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Skip Beat! Synopsis

High school graduate girl called Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) gives up going to university in order to support her boyfriend, Bu Po Shang (Lee Donghae voiced by Darren), so he can become a successful singer. Gong Xi arrives in Taipei and starts working multiple jobs in order to support her boyfriend financially. His career kicks off and he is soon one of Taiwan’s most popular stars. One day he decides to break up with her. She learns that he only used her to help with his life financially. He leaves her with nothing except a broken heart. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Synopsis

This drama is about a girl called Zheng Xiao Xiang (Janine Chang) who meets an American born Chinese photographer called Ren Jia Kai (Peter Ho) while she was in quarantine in 2003. It was love at first sight for them but they didn’t get to be together. Continue reading