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My Opinion on In A Good Way: Review 2.0

Watching In A Good Way again reconfirmed why I love it so much. I think I loved it more this time around than I did the first time and all the warm, fuzzy feelings all came rushing back, if not stronger this time around. It’s a drama done right and when a drama is done right then it’s a drama worth cherishing. It offers everything that a drama should offer and so much more than what I could have asked for. It is a very thoughtful and well-structured drama right from the start to finish and at the same time crafted a set of entertaining and three-dimensional characters. That itself is a very hard accomplishment for any drama to achieve; it’s very easy for a drama to go haywire either through the character development or the plot but it is very hard for a drama to strike a perfect balance between these two elements. However, IAGW did what most dramas fail to do and found that balance. Of course, this drama is by no means perfect with a few stumbles here and there but overall the drama is really up there with what it was able to deliver. A good drama is memorable but an amazing drama leaves a long, lasting impression. This drama did that for me and also presented itself as a beautiful journey to witness. Nothing from the drama itself indicated to how good of a drama it would be but it proved so otherwise, awing me yet again. Each of the elements of this drama was beautifully crafted and the end result was a beautifully executed drama. This hands down is one of the best dramas I’ve seen in my books and there is nothing as of yet that can top it in its genre. Continue reading

2014 End of Year Drama Review

2014 End of Year Drama ReviewPhew! Made it on time!

End of year drama reviews are a great way to look back on the year of dramas that was but it is such a pain to write, consisting my me racking my brain remembering the drama and finding the write words to express myself. Writing is no easy task but I write and continue to write because I enjoy doing so. It’s a tedious and meticulous task but it’s a worthwhile one that I have come to appreciate from other bloggers alike. It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year as we head for the festive season as well as look forward to a new drama year. I can’t believe Christmas is just nearing the corner! There were some great dramas this year and that in it of itself is a great Christmas present!

This year was a very busy and time-consuming one for me, with most of my time spent on studying and dramaing being pushed to the backseat. As such, I have been more selective in the dramas that I saw this year. Most of the dramas that I saw this year came from marathoning earlier this month when I finally had a break from studying and it feels really good to be able to just sit and drama and drama and drama without having any worries! Although I only managed to see a few dramas, I did hear a lot of talk about this year’s dramas so I wasn’t entirely kept out of the loop. There were some good, some bad and some which were just plain horrible. But I enjoyed most of the dramas that I picked to watch and that makes me happy because there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to engross yourself in a drama that it is a hit from start to finish. Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way

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I have been meaning to write up this review a while back now but school got the better of me. But at least it’s here now, right? Hehehe!

Despite the inundated amount of dramas currently out there for viewers’ pleasure, it is still a very rare find to find a drama that ticks all the boxes while telling a very down-to-earth and hearty story. I went into In A Good Way almost blind-eyed, not really knowing what the central plot was about and who the cast were but it blew me away right from the very first moment in some very unexpected ways. Not only did it turn out in a very good way, but it also stood out in creating a story that was realistic and being something that all viewers can relate in one way or another. IAGW was a drama that really connected with the audience and that’s something really important that all dramas should strive to achieve. It’s one thing for a drama to execute actors playing a character onscreen but it is another to collate that all together along with bringing in the audience to feel a part of the drama. I absolutely adored IAGW right from the beginning. It was all sorts of goodness that managed to attain a really smooth-sailing journey right from the opener. To say that IAGW was good is an understatement. You won’t understand the full goodness of this stellar of a drama until you set eyes on it and once you do, you won’t ever want to take your eyes off the screen! Continue reading

Final Batch of In A Good Way Goodies

Watching In A Good Way has been such a ball, really rocking my world of dramas. IAGW is a drama that really wrenches you emotionally, not dramatically emotionally but rather realistically emotionally. It is a drama that is just really realistic and because of that, it makes you feel as though you are walking the journey along with the characters. This is why Liu Chuan and Jia En’s break-up was so heart-wrenching to watch. Clearly, breaking up was not something in their plans but the relationship they had with each other took a huge toll on their dreams. Having a break from each other will do them good and strengthen their relationship. It was not something that I didn’t expect to see because right from the very start the drama has been out to create a very sincere and realistic story.

Watching the drama was amazing but the BTS was something that I especially enjoyed. I just love it seeing the close-knit relationship between the cast. I really am going to miss them heaps! I’ve recapped the final BTS below so you can check it out. (:

Also check out the MVs belows which brings you back to relive the IAGW journey. So so so beautiful.  Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 26 (Final)

After six months, In A Good Way has reached the end of a the book and while it was not picture book happy it concluded leaving behind many fond memories. Every ep has been such a beautiful watch and I just can’t put into words just how down-to-earth and genuine IAGW is but I will go into more detail about it in a future post as this post will be about this finale ep. IAGW is not a drama but rather a story that is told right from the heart, allowing us to experience every step that our characters take. IAGW was not a drama that I had intended to watch and in fact, it never caught my attention even a little bit until I started hearing people rave about it. So I went in sixish weeks late thinking that it is your better than average school drama but boooyyyy was I impressed. It was all that I could as for from a school drama but so much more. It told of a three-dimensional story with very well sculptured characters. What’s more though is that it had a goal, a purpose and that is what it adhered to right from the beginning. It really allowed that element to come to life, giving it just the perfect amount of light to set forth this freedom story while keeping uni life in the loop. I can go on days and days raving about IAGW because it is just that good. I just love love love it so much! It is definitely one of the best TW-dramas, or dramas in general, out there. IAGW has completely rewritten school dramas and will forever remain as a prime example of how to do it right. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 26 Written Preview

It’s less than three hours before the final ep hits our screens! Today I was constantly refreshing In A Good Way‘s blog for the written preview and just when I thought it wasn’t going to appear, it did. The written preview pairs up with the video previews nicely. It centres of freedom, the very thing that IAGW set out to tell a story on as it closes up this chapter of the book. Freedom means something different to each of the characters and they all have a very personal story regarding this. For many, freedom means stepping out from parents’ care but for Liu Chuan and Jia En, freedom stems outside of that. The freedom that they have individually envisioned is quite different but it is because of this difference that allows them to really complement each other and bring out the best from one another. I love that Liu Chuan and Jia En have remained true to themselves even as their relationship blossomed from friendship to gf/bf. I love that they don’t change for one another but rather, they allow their differences to help them grow as a couple. IAGW has been a stellar of a drama and I am just so happy and grateful for its excellence in presenting such a real and sincere story.  Continue reading

Emotional Video Previews for In A Good Way Episode 26 as We Prepare to Bid Farewell

Be prepared to have your tissues out for the final ep because there will definitely be lots of tears from both the characters and us having to say our final goodbyes to this wonderful drama. In A Good Way has been such a wonderful watch and such a rare gem to find in this drama industry which is filled with clichéd plots and chemistry-less leads. IAGW is anything but. It is a heart-warming story told with sincerity and never did it once deviate from what it initially planned out to do. Freedom has been the core of this story right from the very start and it continues to remain prevalent right throughout the drama. Sometimes, I get carried away with the time setting of IAGW but you have to remember that it is set in the late 1990’s when technology and freedom back then is not as we know it today. Freedom was something that came with a hefty fine and was not an easy journey to embark on. It was something that required immense determination as well as stamina. You had to fight for it if you wanted it and this is something that has been very nicely portrayed here. IAGW might be glossed over with uni life but beneath that is the chase for freedom. Each of the characters chase for it one way or an another and with each step they take forward, the closer this freedom becomes for them. But the word “freedom” does not mean the same thing for them all. “Freedom” is something that comes through based on personal experiences and influences and these have been something that we have witnessed each of the characters face. It has now come down to the final page and the biggest question will be “are you free?”. I sure hope so! Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 25

In A Good Way is taking out the big guns as we reach the final two steps of this journey in pursuit for freedom. This ep was a reminder of just how life can take a 180 degrees turn in a split second. Despite everything that you have planned out and all of the hard work that you have put in to walk that path, it might not even work out but you have to learn to deal with it. This ep was just full of gobsmacking moments that I am still trying to let sink in. My brain is having a hard time processing those facts plus the other fact that has been floating around for the past few weeks that all will be drawing to a closure in a week’s time. Yup, one more week left before we have to bid our farewells to what has been a stellar of a story. This ep focused on bringing the loose ends closer together but it won’t be until the next ep that all will be nicely tied together. The treasure brought out shambles in Liu Chuan’s life and right now he is in hot water and with so much at stake that not only affects him but his future with Jia En. The last hurdle is coming up and I am sure that he will be able to jump it to reach the finish line. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 25 Written Preview

After seeing the video preview my heart felt very broken but I think it has healed since reading the written preview. The consequence of the treasure is something that Liu Chuan must face whether he likes it or not. This is a hurdle that he must jump over in order to have any chance of repairing his relationship with his father. I honestly do not think that his father is all that bad of a person despite all of the corrupt things that he might have done. It’s something that I’ve mentioned numerous times but it is also something very true – Daddy Liu is above all Liu Chuan’s father. He just wants his son to live a good life and has numerous plans to see this happen. I’m hoping that the distance between the father and son can be repaired because it would be such a shame to have the drama end with them having a strain on their relationship.

It’s interesting how the drama is making references to Titanic. I’ve never seen the movie but one must be living under a rock not to know what it is about. Titanic a romance story but it is also the same time about chasing after freedom which is something that each of the characters can relate to. It is something that our characters have been chasing after but it has not been an easy process. The process was filled with pain as well as a lot of holes but one can only run to the best of their abilities and that is what they did. This ship is almost back to shore and I am confident that it will not sink.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 25 Video Preview and Lorene Ren and Lego Lee Team Up for Fluffy 7-Eleven Rilakkuma CF

It is so heartbreaking to see Liu Chuan locking himself up and falling to pieces. He is a very strong guy but now he is just all broken and shattered. I just want to give him a cuddle and tell him that everything will be all right. But alas, that’s not my job to do because he has Jia En by his side who will remain by his side whether it be a tornado or earthquake that comes. It doesn’t matter what happens because she will remain by his side forever just like she promised. Liu Chuan is so lucky to have lots of supportive people who he can count on to help pick him up. It doesn’t matter who is he or what his family background is because the friend they have come to known is Liu Chuan and not Liu Chuan whose father is Liu Song Heng. Him being Liu Chuan is what matters to them. So regardless of what path he decides to take, they will be there supporting him just as he has supported them.  Continue reading