Chinese Dramas and Movies

Below is the list of dramas and movies that I have seen for as long as I can remember. They are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. I judge in terms of likeness as well as quality and production value. For the ones that I do not remember  they are represented with a “^” and for short dramas and short movies, they will be represented with a “#” depending on which category they fall under. These ratings are ranked in their category.

Chinese Dramas/Short Dramas (represented with a #) That I Have Seen

  • Boss & Me (2014) – This was one cute drama that I couldn’t get enough of! Everything from the fashion, directing and the acting was spot-on and this really brought the drama to life. I really adored the chemistry from the OTP who were just oozing with cuteness! (9.5/10)
  • Drama Go Go Go (2012) – Whooooppp! It’s not dubbed! At least the leads’ voices aren’t dubbed! I loved it from start to finis, but it did get draggy from the middle. That aside I loved Ruby with each of the three male leads, and they were all equally compatiable with her! (9/10)
  • Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) (2013) – The production was very beautiful and Ariel was just perfect in her role. There was just a few moments where I felt the flow of events was a bit off. (8/10)
  • # Le Jun Kai (2013) – Well, Janine and Peter continue their amazing chemistry with each other.
  • Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together (2009) – ^I can’t remember much of it except a high school and Zhang Han. I do remember Zhang Han and the female lead having a lot of chemistry. It was enjoyable to watch but at many times it was quite draggy. (6.5/10)
  • Refresh 3+7 (2012) – I love that each ep is of a short story. Some eps weren’t all that interesting but for the eps that had the right storyline, it was pefect. I loved the appearance of Hu Ge! (7/10)
  • SOP Queen (2012) – What’s not to love about tremendous powerful connection between Zhang Han and Chen Qiao En? They just have splendid chemistry together. I could just sit and listen to his voice all day, that just makes each of the eps more amazing to watch. (10/10)

Chinese Movies/Short-movies (represented with a #) That I Have Seen

  • A Wedding Invitation – I discovered a cutie with Eddie Peng! The story follows a tried and successful storyline. Though there wasn’t anything particular that made it unique, I actually quite enjoyed watching the interaction between the OTP. (7/10)
  • The Stolen Years – There is a reason why I love a tried and successful storylines and this is because they work. I enjoyed it for what it was worth but I would have rather watched the OTP chase back their lost five years than have it as a half-hearted plot. After watching A Wedding Invitation and then The Stolen Years, I am starting to think that Bai Bai He has some curse towards “5 years”. (6/10)

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