2014 End of Year Drama Review

2014 End of Year Drama ReviewPhew! Made it on time!

End of year drama reviews are a great way to look back on the year of dramas that was but it is such a pain to write, consisting my me racking my brain remembering the drama and finding the write words to express myself. Writing is no easy task but I write and continue to write because I enjoy doing so. It’s a tedious and meticulous task but it’s a worthwhile one that I have come to appreciate from other bloggers alike. It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year as we head for the festive season as well as look forward to a new drama year. I can’t believe Christmas is just nearing the corner! There were some great dramas this year and that in it of itself is a great Christmas present!

This year was a very busy and time-consuming one for me, with most of my time spent on studying and dramaing being pushed to the backseat. As such, I have been more selective in the dramas that I saw this year. Most of the dramas that I saw this year came from marathoning earlier this month when I finally had a break from studying and it feels really good to be able to just sit and drama and drama and drama without having any worries! Although I only managed to see a few dramas, I did hear a lot of talk about this year’s dramas so I wasn’t entirely kept out of the loop. There were some good, some bad and some which were just plain horrible. But I enjoyed most of the dramas that I picked to watch and that makes me happy because there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to engross yourself in a drama that it is a hit from start to finish. Continue reading


Hit TW-Drama In Time With You Gets a Korean Remake

In Time With YouI woke up to some very interesting news with the hit TW-drama In Time With You getting a remake in Korea. I’m not surprised in the least and saw it coming after the successful remakes of Fated to Love You and My Queen. ITWY was not just a hit in its home country but it was also very popular in Japan and Korea when it aired so it would be a no-brainer to remake this drama. I Will Media will be behind the remake of this drama and it is slated for a broadcast date in the later half of 2015. Continue reading

BFFs Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin Play Long Time No See BFFs in Rainie’s New MV

Rainie and ArielIt seems that all Ariel Lin must have done in her free time while studying was return to home soil and help her good friends film MVs. I stumbled across Rainie Yang‘s third single “Actually We Deserve Happiness” off her new album A Tale of Two Rainie where Rainie and Ariel play BFFs who have been too busy too see each other. They live two different but similar lives and just wish each other happiness. I love Rainie as both a singer and an actor but I don’t think her vocals are the best here and neither is her acting stint here. The song itself is nice to the ears but polarised by Rainie’s monotone soft vocals. I do like the symmetrical filming of Rainie and Ariel’s lives and how seamlessly it matches up to create one screen. Apparently Rainie and Ariel only had 15 minutes of rehearsal time but they’re BFFs in RL plus they’re also professional actresses so they got into the scenes really quickly! Continue reading

Jolin Tsai and Ruby Lin Marry Each Other in a Fight for Equality

Jolin TsaiIt seems that as the year trickles down to the end, the power singers of Taiwan are releasing some new material. The end of the year is always a time for reminiscing, reflecting and remembering the year that was. The pop queen of Taiwan, Jolin Tsai, recently dropped a new album and while she is usually pop/dance centric, with her second single “We’re All Different, Yet The Same”, she pushes for an important fight – a fight for equality. The MV stars Jolin’s good friend Ruby Lin and veteran actress Gui Ya Lei which sorrowfully tells the story for a woman who (played by Gui Ya Lei) is tearfully on the bedside of her ill same-sex partner but cannot acknowledge their relationship is not given the same rights as homosexual couples. Jolin and Ruby play Gui Ya Lei and her partner in an alternate universe where they get married in beautiful white dresses with everyone congratulating them. The story is all about love and is told in a very sincere and meaningful way. I found it so so so powerful; not only was the lyrics very strong but it was also supported with an equally strong MV. I loved it. It’s such a beautiful watch and a great way to mark a change that we are still fighting for. Continue reading

Jay Chou and Ariel Lin Have a Missed Chance in New MV

Jay Chou & Ariel LinTaiwan’s King of Pop Jay Chou will be releasing his 13th album titled under his catchphrase Aiyo, Not Bad on Boxing Day since his last album Opus 12. His first single of the album, Extra Large Shoes, is a nice rap which screams out Charlie Chaplin. In his second single, “What Kind of Man”, he heads down the ballad path and tells of a missed chance with the person who could have been his other half in life by not telling her to stay. He brought in Taiwan’s sweetheart Ariel Lin to play the role of the girl who he missed out a future with. Ariel is probably having the best year of her life right now. She fulfilled a lifelong dream of hers to go study abroad and she recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in Acting for Screen from the University of London. She also got engaged to her boyfriend Charles Lin and to top it off, she will be getting hitched on Christmas Eve. Her personal life is of envy but she still retains a very professional front. It’s true that she has chemistry with all of her male co-stars, and even in this short five minute MV, there is so much sunshine between her and Jay as well as her other co-star, Darren. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to see Ariel on-screen. Continue reading

My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 3

INK2I had myself in a mini fright when this episode of Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO which was supposed to air last week didn’t air. Luckily things resumed back to normal this week with some sweet action and a reality check in place for our lovebirds filled with a few time-jumps in between all the changes that are occurring in their lives. Everything is slowly falling into place with Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship becoming something of envy to the public eye. We also get to see the lovebirds forge ahead with their life goals while having one another by each other’s side and live their day-to-day lives not as individuals but together as one. They are still young and just starting out in the real world, chasing after their dreams and finding one another has helped them to further cement their dreams in place. INK is the story of their romance but more than that, it is a story of them chasing after dreams. Love is the key factor here which enables them to chase after their dreams and I love how it is evidently present in all that they are doing. Continue reading

Most Buzzed Drama of the Year Wins the Most Awards at the Annual TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB Awards 2014 It’s pretty disheartening that other than the surprise package that was Swipe Tap Love, not one TVB drama even managed to capture my attention a little bit. The biggest buzz this year came for Line Walker so it’s no surprise that it took home most of the awards that it was nominated it for at this year’s annual drama awards ceremony. The buzz is still very much alive and TVB is really lucky to have had such buzz this year, otherwise it would have rounded off being a very lackluster year. The amount of stars who were in attendance has steadily decreased year by year to a mere handful and this year only the award winners and a few other nominees were in attendance, most likely due to their repeated appearances in multiple dramas. The biggest winner of the night was Charmaine Sheh who took home two of the big prizes, which not only shows off her impressive acting skills but also cements her popularity despite her shift to Mainland China. Read on for the full list of winners and pictures of the outfits. Continue reading

2013 On-Screen Couple Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Reaps Home the Awards at This Year’s SETTV Drama Awards

The awards season has well and truly kicked in. As always, SETTV Drama Awards are moreso a popularity award than it is an acting award. That is, however, that is not to say that there isn’t no critical analysis behind the handout of awards. There certainly is, but the popularity of the stars and dramas outweighs everything else. It’s better to see these awards as some fun and games and that is really what it is. SETTV dramas are light and fluffy dramas that uses tried and tested storylines and are abundant with handsome and pretty leads who might not always have the acting charisma, but they sure do have the on-screen presence!

Last year’s on-screen couple Aaron Yan and Puff Guo swept home the awards while Lego Lee and Lorene Ren got lots of love. The awards ceremony was was fun one with lots of red carpet fun. The red carpet this year was pretty much spot on and it was just nice to see these hard-working stars glam themselves up for the night and reunite with some of their close friends. Continue reading for the full list of winners and the red carpet pictures! Continue reading

Boysitter Episode 1 Recap

BoysitterIt’s been a long time since I last recapped a drama but hopefully I’m not too rusty with it! I’ve heard about Boysitter for quite a while now but didn’t really look much into it until after this ep. Boysitter is such an awful name but the drama is definitely not awful. In fact, I am getting into it more than I had thought. In one sentence, Boysitter is able a woman caught in a love triangle between two men. We’ve seen this storyline done over and over again but what makes this drama interesting is that the drama is tackling this one sentence synopsis on the sides and not straight in front as one would expect. I am loving this take, especially with how direct it is and it wastes no time in establishing the OTP. It is quick to bring us to the point before fleshing out the details and that move away from convention is what is making this drama so interesting to watch. Continue reading

My Opinion on It’s Okay, It’s Love

IOILIt’s Okay, It’s Love is a quirky drama that I would describe has being weird and beautiful all in one. It was a very interesting drama to watch and I caught on after hearing many positive reviews in addition to wanting to see how it will tackle the theme of mental health. It sure gave this theme a lot of exposure because 2015 is set-up for an abundance of mental health based dramas. IOIL is a drama that depicts romance, friendship and family on top of psychiatry.  It sounds like a lot going on for the one drama but there is a nice blend of the various elements which gives the drama a good balance. The theme of mental health is quite a raw one in k-dramas but IOIL has set the bars up high and watching was such a joyous adventure, especially seeing the various relationships develop and how the manifestation of schizophrenia to a person close at heart takes a toll on the relationships. Continue reading