reading