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My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me Episodes 14-20 (Final)

Fall in Love with Me See, I thought Fall in Love with Me had already went down to worse but these seven eps proved so otherwise. At least it ended with a happy ending, but the ride was just crazy. Actually “crazy” cannot even describe the amount of makjang absurdity that this drama got itself embroiled with. It was non-stop crazy, with one following on the other. FILWM started out purely as a fan drama to pair up Aaron Yan and Puff Guo after their successful pairing in Just You but Puff had other agendas and so Tia Li ended up taking the role as Aaron’s leading lady. It was just as well because I don’t think that even Puff and Aaron’s cutesy chemistry would have been able to ride through this trainwreck. FILWM was lacking in so many ways but somehow it managed to keep going for 20 eps, 20 long and draggy eps. FILWM was not set out to work and it clearly didn’t and as much as I love Aaron, he just wasn’t enough to sustain this drama. Continue reading


My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 26 (Final)

After six months, In A Good Way has reached the end of a the book and while it was not picture book happy it concluded leaving behind many fond memories. Every ep has been such a beautiful watch and I just can’t put into words just how down-to-earth and genuine IAGW is but I will go into more detail about it in a future post as this post will be about this finale ep. IAGW is not a drama but rather a story that is told right from the heart, allowing us to experience every step that our characters take. IAGW was not a drama that I had intended to watch and in fact, it never caught my attention even a little bit until I started hearing people rave about it. So I went in sixish weeks late thinking that it is your better than average school drama but boooyyyy was I impressed. It was all that I could as for from a school drama but so much more. It told of a three-dimensional story with very well sculptured characters. What’s more though is that it had a goal, a purpose and that is what it adhered to right from the beginning. It really allowed that element to come to life, giving it just the perfect amount of light to set forth this freedom story while keeping uni life in the loop. I can go on days and days raving about IAGW because it is just that good. I just love love love it so much! It is definitely one of the best TW-dramas, or dramas in general, out there. IAGW has completely rewritten school dramas and will forever remain as a prime example of how to do it right. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 25

In A Good Way is taking out the big guns as we reach the final two steps of this journey in pursuit for freedom. This ep was a reminder of just how life can take a 180 degrees turn in a split second. Despite everything that you have planned out and all of the hard work that you have put in to walk that path, it might not even work out but you have to learn to deal with it. This ep was just full of gobsmacking moments that I am still trying to let sink in. My brain is having a hard time processing those facts plus the other fact that has been floating around for the past few weeks that all will be drawing to a closure in a week’s time. Yup, one more week left before we have to bid our farewells to what has been a stellar of a story. This ep focused on bringing the loose ends closer together but it won’t be until the next ep that all will be nicely tied together. The treasure brought out shambles in Liu Chuan’s life and right now he is in hot water and with so much at stake that not only affects him but his future with Jia En. The last hurdle is coming up and I am sure that he will be able to jump it to reach the finish line. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 24

When there’s a good, there is bound to be a bad that comes along with it. There were loads of non-stop skinship and warm snuggles between the lovebirds (as well as a tender kiss) this ep but it came at the expense of Liu Chuan. Poor guy! It hurts me to see him down in spirits. I am sure he will be able to pick himself up soon because he has Jia En by his side who will forever be supportive of him. This week’s ep means that we have only two eps left before this comes to a closure. I am sad just thinking about this reality but I am very optimistic that In A Good Way will end in a good way because thus far, the drama has been progressing in a very good way. The remaining two eps will be able to putting a closure on the bombshell dropped by Liu Chuan’s grandfather’s treasure as well as paving the future that our characters are going to head off in. I can’t believe it that here we here to witness some of characters begin their uni journey and now we almost have to bid farewell to them as they prepare to graduate. I’m not ready to part yet but I be sure to make these final two eps last! Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 23

My holidays are over and now I am back to my life with a hectic schedule and assessments due after assessments. I was going to have this written up earlier in the week but because of school I couldn’t do so until now. But I guess that’s a good thing because I got to revisit the ep and really absorb in everything that happened. IAGW drama has perceptibly lacked the glitter that it was once filled with but it is still all sorts of beauty to watch. The characters are heading down to the teary end of their uni journey but that is only the beginning of the new stage in their life. With that the drama has shifted away from campus life and more towards their personal life. I personally don’t mind this shift because it really allows us to accompany the characters on their life journey and in fact and I quite enjoy seeing the characters be true to themselves, making decisions and taking steps to the future that spell out their name. It makes me happy to see progressing towards their future but at the same time, I am sad to know that this will be coming to an end soon. Oh well, I guess you just have to learn to deal just like we all learn to deal with life. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 22

In A Good Way is really going at full step, not slowing down even once this ep. This ep was chock full of delicious memory lane goodies in showing the similarities and parallelism that have come to be during these 22 eps. It was so good and I enjoyed every moment of it. There was so much familiarity from earlier eps which was also engraved with a sense of freshness. It has become something so endearing to see our characters takes steps forward to their goal – goal(s) that we see them to be reaching towards – and the effort that they put into achieving it. The goal in the end is their present but the journey towards achieving their goal is something that is priceless. The drama does a stellar job in showcasing each and everyone of the character’s journey and that is something that makes the drama so special in comparison to all that we know. This ep continues to do just that just as the finish line is about to roll around but even then, their journey only takes on new shape and further growth instead of winding down and that’s something that makes the drama really shine. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 21

With the episode extension, In A Good Way undoubtedly slowed down a bit but it totally picked it up this ep and is leading the way to finish line on the forefront. It is an understatement to say that the writing is incredible because what we have in front of us is a story that has been beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It has been something that has been well planned from the start and just as well executed. It’s actually quite amazing to think about all the little details that have been present since the start and see what has crafted. The treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind for Liu Chuan is not just a treasure for him but the entire gang. The treasure and freedom is waiting at the end but what’s more valuable than that for them is the journey that they go through to search for it. They have been through a lot in this search and they have changed a lot since we met them 20 eps ago. During this time, they have found some lifelong best friends and they got to realise just where they want to head in the future. The journey is probably the greatest treasure of them all. It is invaluable and something that they will only get to experience once. The cost that some have put into this cannot be matched up to anything tangible, and that is entirely what the drama is all about. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 20

This ep was very much a page out of our day to day lives and how this is captured on-screen is just very cultivating and warm in ways that don’t scream out warmth. In A Good Way is heading down its finally streak and with it being extended to 24 eps, it has undoubtedly paced slower than previously. However, that does not mean that it has dropped in quality or consistency, in fact it has in many ways allowed for a better story to be told. Despite the extension, the drama is definitely not heading down the draggy lane and is making great use of this extra time at hand to further develop the various relationships, though I would like a bit more pace between the shy Xiao Wei and Ri Qi. The current pacing is definitely slower but IAGW is still just as good as what it initially started off as and you just can’t help but continue to love with more with time. This extension means more IAGW warmth and that’s not something that you can say no to. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 19 and BTS on Lorene Ren and Lego Lee Staging the Kiss Scene

This was not exactly one of the best written ep but it was definitely very well-structured despite the different pathways that each of the characters are choosing to undertake. Everyone is slowly making their way to the future and tackling the obstacles that appear in their path. This ep takes us and Jia En down the terror territory once again but it’s nothing to be afraid about because Liu Chuan will find her and give her lots of hugs and kisses for having made her face this horror alone. Hehehe! I look forward to seeing that! The couples all took one step closer to their relationship and this step is doing them good. Ren Wei, on the other hand, well, he is still the same Ren Wei crushing on Jia En but not having the courage to confess and looking for cheat ways to make money. In A Good Way has been extended to 24 eps so there might be some filler lines and some dragginess involved but hopefully the drama can work well with this extension.  Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 18

This ep was really centric on the future and what this could bring about. The future has never really been something that has crossed out characters’ minds much until this ep. Their future outside uni is just looming around the corner and it is definitely going to open up new paths for them. They all plans for their future but this can all change in a split second. Regardless of how well planned their path is, it will change in accordance to time. This goes true for Liu Chuan who has had everything paved out for him since his birth but not all is smooth sailing for him. His longing and pursuit for freedom is something that has been so close yet so far from his reach. He has been following along the path that his father has paved out for him but freedom is very restricted. Never once did it cross his mind that he would meet someone Jia En but fate has it fate’s way and since then, she has altered his future in a very significant way. The future is no longer about them as individuals but them as a couple. Life after uni will present big challenges for them and even now just considering life after uni is already a big challenge for them. But these are challenges that they will have to face together if they are going to make it through thick and thin.

Continue reading