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In Time With You vs. The Time We Were Not In Love


The Time We Were Not In Love

I was really looking forward to The Time We Were Not In Love as the remake of the hit Taiwanese drama In Time With You. I wholeheartedly adored ITWY and to date, it is one of my favourite dramas of all time. I had high expectations for TTWWNIL but I knew not to keep them up too high, but despite my low expectations of the drama, it still managed to really disappoint me, so much so that I just gave up watching it and had to push myself to finish it for the sake of finishing it. In fact, now that I look at it, TTWWNIL completely butchered ITWY. I did finish TTWWNIL in the end and it was nice to see a final closure to the couple who could have had their love story drawn summed up in two eps. The couple already knew themselves that their hearts belong to one another and this was the main reason why the drama was so draggy to watch. Continue reading

Hit TW-Drama In Time With You Gets a Korean Remake

In Time With YouI woke up to some very interesting news with the hit TW-drama In Time With You getting a remake in Korea. I’m not surprised in the least and saw it coming after the successful remakes of Fated to Love You and My Queen. ITWY was not just a hit in its home country but it was also very popular in Japan and Korea when it aired so it would be a no-brainer to remake this drama. I Will Media will be behind the remake of this drama and it is slated for a broadcast date in the later half of 2015. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 13 Recap

This so happens to be my favourite episode of the drama because You Qing and Da Ren gets to be together! I counted a total of 14 kisses between them! However, what I didn’t like what how the first half of the episode was so slow going. I just wanted them together asap. At least they get to be together in the end.


Da Ren goes to You Qing’s house but doesn’t knock. Instead, he sits outside her house and writes her a note. Oh, on the side note, it it pouring heavily. He writes her “I’m back. Using the pen you gave me, I am wishing you well in my own handwriting. Even though it is difficult because there is little space to write. The words that I can’t bring myself to write, I am sure you will understand. I am heading back to Singapore. I am sorry that I can’t attend your wedding…but I’ll make sure the red packet is definitely there.That’s right…I lost. I lost to you, whom I love so much. But it was really worth it.” He leaves the note in her letter box and when he turns around, he sees the high school Cheng You Qing. He walks up to her and asks her “Can you let me wipe your tears away? Can you let me listen to what’s in your heart? Can you let me be your friend? But not just a friend. Can you let me love you?” Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 12 Recap


This episode starts off with Ping An watching our male lead drown his sorrows in beer – I really wonder how his liver is going to hold up – while our female lead who is also having a beer voice-overs “Each moment is staged with laughter. Each time is also staged with tears. And those, there are those who are heartbroken. And there are others who suddenly become flustered. Yes, that’s right. I said ‘Yes, I do’ because I love Ding Li Wei. So it is not possible for me to be in love with Ding Li Wei and at the same time think of Li Da Ren. Therefore, I love Ding Li Wei which equals it is not possible for me to be in love with Li Da Ren.” (Oh gosh, even saying this means you love Li Da Ren!)

Da Ren gets himself fully wasted so Ping An has to carry him home. He pukes all over the bathroom and ends up falling asleep in the bathtub with his clothes on. Ping An has to rescue him from catching a cold. She helps him change into a new set of clothes, with a towel covering certain areas of his so Ping An doesn’t have to her eyes ruined. She then piggy back him to his bed. (What a strong woman!) Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 11 Recap


You Qing is in a mess thinking over what Maggie just told her. While singing with his former-classmates, Da Ren cries, oblivious those those around him. You Qing asks herself “Why? Why didn’t I think of this answer? Have I thought about this answer? Yes, I did think of this answer but it was just a thought. The problem that brought about this solution was never established. Now I finally know the problem-free, answer-free Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren has always been a problem.” You Qing continues to cry her sorrows. Li Wei looks after her.

Da Ren went to puke and when he came back, there was a present waiting for him – a girl dressed by as Sailor Moon. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 10 Recap

Another first in this drama. It starts off with Da Ren and not You Qing!

The episode begins with Da Ren lying on his bed agonising over what Li Wei screamed into the phone during his failed proposal night. His phone rings but he ignores it. Shortly afterwards, he gets a text from You Qing telling him not to make a fuss over Li Wei. However, he isn’t fussed about him – he is fussed about himself.

You Qing gets a call from a scamming company posing as the Transport Adjudication who tells her that she has a fine to pay by today or else she would be in trouble. She starts rattling off a series of questions to give her he car license plate and place of residence etc. She ends off saying that she takes public transport because she doesn’t have a car. And so the scammers end the call. HUH! Trying to cheat a woman like her! Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 9 Recap

So I think this is the first episode that continues off where it last ended. The other episodes all had some random beginnings.


As soon as Li Wei leaves to take his call, Da Ren and You Qing go back to fighting for the envelope. He doesn’t want her to see the content but she knows that the content is about her so she is more than eager to see it. She comes to the conclusion that he has written a complaint to Teacher Meng which he plays off of. He tells her that it is a complaint and it must be her guilty conscience or else how would she have the confidence to have this kind of self knowledge. They continue to fight over the envelope and end up tearing the envelope into two pieces. She quickly keeps her piece before Da Ren can take it back.

Li Wei comes back and the mood is sour. Li Wei becomes the middle man between the two friends. The two friends keep on throwing remarks at each other. Li Wei makes conversation by saying how he admires their friendship. You Qing says that the conditions in this friendship is because someone decided to be the “fool”. Da Ren remarks how she likes to be the “female lead”; “centre of the world” and how everyone must be her “supporting cast” to carry her anger and sorrows and how you can never ignore her requests. After hearing this, You Qing is no longer in the mood to eat so she demands to have her food on take-away. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 8 Recap


You Qing tells her pot of orchids that she will allow it to become more and more beautiful. Cheng Ma comes down to cook the pot of pork again because it is too salty. She tells You Qing that sometimes meat needs to be re-cooked to taste better, thus relating to her relationship with Li Wei.

She goes up to her room and renames someone on her phone as “double-cooked pork.” Her brother then called her asking for some information so he can introduce her to a ‘high-quality boyfriend who is not harmful’ because he doesn’t want her to end up with the ‘poppy’ Li Wei. She gets angry and cuts him off.

In a voice-over, she tells Da Ren “Hey Li Da Ren. I’m probably getting old. Thinking about starting from “I’m Cheng You Qing. What’s your zodiac sign? And start the phase of love again. I feel so powerlsess. So… maybe…I should start fresh the five year old relationship. It won’t be so bad.”

Da Ren is looking at the notes about the chicken soup that she left behind for him. He wonders “Are you willing to let her go? Willingly let her go? I think…you can’t let her go.”  Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 7 Recap


You Qing gathers with her colleagues around a box of discounted food. She voice-overs to Da Ren wondering how long she can be on display for. The she realised that everything has an expiration date – shoes, clothes, food, make-up. She wonders if people have expiration dates too.

She goes home and the news is reporting that men in their 30’s are considered as being ‘Golden Bachelors’ while in contrast, women in the same age bracket are considered as being old. Her parents eye suspiciously while she tells them to look elsewhere.


At work, You Qing receives a huge bouquet of roses from Li Wei. The card attached reads: “Saw a group of Ba Yi dancers at the temple for two hours. Then, as before, it started raing. I was at the place where I met you for the first time. Until the lights were put out, I laughed. I really liked the unexpected surprise for this date this time.

-Wei “

Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 6 Recap

You Qing is washing her face when her phone rings. She is crazily awaiting for Lei Wei to call her even though she is unsure of whether Da Ren gave him her number. She dresses herself up prettily with so that if she happens to run into him, she will be in her “best state” even when taking out the rubbish.

You Qing goes to work in a cute outfit. Her boss happens to notice her super duper cute but cheap ring. She tries it on while she answers a phone call and leaves her diamond ring in You Qing’s hands. She decides to put the ring in a safe place because after all it is the price of her cheap ring plus four zeros. As she is about to lock the ring up in a drawer, her phone rings with a private number. She answers her call and brews herself a cup of coffee. Her boss asks her ring back but it is no where in sight. After a long search, it is still no where to be found. Her boss stops the search and tells her that when you want to find something, you won’t find it; when you don’t look for it, it shows up on it’s own. Continue reading