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2012 End of Year Drama Review

This year I opened myself to different dramas as well as different genres of dramas. There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. As I do not watch k-dramas, c-dramas, dormas/j-dramas and tw-dramas as often as I watch hk-dramas, I tend to be picky with what I watch and usually I would pick up dramas that I find interesting or  appealing to my tastes.

This year I managed to watch some dramas that were really up there as well as a few that fell below the radar. I found myself jumping back into the c-drama bandwagon after a long overdue hiatus and for those that I watched, I found it bombarded with tw-actors/actresses which is probably why I am drawn to them in the first place. Ahahahas! This year, I ventured out into doramas for the first time (yay!) and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. With hk-dramas, there were a few that I loved but there was only which I loved everything from top to bottom and in between. Even until today I am still swooning over it. I was quite picky with my k-dramas so all in all, I was satisfied with what I watched, though this year with what I watched I find it in high standards of all sorts. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Part 5 Recap

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end don’t they? ): Sad episode 5 but beautiful ending because they get to end up together so yippee! Everything finally gets resolved in this ep! I finally understand what is going on with episode 1 🙂 All is good now. Once again, I must praise Rainie and Show’s acting. Beautiful! Now I have this love for micro-films. Hehehehe. If anyone has any good suggestions for micro-films, please let me know!


Wei Chen is on the plane and he flashes back into the night when he and Xiao Yu had an interesting time together. She tells him the reason why she decided to come to Australia for vacation – Tasmania is a a heart shaped island and to her it is just like a heart. She tells him that she feels that when she arrives at Tasmania, she can turn a new leaf. Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Part 4 Recap

I like it when couples fall in love quick, like lightning quick but they have feelings for each other just like Xiao Yu and Wei Chen. I guess this only works if you have chemistry like Show and Rainie. (: This episode just brought on all the emotions.


After a wonderful night out at dinner, it is time to return home. They are parting and just as he is about to leave, she stops him and asks him where he is staying for the night. Oh, just some shabby place since she took his hotel. She invites him to stay at her hotel, but he is sleeping on the sofa. Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Part 3 Recap

Each time I see this, I can going to complain about how short ten minutes is. It just doesn’t satisfy my cravings! Arghhh, I especially loved this episode, partially because their misunderstanding has been solved and partially because I love seeing Rainie get drunk. LOL, wonderful things seem to happen whenever she is drunk. Now I am starting to think that coincidences only happen is dramas.

Next stop – the pretty city of Melbourne. Coincidentally Xiao Yu and Wei Chen meet once again at the same place, at the same time. She accuses him of stalking her although I have no idea whether is is stalking her or not. She had already told him that they were going their separate ways at the airport and he has to tell her now, once again to enforce this ‘don’t stalk each other’ rule. So she sets off in the east and he sets off west. Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Part 2 Recap

Really, 10-ish minutes is just not enough! Well, technically it was eight minutes and 5 seconds minus the preview and credits.  Gaaaaaahhhh, they are so cute together! I know that this online series is supposed to showcase Australia to the encourage the Chinese world to visit Australia, but all I saw in this episode was the sweet as couple. Who cares about tourism when you have Rainie and Show together on screen? (:


Awwww, how cute! Xiao Ru has fallen asleep on Wei Chen. The phone rings but Wei Chen was careful not to wake her up. After the call he wakes her to tell her that reception wants her to bring down the enrolment? papers. They go down to reception and the hotel guy tells them that they are currently running an anniversary promotion for newly-weds where they are upgrading all newly-weds to the deluxe sea-view suite. Before Wei Chen could get deny it, Xiao Yu quickly tells the hotel guy that they are newly-weds. Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Part 1 Recap

Wahhhhhhhh, ten minutes isn’t enough! I wanted more! Argh, their chemistry was there from the very second they looked at each other. Rainie just never fails to captivate any of her male co-stars!


The micro-movie/mini-film starts off with a flashback. Li Wei Chen’s friend advises him to go to Australia and have a look. His friend shows Wei Chen a photo and asks him if he remembers her. (Hmmm…that photo looks a lot like Rainie Yang!)

On the plane Wei Chen subconsciously says ‘I have decided to embark on the unfinished journey from last year to experience again our heartbeats from that time.’

Meanwhile, Xiao Yu is recording herself saying ‘I have decided to tell you the truth now.’ Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Synopsis

Who can get enough of Show Luo and Rainie Yang’s chemistry? Certainly not me! For this reason, I am delighted to see them collaborated once again. I don’t care whether it is a drama or a movie or whatever, I just want to see more of them! Wouldn’t it be good if these two could a real couple? These have combined their magic together to star in an online micro-movie/mini-film called Heartbeat Love. For this collaboration, these two travel to some of the most spectacular places in Australia. These two are such a cuties! I can’t wait to watch this! Here is the the synopsis: Continue reading