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Alice in Wonder City Episode 6 Recap

So I waited an entire episode for 30 seconds worth of singing from Lara huh? That was definitely worth the hour long wait. (:

Alice is looking through her mother’s things with the hope to discover some of her well hidden secrets. All she could find is a photo book with some picturesque nature pictures before her mother returns home resting her search.

Yu Shu comes to tell her sister to report to Manager Tang Jin Cang when she returns to work tomorrow. She also tells her that she and Manager Tang will be out to Beijing and Shanghai on business trip for 10 days. Die Fei basically warns her sister to not be the third party in Manager Tang’s marriage. Their father then becomes concern and starts firing question to Yu Shu about her business trip, however, Yu Shu is able to talk her out of the questions without providing too much detail.  Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 5 Recap

Tense, tense action near the end of the episode. The preview just makes me want to see the next episode even more! I am finally and yet slowly riding on this ship.

She asks Ting Yu if he thinks that she is good to play before stalking off. She constantly calls Hai Jie but she consistently misses her calls.

Hai Jie goes to meet his sister and future brother-in-law. His sister tells him that she wants to have their parent’s wish and hopes her parents will forgive her. ‘But will they forgive me?’ Hai Jie tells her to rest assure and that to leave this up to him.

Hai Jie finds his niece at Lisa’s cafe. He asks if she has seen her grandparents before to which she coldly replies that she hasn’t. He explains that he and his sister both love her but he mother has no one to love her. Her grandparents doesn’t love her mother. He asks her why her relationship turned bad with her mother with the appearance of the fat uncle. LOLOLOLOL! She tells him that she feels that the uncle is not qualified. He then explains how miraculous love can be and grabs her hand to demonstrate. Lisa sees and immediately pulls him away thinking that he is molesting her. When she realises her mistake, she immediately makes amends.  Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 4 Recap

I am starting to have a little bit of faith in this drama now. (: This episode was a lot more fast-paced and there was some action at last!

At Japan Airport, Hai Jie finds himself staring off into outer space thinking about Alice, Die Fei finds herself as the maid for Ting Yu and  Ting Yu finds himself ordering Die Fei around. As they are about to set off to find Siren, Ting Yu tells Hai Jie that he is not coming along because he has a different agenda – to find Alice. Die Fei was going to tag along with Hai Jie but she can’t since she is Ting Yu’s assistant.

So Hai Jie begins on his quest to find Alice. He goes to all the places that she mentioned, including the very sincere temple.  Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 3 Recap

Yeaaaahhhh, another slow episode. My anticipation isn’t running any higher for the next ep. 😦 I really want to see some girl power. The girls aren’t playing a very feasible role here… As we know, Die Fei is the female lead but from my perspective, she and Alice are on the same level.

Our two male leads finish their bonding time. Hai Jie thanks Ting Yu for accepting him into the Ketagalan Symphony Orchestra. The two stand over at the balcony looking ahead of them. Hai Jie tells him that when he plays the violin up too late, he gets complaints from his neighbours so he can only stop playing. Ting Yu tells him that he cannot hear the compromising side of him instead he hears stubbornness. Hai Jie explains that it could be because he really really loves a person but she left and when he plays the violin he will think of her.  Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 2 Recap

Another slow paced episode with not enough music! I really wanted more to happen. Again I expected it to leap out but again it didn’t. However, on the plus side, Aaron is gradually improving! Yay! He is a cold person but you can see him grow. I’m sorry Aaron baby but Jei Kai is still outshining you.

Die Fei tries to sneak home without her father noticing but she cannot escape her father’s keen eye. Her father tells her to come for dinner and asks her where her sister is. Overtime. (Really? Overtime aye?) Her father tells her to thank her sister for everything that she has done for her, especially getting her the job. (Oh wow, it’s been one year and now you say this!?) After dinner, Die Fei returns to her room filled with posters and CDs of Ting Yu. She thought she could peacefully listen to one of Ting Yu’s CD but the rubbish truck just had to come now. She almost missed the rubbish truck. LOL Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 1 Recap

This is different from your different types of Taiwan dramas. At first glance it is quite confusing but I am sure that as time passes, it will grow. (: This last drama that I saw Xiu Jie Kai in, he was kind of underused. Now, this time round, he actually is being used correctly. So far, he has exceeded from image of him. I’m just glad to see Aaron Yan on screen. Though I am annoyed with his attitude…


Tick, tick, tick. Chen Hai Jie (Xiu Jie Kai) finds himself in wonderland (get the pun here? LOL) with a pocket watch in his hand that strikes 10:30. Then the alarm strikes 10:30, how coincidental aye? Oh no! He is going to be late! He quickly gets himself up and hurriedly gets himself to the place he needs to be.

Meanwhile, Lan Die Fei (Lara Veronin) is helping her big sister, Lan Yu Shu (Cherry Hsia) out at the He Ting Yu orchestra. However, the concert master (?) has not yet arrived and everyone is getting extremely worried. At long last, the concert master, He Ting Yu (Aaron Yan) finally makes an appearance. Continue reading