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Mike He and Ady An’s New Drama Go, Single Lady Premiered Yesterday

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThere’s quite a lot of Mike He to go around on-screen with his new drama Go, Single Lady having premiered last night on Zhejiang Network (it’s undubbed!) following the ratings hit melodrama Loving, Never Forgetting which starred Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. GLS is a pre-filmed drama having been shelved for just under a year, coming from a joint collaborative effort between Taiwan and China. I have a particular fonding for these collaborations since I really have enjoyed the ones which I have seen (I have seen much though). GLS is a rom-com about Mike who plays a rich chaebol heir who falls into a dire financial situation who his family enterprise goes bankrupt overnight. Now without the financial support that he grew up having, he finds himself doing all sorts of odd jobs. He comes across a nouveau riche pig farmer’s daughter played by Ady An who is trying desperately to break into the upper class (hence the tentative Chinese title 上流俗女 which translates to Upper-Class Common Girl). They have clashing personalities but they work together to achieve their dreams of breaking into upper class and in the process, they end up falling for each other. It’s typical rom-com drama but I like this and having seen the trailer and BTS footage, Mike and Ady are hitting it with the chemistry which is much needed for a rom-com. Continue reading


Long Awaited Sequel to the Hit Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin Finally Confirms Air Date

Hot hot hot out of the oven (actually, not so hot since a lot of other bloggers found out about this waaaay before I did, but it’s hot out of the oven for me!) but Bu Bu Jing Qing, the long anticipated sequel to the C-drama that blew everyone away back in 2011, Bu Bu Jing Xin (which was a adapted from the same name novel by acclaimed author Tong Hua) finally gets a confirmation of an air date. It seems like forever for it to finally lock down that piece of information down. News was floating around back in 2011 that a sequel was going to come and it did get confirmed but filming didn’t start until March last year since they had trouble with negotiating for the original cast members to return. Filming finished in July last year but despite all the teasers and trailers that have been coming out, no air date has been confirmed until today. For all those fans why have been waiting since forever, you will finally be able to lay your eyes on it on 22nd April on Jiang Su TelevisionContinue reading

Refresh 3+7 Synopsis

Refresh 3+7 is a micro-movie/mini film that consists of ten episodes that all tell of a different, individual and unique story. The three represents three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow while the seven represents the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and together three plus seven is equal to ten. While each episode tells of a different story, what links them together is the common quest of discovery. Continue reading

SOP Queen Synopsis

Lin Xiao Jie (Chen Qiao En) is a diligent and intelligent employee who thinks she has found her man when receives a shock confession from her boss, Gao Zi Qi (Godfrey Gao) who is the second son of the Haiyue Group. So when he proposes, she agrees without hesitation.  However, her happiness ends there when the day before her wedding she discovers that she is not the one who he loves. It turns out who he really is in love with is a beautiful model, Bai Ji Qing (Coco Jiang), and he would do anything for her – even being her puppet.

Heartbroken, she confides with her internet pal Tom/Tang Jun (Zhang Han) who she met while on a business trip in London. Though online she online knows him as Tom. Even though they are distance apart, he still stands by her side offering her all the support that she needs, including a home, for her to begin her life anew in Shanghai. As Tang Jun, he hires her to work at his company in Shanghai. With his encouragement, she starts her own business and grows to become the queen of the business industry.

Continue reading