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Fetching First Stills of K-Remake of Fated to Love You

As the premiere day nears closer and closer, my anticipation rises for the Korean remake of the hit Taiwanese rom-com, Fated to Love You which is also going by the same name with the Korean remake. FTLY (TW) was a drama that tugged at my heart strings numerous times and was really brought together by the chemistry of Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En. The writing fell weak at times but Ethan and CQE really held the story together through their adhesive links. Since FTLY (K) is a remake, the writing here is not going to be able to sell it but rather, it will be the chemistry between the leads who can either make or break the drama. Leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara have collaborated before with sizzling chemistry but that was over ten years ago but I have my fingers crossed that their chemistry is still here if not more sizzling hot. *fingers crossed*  Continue reading

Korean Remake of My Queen, Witch’s Romance, Releases First Teaser and Adorable Poster

I apologise for the fluctuation of In A Good Way posts on my blog. Life is hectic and that is literally the only drama that I am currently watching. Time just does not have enough time! We all need more hours in our lives! Okay, enough of my rant. Let’s talk about something that isn’t IAGW related today.

Noona-dongsaeng romances have been dominating Korea television lately and there’s another one around the block!

News have been floating around that Korea is going to have a remake of the popular Taiwan drama My Queen (AKA Defeated Queen) for quite a while and I have been keeping eyes on it ever since news started floating around. It’s not often that Taiwanese dramas get a remake, so this is definitely one to look forward to. Its Korean remake is called Witch’s Romance starring Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) who is a 39 year old workaholic who no longer believes in love after having the traumatic experience of her boyfriend, No Shi Hoon (Han Jae Suk) pulling a disappearance act prior to the wedding. She meets Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Hoon), a young 25 year old man who runs an errand centre with his friend. He is a bubbly man on the outside but this is a actually a facades from him to hide away from the pain of losing his girlfriend due to an accident.  Continue reading

The King 2 Hearts Synopsis

North and South Korea are on the verge of reunification. Only this is set in the imaginary modern-day South Korea where it is governed by a monarchy.

For the very first time, North and South Korea are in the talks of reunification so they decide to enter the World Officer Championship (WOC) as one. The WOC team compromises of 3 members from each side of Korea. Continue reading

Rooftop Prince Synopsis

A crown prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun/Park Yoochun) is devastated to discover that his beloved crown princess Park Ha (Han Ji Min) has drowned. However, he does not believe that is the case instead believing that she was murdered. He is determined to find out the real reason of her death and the murder. However, his subjects tell him that this is just a case of accidental death.  Continue reading

Me Too, Flower! Synopsis

One day, a tough and fiery female policewoman Cha Bong Sun (Lee Ji Ah) who suffers from depression clashes with a parking valet Seo Jae Hae (Yoon Shi Yoo). Depression has shaped the way that Sun is – fierce, controlling, tough, strict and fiery. Hae also has some pyschological problems, however, he does not allow them affect his daily life unless he is faced with some certain memories. Continue reading