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2012 End of Year Drama Review

This year I opened myself to different dramas as well as different genres of dramas. There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. As I do not watch k-dramas, c-dramas, dormas/j-dramas and tw-dramas as often as I watch hk-dramas, I tend to be picky with what I watch and usually I would pick up dramas that I find interesting or  appealing to my tastes.

This year I managed to watch some dramas that were really up there as well as a few that fell below the radar. I found myself jumping back into the c-drama bandwagon after a long overdue hiatus and for those that I watched, I found it bombarded with tw-actors/actresses which is probably why I am drawn to them in the first place. Ahahahas! This year, I ventured out into doramas for the first time (yay!) and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. With hk-dramas, there were a few that I loved but there was only which I loved everything from top to bottom and in between. Even until today I am still swooning over it. I was quite picky with my k-dramas so all in all, I was satisfied with what I watched, though this year with what I watched I find it in high standards of all sorts. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Continue reading

Alice in Wonder City Episode 11 Recap

Tell me, why do even I bother watching/recapping this? Ahahha, LOL. Even I don’t know. I think I have discovered why this drama is so unfocused. There are too many subplots which does not flow with the actual plot of this drama. (Well, that’s if you know what the actual plot is.) Ahahahaha. Well, this episode still doesn’t flow much. More subplots arise.


After hearing what she heard, Die Fei grows uneasy.

One by one the singers sing and finally it is Dei Fei’s turn who is singing ‘Don’t Dare Cry’. (The first girl sang really nicely) She sang this song much better with more feelings. So much feelings that even she cried during the process, singing out of line and forgetting her lyrics. Hai Jie watches this eyefully which Ting Yu watches Hai Jie with a scornful eye. George comments that she can forget the lyrics but when she makes a name of herself, the audience won’t forgive her. The other judge comments that the singer they are searching for is one that is perfect and if she can’t focus, then she doesn’t have the right to sing in the next round. He gives her a 6. George looks over and sees Jin Cang. He spins the flaw in her singing into some positive and gives her a 9. Ting Yu asks her one question – whether she wants to still sing or return home. After a moment for hesitation, she replies that she wants to stay. He tells her that she is honest and he heard her heart’s words in her song. So he gives her a 9. However, backstage it is not all as happy. Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Episodes 21-25 Overview

Boxing. I realise the extremity of it and how much damage that it can do to someone’s life. I am no longer amazed with how much can happen in 5 episodes, instead how much the characters can change in five episodes. The transit from good to evil then back to good. With five episodes, a lot can happen to all of the characters. The two female leads really caught me on, they have improved so much. I felt sorry for them both at different times. Also, I found Buddy’s change a bit rash. After everything that Sap Yat has done for him, could he really be that heartless and turn on him? I guess this is just the power of boxing. Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Episodes 16-20 Overview

I wanted Sap Yat to end up together with Donna. 😦 I wanted desperately that kiss to mean something, to mean they would be together. Or maybe not with after everything that she has been through. It’s amazing how much can happen in just 5 episodes. Everything changes so dramatically. Sometimes this is what keeps me hooked in to TVB dramas, they fastness of how things are approached.  Now I guess this is when thins are going to take a turn on its head with the introduction of Vicky.  Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Episodes 11-15 Overview

The boxing element is really going to start to kick in now. I would have liked it if it happened earlier because this is only a twenty-five episode drama and I feel that there is not enough room for development. Especially now with the love lines, revenge and boxing. I think it would quite a struggle for everything to flow smoothly and not feel rushed. Not only does Sap Yat has to train Buddy and Ding Ding, but he also has to face the on-coming revenge and deal with his love life.  He sure has a packed time in front of him. Sap Yat is the same old as usual – tackle things as they come not before it is yet to happen. LOL. I didn’t think that I would really like Natalie in this role but I think this barbaric role suits her. Selena’s role is perfect for her. From the start I knew she was going to be the one to take the initial step. May round 1 start! Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Episodes 6-10 Overview

Finally, some key characters make an appearance and this is when things start to take 2 steps forward. I am very excited to see how Nancy will perform with her sign language and how she portrays this character. I was quite surprised with Edward’s appearance and how he and Donna got back together so quickly. I even more shocked with the rate that Buddy and Bo Bo’s relationship is going at. These days, it seems like all that TVB does with its recent dramas is make hasty relationship lines. I like to see relationships where the connection builds up because I find that this way it connects more to the viewers. Continue reading

My Opinion on Gloves Come Off Episodes 1-5

I am more of those girls who are into romancey-comedy-policey-forensicy-lawish dramas. I never thought I would find myself falling in love with such a masculine drama. Kevin just never fails to impress and he is doing a great job as a father. Raymond suits his cheeky, rebellion role well. It reminds me of him in When Lanes Merge. Selena is much more prettier with long hair and her acting has gotten better. Oh, and beautiful fashion! ❤ Natalie’s acting has sure improved a lot! It is much more natural but it isn’t quite as smooth yet. Short-medium hair just doesn’t suit her. Every time when I look at her, she looks older than her real age. Is it just me who thinks this? I know that she is supposed to be younger than her real age… Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Synopsis

When the TV King of 2011 stars in his first  and possibly his only drama of 2012, it is bound to have some high expectations. When he comes together with one of TVB’s hot male star, Raymond Wong, well they are sure to make a great drama. Oh, did I mention that these two have some abs? Just by the look of the promotion poster, these guys are going to have some brotherly chemistry! I am sure these two will hit it with the female co-stars. I especially look forward  to the Raymond-Natalie paring ever since their cutesy pairing in A Watchdog’s Tale. (Though, I must admit Natalie isn’t the greatest actress of all, but she is improving.) Continue reading