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My Opinion on Love @ Seventeen: First Impressions

Love @ SeventeenI am a huge sucker for nostalgia themed dramas, so when I first heard about Love @ Seventeen, I knew it was a drama that I could not pass. The drama is exactly as the title states – about love at the ripe age of seventeen. It drops into the current era, backlogging into the high school days and stemming off from there. The first three eps have just been about the high school days with narrative backlogs every now and then reflecting back to this era but from ep 4 onwards the drama will be giving love at seventeen a second chance, a chance to change everything and make amends to all of life’s regrets. Continue reading

My Opinion on Refresh Man: First Impressions

Refresh Man

To refresh means to reinvigorate but I’m not so sure that this isn’t the case for Refresh Man. It has more aspects of being a copy than it is being a refresher, appearing oh-so identical to a previous drama that I have seen from SETTV. To be fair though, most SETTV dramas follow the same plot and structure so it’s not like it’s something that I haven’t encountered before. It’s just that this drama is oddly familiar to one that I have seen before, so much so that I’m not receiving any vibes that what I’m watching is a new drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Descendants of the Sun: First Impressions

Descendants of the SunI don’t think I have loved a K-drama as I did from the get-go as much as I did for Descendants of the Sun for a long time, and that’s a good thing of course, meaning this drama is heading off in the right direction. I am just so surprised with how quickly I fell for this drama. This drama is just amazing and already is filled with so much punch in these first three eps. This drama is not without its flaws though, but it starts off so spectacularly well that whatever flaws it has, it all seems very minuscule. I am just loving this drama very much and can’t wait to see what it has in stores for us, but regardless of whatever it has, it will hopefully be something that brings the drama to greater heights. Continue reading

My Opinion on From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made): First Impressions

5jikara9jimadeOh, I am hooked, seriously hooked onto From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made) and I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a good time to get hooked onto any drama as I should really be studying for my exams. But once you’re hooked, you’re hooked and there’s no way out. 5–>9 is such a sweet drama; it’s captivating from right from the first ep and has a very luring charm to it that one cannot resist. It lured me in right from the very first ep and now I just cannot get enough of it. 5–>9 is a drama adaption of the manga of the same name. The manga is said to have more of an arousing theme to it while here that theme has been toned down significantly to better suit TV purposes which makes sense and is actually working well for the drama as it creating balance and smooth progression for the plot.  Continue reading

My Opinion on When I See You Again: First Impressions

When I See You AgainI love it when the holidays come because this means I can just sleep, eat and drama without any other worries in life. With more time on my hands, this means I can load myself with more dramas, which is just the perfect way to spend my semester break. One of those dramas on my current watching cycle is the current SETTV Sunday-night drama When I See You Again. Unlike its predecessor Someone Like You, which was a melo drama, SETTV has reverted back to its roots of rom-coms, something that is right up my alley. WISYA has all of the elements of a SETTV rom-com and while SETTV doesn’t necessarily always make the best dramas, its rom-coms are always light, fluffy and easy on the eyes, something that is much needed after studying intensely for the past semester. WISYA is a very typical SETTV kind of rom-com, set in a village environment with lots of cutesy interaction from the two leads. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Lost Tomb: First Impressions

The Lost TombIf you are looking for an action-packed drama then The Lost Tomb would be the one for you. It is action-packed right from the beginning, in fact the action starts from the very first second! The Lost Tomb is described as a cross between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones featuring elements of the supernatural, action and adventure. TLT is a web-drama adapted from the insanely popular internet novel Grave Robbers’ Chronicles written by Kennedy Xu. It is said that this novel created a craze in China for novels focusing on grave-robbing that also deals with supernatural elements. The drama version will have eight instalments filmed over a period of eight years. Unlike the typical C-drama length, each instalment of TLC will only have around 12 eps, two of which were the prologue, which puts it up for greater action and more promising developments. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Girl Who Sees Smells: First Impressions

2I think I have something to indulge myself in, in the form of The Girl Who Sees Smells. It has won my heart already with the pleasing cast, pleasing acting and pleasing directing. It is such a nice all-around go-to drama and is off to a pleasing start, giving me something more than I want and more. It hits all the right notes of being a good drama and that ought to be a good sign, though one will never know because any given drama may go haywire halfway in. Hopefully TGWSS is not one of those dramas because I am really liking what I am seeing thus far. TGWSS is sweet and simple and manages to balances the humour and more serious side pretty well. It is so satisfying to watch it grow and develop and hopefully it will continue to be so because TGWSS is looking like it is a promising drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on Boysitter: First Impressions

BoysitterI know, I know, I’m a very behind with Boysitter but I’m not sure whether I want to continue with it. I’ve already written a recap on the first ep of but I just have more to say and long time readers of my blog would know that my first impressions doesn’t just stem from the first ep, but rather the first few eps when there has been a solid introduction of the drama. So here’s my first impressions on the drama.

Falling in love with Boysitter was much easier than I expected but falling out of love with it was just as easy. Airing on the relatively new Taiwan cable channel TVBS, which despite it being relatively new on the market has produced a number of well-received and high quality dramas including Kiss Me Mom!Rock N’ Road and the recently concluded and acclaimed drama The Way We Were, Boysitter has a lot to follow through with. It started off really well with a very nice introductory episode but then the story just didn’t know where to head after that. Boysitter is basically about a career-driven woman, Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) who is stuck in a relationship between two men: her immature ex-boyfriend, Hao Jian Ren (River Huang) who she still has lingering feelings for and a playboy but meticulous businessman, Wen Hao Ren (Melvin Sia). However, it just didn’t fall through after the introductory episode with the storyline falling very quickly to a standstill. Continue reading

My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean): First Impressions

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Popular Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You‘s Korean sister which also goes by the name of FTLY is having a hilarious but banger of a start. It is definitely living up to being a remake but it stands out as being more than just a remake. For me, to differentiate yourself from being a remake is one of the biggest factors to a good remake and even despite the fact that it is a remake, I like to take every drama as its own standalone representative because there are no two dramas which are the same; they might be similar but they are not the same. People who have already seen the original do not need to see another carbon copy just with a different cast. A remake is, on top of everything else, about differentiating yourself and adding your own sparkles to the original to really make it scream out uniqueness. It’s early days but FTLY seems to be doing this, maybe except for the carbon-copy of the title. I like what FTLY seems to be doing; it’s pulling bits and pieces from the original while adding in its own elements which all seem to be working for this remake. Continue reading

My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me: First Impressions

Fall in Love with Me. Hmmm, yes, yes, I’d fall in love with you Aaron Yan, you’re some very delicious eye candy! Yum, yum, yum, I can just stare at you all day long. However, it’s a different story for the drama itself.

I didn’t plan on watching this latest SETTV Sunday prime-time drama but somehow I got lead to watching it. Maybe it was because of the addicting theme song “1/2” sung by Aaron Yan and G.NA that I am absolutely loving was what lured me into watching the drama? But in all honestly, I wasn’t even watching as such. I was literally half-watching, half-skipping through the first two eps and trust me, you don’t miss out on anything by doing so. FILWM, lead by Aaron and Dream Girls member Tia Li, is your typical idol drama filled with the same clichés and leads not to mention if follows the same overused plot. If I were to describe this drama in one sentence I’d say that it is a drama filled with clichés with a lack of chemistry from the two leads. Really, because what I see on screen are some very forced, smashed together scenes as well as chemistry which feel very forced. Well, I guess if you have Aaron there as some delicious eye candy then it’s watchable, right? Who can resist Aaron’s charismatic charms?

Continue reading