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2014 End of Year Drama Review

2014 End of Year Drama ReviewPhew! Made it on time!

End of year drama reviews are a great way to look back on the year of dramas that was but it is such a pain to write, consisting my me racking my brain remembering the drama and finding the write words to express myself. Writing is no easy task but I write and continue to write because I enjoy doing so. It’s a tedious and meticulous task but it’s a worthwhile one that I have come to appreciate from other bloggers alike. It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year as we head for the festive season as well as look forward to a new drama year. I can’t believe Christmas is just nearing the corner! There were some great dramas this year and that in it of itself is a great Christmas present!

This year was a very busy and time-consuming one for me, with most of my time spent on studying and dramaing being pushed to the backseat. As such, I have been more selective in the dramas that I saw this year. Most of the dramas that I saw this year came from marathoning earlier this month when I finally had a break from studying and it feels really good to be able to just sit and drama and drama and drama without having any worries! Although I only managed to see a few dramas, I did hear a lot of talk about this year’s dramas so I wasn’t entirely kept out of the loop. There were some good, some bad and some which were just plain horrible. But I enjoyed most of the dramas that I picked to watch and that makes me happy because there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to engross yourself in a drama that it is a hit from start to finish. Continue reading

My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me Episodes 14-20 (Final)

Fall in Love with Me See, I thought Fall in Love with Me had already went down to worse but these seven eps proved so otherwise. At least it ended with a happy ending, but the ride was just crazy. Actually “crazy” cannot even describe the amount of makjang absurdity that this drama got itself embroiled with. It was non-stop crazy, with one following on the other. FILWM started out purely as a fan drama to pair up Aaron Yan and Puff Guo after their successful pairing in Just You but Puff had other agendas and so Tia Li ended up taking the role as Aaron’s leading lady. It was just as well because I don’t think that even Puff and Aaron’s cutesy chemistry would have been able to ride through this trainwreck. FILWM was lacking in so many ways but somehow it managed to keep going for 20 eps, 20 long and draggy eps. FILWM was not set out to work and it clearly didn’t and as much as I love Aaron, he just wasn’t enough to sustain this drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me Episodes 4-13

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I am really questioning myself for why I decided to give Fall in Love with Me a go because regardless of which direction I look at it at, these are precious hours of my life going down the drain. Well, not really since I’m not really watching this any more considering it plays more like background music. And the thing is that you don’t really have to pay your full attention to it since the storyline unfolds in some very clichéd ways. I’m glad at least there is Aaron Yan there for some eye candy and ear candy or else I would probably be sleeping through the drama. Or maybe I already am? Continue reading

My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me: First Impressions

Fall in Love with Me. Hmmm, yes, yes, I’d fall in love with you Aaron Yan, you’re some very delicious eye candy! Yum, yum, yum, I can just stare at you all day long. However, it’s a different story for the drama itself.

I didn’t plan on watching this latest SETTV Sunday prime-time drama but somehow I got lead to watching it. Maybe it was because of the addicting theme song “1/2” sung by Aaron Yan and G.NA that I am absolutely loving was what lured me into watching the drama? But in all honestly, I wasn’t even watching as such. I was literally half-watching, half-skipping through the first two eps and trust me, you don’t miss out on anything by doing so. FILWM, lead by Aaron and Dream Girls member Tia Li, is your typical idol drama filled with the same clichés and leads not to mention if follows the same overused plot. If I were to describe this drama in one sentence I’d say that it is a drama filled with clichés with a lack of chemistry from the two leads. Really, because what I see on screen are some very forced, smashed together scenes as well as chemistry which feel very forced. Well, I guess if you have Aaron there as some delicious eye candy then it’s watchable, right? Who can resist Aaron’s charismatic charms?

Continue reading

Aaron Yan’s New Drama Fall in Love With Me Gears Up for Premiere in One Week

It wasn’t that long ago since Aaron Yan did a drama for SETTV when he paired with Puff Guo for the Friday drama Just You and thanks to the popularity with that drama, this time he has earned himself the prestigious prime time Sunday slot. SETTV was going to strike while the iron is hot like they did pairing Annie Chen and George Hu for two consecutive dramas and have him pair with Puff again but Puff couldn’t step up for it due to prior commitments with her virtual hubby of Super Junior‘s Heechul on We Got Married Global Edition Season 2. So instead Puff’s bandmate Tia Li will be taking up the position instead. Puff’s got a busy year ahead because right after WGMG, rumour has it that she will be filming Love Meets Cupid with Jasper Liu, the drama that is to follow after In A Good Way. Noooooo, it’s hitting home that IAGW will be ending soon! Oh, on a sidenote, IAGW has been extended from 21 eps to 24 eps. 😦 Okay, back on topic, FILWM is one of your typical idol dramas, following a tried and tested formula. If it’s going to work, it’s going to be the acting and chemistry that takes it home and not the storyline and frankly, I am a bit iffy about this drama. I love Aaron, there is no doubt about that, and he has progressively improved with his acting skills over time whereas the same cannot be said for his leading lady. Tia just doesn’t hit the spot. She has the pretty face and seductive voice but that does not transfer to her acting skills. I’ve seen her in Office Girls and Miss Rose but I couldn’t bring myself to like her despite her sweet character in MR. I’m not sure how she will fair leading a drama but hopefully she will have chemistry with Aaron because chemistry is something that can break or make a drama. Continue reading