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2012 End of Year Drama Review

This year I opened myself to different dramas as well as different genres of dramas. There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. As I do not watch k-dramas, c-dramas, dormas/j-dramas and tw-dramas as often as I watch hk-dramas, I tend to be picky with what I watch and usually I would pick up dramas that I find interesting or  appealing to my tastes.

This year I managed to watch some dramas that were really up there as well as a few that fell below the radar. I found myself jumping back into the c-drama bandwagon after a long overdue hiatus and for those that I watched, I found it bombarded with tw-actors/actresses which is probably why I am drawn to them in the first place. Ahahahas! This year, I ventured out into doramas for the first time (yay!) and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. With hk-dramas, there were a few that I loved but there was only which I loved everything from top to bottom and in between. Even until today I am still swooning over it. I was quite picky with my k-dramas so all in all, I was satisfied with what I watched, though this year with what I watched I find it in high standards of all sorts. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Continue reading

My Opinion on Answer Me 1997

<– (I’m going to kidnap him!)

Someone pinch me! Did I really finish watching 16 eps of Reply 1997? I just can’t believe that I finished it. It was amazing! I just did not want it to end; it felt too soon but I guess all dramas have to come to a finish, don’t they? This drama was 16 eps of complete goodness and nothing else. This drama was amazing and I am ever so so so glad that I decided to give it a go and watch it. When I first heard that this drama was about the past, I thought that it would be boring and not my style. But when I watched it, it was just my style.

This drama really delivered in portraying the life of a teenager, especially during 1997 in Korea when fangirling was a a tradition. This is something that almost all viewers can related to, whether they were alive as a teenager during the 90’s or not and whether they live in Korea or not, because the way that this drama was made is very accurate. The ups and downs of a teenager was done so well, especially with other subthemes in between including that of high school, romance and relationships.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Reply 1997 : First Impressions

I just don’t know why I did not get on the bandwagon earlier. I heard that this drama was good but I just never had the intentions to watch it, but luckily I got on board, because really, from the very beginning this drama is already a hit! Filled with a solid storyline and jam-packed and deep characters, this drama has everything to make it an excellent drama. The opening is enough to captivate you to sit down and enjoy the past, Korea’s past fandom.

I haven’t seen a drama like this in ages, or any dramas of this kind from what I remember (Hmmm, well the last drama/movie that I saw of this genre was You Are The Apple Of My Eye). It’s a really different experience from your usual rom-coms or any other genre of drama. This drama takes you back to the past and allows everyone, whether that were alive then or not, to realise the rise of fandom and the seriousness of fandom during that time.

This drama is also different to your usual k-dramas in the context that each ep is generally about 30 minutes long. I guess this could be both a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. However, being only 30 minutes long, everything in that one ep has to be jam-packed and has to happen at a pace where it is not blitzing through everything nor cannot it not go slow and drag on. So far it is doing none of these things and is sitting quite balanced in the middle. Continue reading