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My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean): First Impressions

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Popular Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You‘s Korean sister which also goes by the name of FTLY is having a hilarious but banger of a start. It is definitely living up to being a remake but it stands out as being more than just a remake. For me, to differentiate yourself from being a remake is one of the biggest factors to a good remake and even despite the fact that it is a remake, I like to take every drama as its own standalone representative because there are no two dramas which are the same; they might be similar but they are not the same. People who have already seen the original do not need to see another carbon copy just with a different cast. A remake is, on top of everything else, about differentiating yourself and adding your own sparkles to the original to really make it scream out uniqueness. It’s early days but FTLY seems to be doing this, maybe except for the carbon-copy of the title. I like what FTLY seems to be doing; it’s pulling bits and pieces from the original while adding in its own elements which all seem to be working for this remake. Continue reading


My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me: First Impressions

Fall in Love with Me. Hmmm, yes, yes, I’d fall in love with you Aaron Yan, you’re some very delicious eye candy! Yum, yum, yum, I can just stare at you all day long. However, it’s a different story for the drama itself.

I didn’t plan on watching this latest SETTV Sunday prime-time drama but somehow I got lead to watching it. Maybe it was because of the addicting theme song “1/2” sung by Aaron Yan and G.NA that I am absolutely loving was what lured me into watching the drama? But in all honestly, I wasn’t even watching as such. I was literally half-watching, half-skipping through the first two eps and trust me, you don’t miss out on anything by doing so. FILWM, lead by Aaron and Dream Girls member Tia Li, is your typical idol drama filled with the same clichés and leads not to mention if follows the same overused plot. If I were to describe this drama in one sentence I’d say that it is a drama filled with clichés with a lack of chemistry from the two leads. Really, because what I see on screen are some very forced, smashed together scenes as well as chemistry which feel very forced. Well, I guess if you have Aaron there as some delicious eye candy then it’s watchable, right? Who can resist Aaron’s charismatic charms?

Continue reading

My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier: First Impressions

Shitsuren Chocolatier has set itself up in a winning state so hopefully it won’t collapse half-way. I really enjoyed this first ep. It laid out a very solid foundation for the path that it is going to head on and it has all the ingredients for this win. (How can it not be a win with those delicious eye candy chocolates to look at!?) This first ep didn’t catch me by surprise and neither did it make me want to fall for it, but rather, as the cute fuzzball that it is, it left me with lots of cuteness and surprises that is waiting to unveil itself. It was cute and I enjoyed everything that came out of it. Given that this is a live-action, the plot is not unexpected, but I see that the drama has a lot in store to make itself stand-out from being a live-action and that is something I can’t wait to see.  Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way: First Impressions

First and foremost, I wish you guys all a Merry Christmas! (: I hope you guys are enjoying this holiday season!

I should have gotten on this bandwagon a whole lot earlier! This drama is definitely worth all the hype that it has been receiving! Oh, I am in love! This drama is amazing and has gotten me on a fangirling level that I would have never thought I would come to. Seriously, I cannot watch an ep without squealing, oo-ing, ah-ing or have my heart flutter! I love it when I encounter a good Taiwanese drama and In A Good Way is exactly that and so so so much more. It is winning in all categories whether it be in writing, directing, cinematography, acting or chemistry. I just love how this drama comes about so naturally! I know, I know, I mention the word “naturally” a lot in my posts but so far with what I have seen coming out of this drama, this word is truly an understatement. This drama is just amazing in all aspects and by the looks of it, things are bound to grow even more amazing! Continue reading

My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang: First Impressions

I must be in luck this drama season or I just have the touch to pick up amazing dramas. This drama exactly falls into that category. Hehehehe, because this drama is just splendid! It is amazing and I just love it. There is just not enough amazing words that I can use to describe this drama! This is my first “official” ancient Chinese drama and I think it is off to a wonderful start. Actually, I have been anticipating this drama ever since I heard of its existence; in fact, I have been stalking its every news that surfaced. I might not have understood every dialogue between the characters, but that’s okay because the interactions and chemistry between the actors really helps portray what could not have been understood through the dialogue.

This period drama is actually quite light on the historical context which is a nice touch, because dealing with the language difficulties is already hard enough. Also, because of this fact it allows you to concentrate on the characters much more and really see the traits that they bring to the drama.

Why does life not have enough time!? I need more time in life! 24 hours is not enough! I am only up to ep two and it does not help me to speed watch any faster with this drama airing from two up to three eps daily. LLW has been confirmed for 46 eps (at 45ish minutes per ep). Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Weeks: First Impressions

Oh this is good awesome spectacular terrific ground breakingly amazing! I absolutely love it! These first two eps really had me on the edge of my chair. It was very fast paced and really sets up the entire premise for the drama. It left me in awe and very eager for the next week to come! I just want more! From recent memory, the all of the k-dramas that I have picked up have quite the melo theme and they all involve some sort of murder and fugitive. Hehehehe, and with this drama it continues my trend.

The theme song/the anti-hero’s song is now my new music addiction. It’s currently on replay! Hehehehe!  Continue reading

My Opinion on Two Fathers: First Impressions

Call me crazy or what-not taking on an 80-ep drama on top of my other current dramas and school work but I am so glad that I hoped on board! I am usually every hesitant towards picking up a daily because they require a lot of commitment (especially hoping in when it is nearing the end of its run), and that is quite difficult when one day only consists of 24 hours, of which 8+ is spent on sleeping. However, I am determined to stick to it (I have all the eps downloaded!), even if it means I have to stay up until the early hours. I tried a Taiwan-daily once, Te Amo Chocolate, but quickly dropped it because it was just not my cup of tea. I decided to give Two Fathers a try due to the positive reviews and the different concept and I am glad that I gave it a go because it is one of a kind and also very amusing. Plus, I am always up for some bromance.

I quickly fell in love with Two Fathers because of how heart-warming it is! I love how the feeling is there right from the first ep; it doesn’t require time for it that feeling to grow because it is immediately there from the very first second you set eyes into TF. This feeling comes some the light-hearted structure of the whole plot. The drama doesn’t feature deep obstacles and boundaries for which the characters have to cross, but rather it is about watching the characters that steps to finding their own happiness.

With dailies, it not only requires commitment but also patience. It works differently to an weekly drama in the sense that the plot takes time to develop. In doing so, it means that the different relationships are explored in much greater detail and with greater emphasis on how they are built up. So I guess being patient with the relationship developments actually balances it out in the long run because we get to see more of how the relationships are built up.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Last Cinderella: First Impressions

Honestly, my sole reason for picking up this drama was because of the hype that it has received so I decided to see for my own eyes. I have heard that it starts off well but then goes downhill but I shall see how I fair with this. (:

I am always up for a Cinderella drama because the plot is concrete so you can’t stray too far from it. It is always solid and knows the direction that it wants to head off too. Admittedly, I have seen numerous Cinderella dramas, so I am always keen on watching one that puts a spin on the Cinderella story. Last Cinderella has that spin; it takes the Cinderella story on a path that I have never seen before and it makes me eager to see how it will develop. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: First Impressions

This drama never sparked my interest, not even once and I only decided to give it a go after the amount of good reviews that it received from the online community. And I am so glad that I did because it did not disappoint. From the first ep onwards it continued to grow better and better and I am certain that it will only continue to grow with subsequent eps. The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) isn’t exactly your usual idol rom-com, but instead steps onto a more mature playing field; and it does so where the idol rom-com and mature aspects are blurred into one making it such a beauty to watch!

Already what I can see that drove this drama to acclaimed success is the beautifully structured solid plot. It knows where it wants to head and it is going to get there. Each ep is a build up from the previous ep and uses the previous ep as a springboard to jump forward. Although I am only three eps in, I can see that each ep builds up with anticipation and there is depth. We really get to see the bigger picture with not only the roots of the plot but the characters as well. They both really tie in well together and this is why this drama was so successful!  Continue reading

My Opinion on King Flower: First Impressions

Phew! That is one heck of a title! This drama didn’t spark my interest at all and I have no idea why I decided to give it a go. But I did regardless, and it is a pretty average rom-com. Right now I am simultaneously watching two James Wen dramas – this and The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) and in terms of their genres they are quite different from each other. I am only three eps in and already I can see that KF is following the usual rom-com plot made famous by SETTV which is the contract-like relationship will is due to happen any ep now.

These first few eps were quite slow going and you really have to watch them together for the introduction to set in place. If you just take the first ep on its own as the starting point, it would be very slow going and you wouldn’t receive my from the storyline. It is only after these three eps that the storyline starts to fall in place and where things are set to take off. Now, the drama is going to really start when the transformation comes.  Continue reading