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To The Beautiful You Episode 7 Recap

After a wonderful hype from ep 6, this ep just fell to a steady bump free car ride. There are moments that you want to just fly by, there are the times that would leave you questioning what is to come and then there are times that would leave you questioning how could she not know that he knows already. Tae Joon is really trying to figure out his feelings for Jae Hee. He is falling for her, no doubt, but he can’t openly show it to her so he has to be by her side and be the tentative guy saving her from every trouble like her superman. Compared to everyone and especially Eun Gyul, his care for Jae Hee is very different and is slowly growing into an obscure love whether he wants it to be known or not.

Poor Eun Gyul cannot even identify himself any more. He is struck by his yearning for Jae Hee but in many ways he is trying to pull himself back and change all that.  Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 6 Recap

I was not wrong. This ep is really better than the last. The lack of oomph that the previous eps lacked in, this ep made up for. Though the start was quite neutral, the momentum and power crept up from the second half. This still appears to be very unsequential and  leaves me to wonder how the second half of this drama will turn out. I feel that this drama has started halfway from the Taiwanese version. Nonetheless, this ep really blossoms and for those who wants to see Suili singing and/or back with her long hair, this is the ep to do so.

Jae Hee tells her brother that she doesn’t have to see Tae Joon jump. It is because of her that he is having a hard time. Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Recap

Now that Tae Joon knows that Jae Hee is a girl, things are getting heated up. 😉 There is some progress here, though I feel that the feelings is still quite similar to how Tae Joon treated Jae Hee at the pension… And it looks like Jae Hee did not come here for nothing, Tae Joon is going to jump again! Though, this ep does feel quite similar to the last… However, the preview will leave you wanting more!


Jae Hee wearily makes her leave while Tae Joon contemplates as he sees the glow bracelet. He then turns on his laptop and sees a video addressed to Mr. Holten, the coach whom Manager Jang wanted to train Tae Joon. Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 4 Recap

Finally, at long last  Tae Joon discovers that she is a girl! This is sure to change things. Ahahahaas, Tae Joon actually shows concern for her now!

Tae Joon sees that the groceries are being delivered and realises that creepy guy has whisked off Jae Hee somewhere. So he immediately takes off in his bicycle on a fast ride not knowing where she is. Jae Hee forgot to ask Tae Joon for his shoe size so she uses creepy guy’s phone to call him. She manages to give him some detail of where she is but creepy guy takes the phone back before she can say any more.  Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Recap

After a stable introduction for eps 1 & 2, this ep has just started to lift things up. Things are becoming more hilarious by the minute on Eun Gyul side while Tae Joon is starting to show some affection fro Jae Hee. (: Naaaaws, and Lettuce! I love this dog! There is more than just friendship here but there are cases of less than friendship. Our OTP are heading to some progress which is good to see.


Let’s relive the kiss shall we? Meanwhile, someone takes a picture of this. Hmmmm, who is this mysterious person? Jae Hee freezes for a moment before pushing him back. He then gives her a greasy smile before passing out to her arms. What other choice does she have than to dump him in a wheelbarrow and wheel him home. Sang Chu Lettuce (let’s call him Lettuce shall we?) comes licking his owner which means Jae Hee has to wheel twice the weight. Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Recap

Woahhh, second ep and there is a kiss already! Ahahahahas! This drama is sure moving. 😛 It is safe for me to say that this ep is better than the last because there is the kiss here! Cute, cute, cute and very light-hearted! Oh, and there was the appearance of EXO-K! Ahahaahahaas!

Jae Hee refutes doctor Jang’s accusations but he tells her that even by looking at her wrists shows that she is a girl. She tells him she is a guy and hastily makes her way out. Continue reading

To The Beautiful You Episode 1 Recap

To The Beautiful You will be the fourth remake and the Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. To those who do not know what this is about, it is a young girl who idolises a high jumper ever since she saw him on television. However, because of an injury, the high jumper broke away from his career. In order to encourage her idol to jump again, she disguises herself as a boy to transfer herself to his all male high school.

Having seen only the Taiwanese version, this drama will bring up some very interesting comparisons for me.  And what’s not to enjoy about this drama with a full breathe taking ensemble cast? *wink, wink* Ahahahahas!

What a brilliant opening ep! It did a wonderful job establishing the characters but I guess I already get the gist of this since I have seen the Taiwan one. Ahahahas! Continue reading