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Kingone Wang Back with Daily Love or Spend

2Some stars just never seem to give themselves a break and Kingone Wang is one of them with back-to-back dramas. No sooner does one drama end, but before I hear news about that drama ending, I am hearing news of his comeback drama. In 2013 he starred in the drama Happy 300 Days and followed that on with Spring and Tie the Knot. Without giving himself a break, this year he starred in the melo Somebody Like You, the heart-wrenching The Day I Lost U and now back with a new daily, Love or Spend. Kingone has got an impressive resume under his belt, having played an array of characters. Just this year alone, he has played two of his most challenging characters to date – a blind man in SLY and a spinocerebellar ataxia sufferer. Continue reading

Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy Tie The Knot in Lavish Ceremony

9Love is in the air for Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming and his princess Angelababy who recently got married. To be fair, they registered their marriage a few months back but it was until just recently that they made a big celebration in Shanghai to commemorate their unity. Xiao Ming and Angelababy are big names themselves but their is no doubt that together, they have one-upped themselves up to being a power-couple with what the media describes has half the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment circle in attendance. They had 200 tables and 2000 guests with the names of Fan Bing BingRuby LinAdy An and Zheng Kai in attendance. Their wedding was very lush and fairytale-like, with a very romantic feel to it and has very element of blessed to it. They took their wedding photos in Paris and it is some gorgeous masterpiece!  Continue reading

Bii Ventures into Acting in New Drama with Megan Lai

1When I See You Again is almost finished with its run and while it wasn’t anything spectacular, it was quite a fluffy and cutesy drama that I enjoyed watching. Seems like SETTV is deciding to stick with rom-coms after its experiment with the melo Someone Like You as the follow-up drama will too be a rom-com. The follow-up drama has yet to have an English name but the literal translation would be “Falling in Love With the Guys” and from that and the promotion material that has been surfacing, it seems like there will be some gender-bender in play. Continue reading

Show Luo Crushes Hearts as He is No Longer Single

1This confirmation is sure going to crush hearts because it crushed mines. Taiwanese singer-actor-emcee Show Luo is off the markets. I haven’t always liked Show. I first got to know Show as an actor when I saw him with Rainie Yang in the drama Hi, My Sweetheart. I then discovered him as a singer but it wasn’t until the past few years when I really got know him and his music style that I came to really like him. But today he broke my heart with news reporting that he is taken, and that lucky girl is internet celebrity Grace Chow who frequently gets compared to Angelababy, even referring to her as “Little Angelababy”. Continue reading

Kingone Wang Follows-Up Someone Like You with The Day I Lost U

4It feels like it was just yesterday when Kingone Wang concluded his acting project Someone Like You with Lorene Ren but it has been a month since it has concluded, though that does not mean he has given himself a holiday though. Kingone is striking while the iron is hot and is immediately following on SLY with a new acting project. This time he is jumping back to CTV to headline the drama The Day I Lost U with singer-actress Nana Lee. Kingone literally has not given himself even a day of break because as soon as SLY finished filming, filming began for TDILU. Me thinks Kingone ought to sit down and give himself a chill day. Continue reading

Celebrity Mothers-To-Be Times Three: Alyssa Chia, Irene Luo & Fang Yang Di

3The Taiwan entertainment industry is just oozing with happiness this year with celebrity weddings and pregnancies happening one after the other. I was just casually scrolling through the Chinese entertainment news portal and came across a few more celebrity pregnancies. Xiu Jie Kai, who starred in Dear Mom with Beatrice Fang will be joining in becoming a parent. Jie Kai’s celebrity girlfriend Alyssa Chia is five-months pregnant with their child. They’ve dated for roughly a year but no one really expected their relationship to last. She is nine years older than him, and she came out of a pretty ugly relationship with her ex-husband when she started dating Jie Kai, who so happens to share the same birthday as her ex-hubby. Continue reading

Sonia Sui Expecting Baby Bub with Newlywed Hubby

3This is such wonderful news to hear, though it is probably no where near as prolific as the arrival of the new royal princess. It’s really all just baby-making in the Taiwanese entertainment industry isn’t it? Well, Sonia Sui joins Vivian HsuApple Lin, Beatrice Fang and Hannah Quinlivan as expectant mothers. There were rumours of Sonia being pregnant for quite a few weeks now and it grew more intense last week. She clarified the rumours and confirmed that she is expecting with her newlywed hubby Tony Hsieh. Sonia has been under the media eyes ever since with her very public and messy split with former flame Yao Yuan Hao who apparently cheated on her with Cyndi Wang. Her love life has been pretty dry following her split and it was late last year that she met Tony. They dated for four months before eloping to Las Vegas and said their vows in front of one another.  Continue reading

Ella Koon and Hubby Announces Pregnancy

1I love writing about happy news because every one deserves happiness and there is nothing better than to share the happiness around. Recently, the Chinese-entertainment industry has been plagued with pregnancy news and today there is another one to add to that plague. Hong Kong singer-actor Ella Koon dropped that she is pregnant with her doctor hubby Juan-Domingo Maurellet‘s first child. The two met through speed-dating back in 2009, got engaged in November last year and got married in February of this year. The two dropped with announcement on Weibo with the caption “We would like to share this exciting news . . . JE SUIS ENCEINTE! ?? 我们要宣布 . . . 我怀孕了! 这是上天赐给我们最好的礼物!感恩!” accompanied with the picture (above) of Ella smiling ever so brightly with a Scrabble board spelling out the words “I am pregnant”. This pregnancy was unexpected for the couple and threw Ella’s work schedule into chaos. Scheduled to release a new album later this year, she will be pushing it back and she will be easing off her workload in preparation for the arrive of her bub. At 36 years old (she doesn’t look like it), she has always been quite worried about being a high-risk mother and is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that her bub arrives safely.  Continue reading

Chris Wang Becomes a Father to an Adorable Baby Girl

3It’s baby news all around Taiwan because that seems to be the thing lately. Chris Wang is officially a father to a baby girl with his former manager-fiancée Xiao Xian. The two have been in a relationship for quite a while but kept denying that there was anything going on between them until pictures of them surfaced last year but gave them the push to admit to their relationship. It was only a case of time with their precious creation. The parents are extremely ecstatic to this new addition to their life and who wouldn’t be with this cute bundle of joy? Chris posted on Facebook a picture of him and his fiancée holding onto their baby’s hand in announcement of the arrival of their baby. Continue reading

Beatrice Fang and Baby-Daddy Yang Ming Wei Have Tied the Knot


It was only a few days ago when news exploded of Beatrice Fang being pregnant with fellow actor boyfriend Yang Ming Wei‘s boyfriend and while they spoke of getting married soon, “soon” came faster than I could even blink my eyes. News of their pregnancy was supposed to come after wrapping up their current drama Dear Mom but it came out earlier than they had expected, much like their marriage and pregnancy. Those who have been watching Dear Mom have been noticing with steady eyes of Beatrice weight gain and the drama even wrote a pregnancy storyline for her character but who would have thought she’d be pregnant in real life.  Continue reading