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2012 End of Year Drama Review

This year I opened myself to different dramas as well as different genres of dramas. There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. As I do not watch k-dramas, c-dramas, dormas/j-dramas and tw-dramas as often as I watch hk-dramas, I tend to be picky with what I watch and usually I would pick up dramas that I find interesting or  appealing to my tastes.

This year I managed to watch some dramas that were really up there as well as a few that fell below the radar. I found myself jumping back into the c-drama bandwagon after a long overdue hiatus and for those that I watched, I found it bombarded with tw-actors/actresses which is probably why I am drawn to them in the first place. Ahahahas! This year, I ventured out into doramas for the first time (yay!) and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. With hk-dramas, there were a few that I loved but there was only which I loved everything from top to bottom and in between. Even until today I am still swooning over it. I was quite picky with my k-dramas so all in all, I was satisfied with what I watched, though this year with what I watched I find it in high standards of all sorts. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Continue reading

Best of the Best TVB Serial 2012

It’s that time when the annual anniversary awards are nearing so I just want to know what you think is the best drama serial for 2012. This year there certainly was a huge diversity towards different themes that TVB managed to touch on which I must say is very brave for them to do so. There were certainly those that made you fall in love, those that made you scratch your head and ask yourself what the heck is going on and then there are those that just left you wondering what is the story of this again? Of course, everyone has their own different opinion on what they like but I am sure we all should have a universal agreement towards some dramas.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 26-30 Overview

Not the most pleasing five eps. Considering that it is the ending, I had high expectations for these five eps but sadly, it only disappointed me. I am sad to learn that it dropped quite a lot from last week. During last week’s five eps, there was development but these five eps is all very muddled up and out of place. I really wanted something big from this ending but it felt like I was reliving Lives of Omission all over again. These two series end in a very familiar way that it almost appears that this one is a copy.

These last 5-10 eps took a totally different path than the beginning of the drama. It is not only until the pointy end of the drama that most of the actions take place and well, you can only like it or not like it. I, for one, do not like it. It was such a drastic change that it is like a different drama, no, no, no, I mean it is like Lives of Omission. The start of the drama was unique but now it appears to be more of a copy and the ending just proves so otherwise. Arrrghhhh, frustration!  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 21-25 Overview

Not quite a 180 degrees turn in the right direction but with each episode, it continues to build up except the last ep left me quite dreary. Now things are really moving on the right track and are sticking together. It’s like a puzzle where you can stick the pieces together! I am just glad that Ka Bik has switched to the “dark side” because this was what I was most looking forward to. This is really going to bring a new level to the drama. Though I do wonder how it is all going to play out with the rest of the story development.

I was actually surprised with the smoothness of Ka Bik’s transition from a drug addict to a drug “queen”. Although it happened in a short 5 eps, it felt like it was meant to be and meant to occur. It was fast but yet it worked so well. Ahahahahas, though I am pleasantly surprised how Ka Bik gets involved with all these druggie leaders time and time again. LOOOOL!  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 16-20 Overview

What happened!? Where did all the cliffhangers and hype go? These five eps just lost whatever hype there was from the previous five eps. I expected some fall from the previous week but I did not expected it to go all pear-shaped. It was just very messy and the plot appeared to be be confused itself. The lack of direction just resulted in a messed up plot. It lacked connection to both the audience an as well as within the drama itself and the references to previous cases just lacked emphasis. Then there was the corrupt officer issue where they tried to drag in again which felt misplaced. The crisis that allowed our characters to develop upon that was present in the previous five eps are not here.

Now, these five eps have taken a 180 degrees turn in the wrong direction. I guess the only thing that is worthy of applause is the acting skills presented by each of our characters.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 11-15 Overview

This is where the love triangle/rectangle evolves Ka Bik and Sai Lok finally get closer with each other and show their feelings. Yep, the relationships are finally heading off! It is also where the corrupt officer issue seems to dilute through eps 13-15. These five eps felt like it was cut in half, literally. The first two eps are based solely on the corrupt officer issue and the last three eps are based on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s evolving love complication, which frankly is not enough time for their development. There are crisis and crisis on top of one another that may appear quite packed but it is to develop the drama and get ready for the next phase where the drama will take a huge spin on its head taking a huge 180 degrees leap.

This marks the halfway point of the drama and yet there is still a lot to pack in the next 15 eps. I really wonder how, when and why Ka Bik will become a druggie queen. From where it is standing right now, it is very very very far from even coming close. It will have a lot to squeeze in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 6-10 Overview

Yeeeps, these following five eps are what proves to be heating up, especially ep 6. After the solid first week, this week proves that it can handle the pressure. These five eps really start to build on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s relationship as well the strain between Sai Lok and Gordon. Each ep continues to build on suspense and ep 10 will really leave you curious and eager to know what is going to happen next. It really shows how well written this plot is to even continue to include Ka Bik presence despite her conclusion as an informat.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 1-5 Overview

Following Tiger Cubs, I would expect this one to go gang-busters and it actually is. The action may not be as intense as Tiger Cubs but that’s okay because the police team here is not the Special Duties Unit. Ahahaha, what is not to love about a drama that has Raymond Lam in it?

There is action and it’s just enticing to watch. (: Continue reading

Highs and Lows Synopsis

A world of narcotics is what bonds these people co-existing from different worlds.

Heung Wing/Gordon Heung (Michael Miu) is the Narcotics Bureau’s Operation Wing senior inspector who is also a mentor and good friend to Wai Sai Lok/Happy Sir (Raymond Lam), the senior inspector of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). Together, they work hand in hand to solve various cases.  Continue reading