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In Time With You Episode 5 Recap


Cheng Ma comes up to You Qing and asks her to help her remember her pile of passwords. You Qing thinks she is handing her some future matter but Cheng Ma tells that that’s not it; she just wants her to remember her passwords for her so if she forgets she can come and ask her. She complains that she already has her only pile of passwords to remember herself. Cheng Ma tells her to find someone who she can reply on to help remember her passwords for her. This leads to You Qing wondering who Li Da Ren can entrust his passwords to. No matter how much we deny it, we need someone who we can entrust our passwords to.

Later that night, You Qing is packing for the vacation trip with Da Ren. She looks down at her list of what to bring but can’t decipher what the ‘B’ stands for. So she calls her best friend to ask what word starts with ‘b’. ‘B’? Even the subject is too vast for him to decipher. She narrows it down and tells him that she is packing for the trip but can’t decipher what the ‘b’ stands for. He tells her that since she is going on a trip with him, the ‘b’ must stand for ‘book.’ Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 4 Recap


The episode starts with You Qing viciously scrubbing the toilet. While she is scrubbing the toilet, Cheng Ma comes in and wonders what is it that she is nervous about because she only scrubs the toilet like that when she is nervous or worried about something. She denies being nervous but really she is nervous because she had woken up to find herself with Da Ren’s arm beneath and him looking at her waiting for her to wake up. She shakes her head telling herself to get rid of that picture because she can’t allow herself to get used to that scene.

Clearly, her attention is diverted elsewhere. She gets a call and after answering her phone, she accidentally drops it in the water. Bye bye Blackberry!

You Qing goes out to get her phone repaired. The man tries to sell her a new phone but she refuses as the new phone will end up controlling her life and then betraying her. The man then advises her to find a boyfriend who is good with electronics. She rules that out because dating a guy means you have to invest in feelings and then you break up and get hurt. Is it worth it? (Yeahhh, but if you don’t date anyone, how are you going to find the right guy?) She only needs a “male friend” who is good with electronics.

Meanwhile Da Ren is over at You Qing’s place helping Cheng Ma to  rid the virus on the computer. Cheng Pa comes in when he hears Da Ren explaining to Cheng Ma that the virus might have gotten in through some strange sites, such as porn sites. Ahhh, so it was Cheng Pa who unintentionally installed it while visiting porn sites. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 3 Recap

Nic is helping You Qing to carry some boxes of shoes when her phone rings. Nic gets her phone out for her from her pocket. It’s her high school friend, Zhang Mei Mei, who has called to tell her that she has gotten a divorce. (I am surprised that Mei Mei has her number). She goes to console and comfort her while Nic watches from behind a window. Mei Mei tries to act if everything is fine. You Qing holds up a mirror and tells Mei Mei to face herself.

At work Da Ren gets called in and is told that he got a promotion which means a relocation. He should be happy right? However, he is not, maybe because he has to relocate. Who knows? One of his colleagues come and tease him about “Da Ren Ge”. He calls You Qing to talk to her about but she could barely reply that she is extremely busy before cutting off and watching customers fight over shoes. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 2 Recap

Maggie makes a mistake at work and sends someone’s luggage to another place in this world. We see a lonely luggage waiting for someone to pick it up. You Qing voice-overs telling Da Ren that she sometimes feel thatway too, waiting for somebody to take her out.


You Qing goes to get some coffee. After leaving the coffee shop, someone calls after her returning a bag that she left behind. He tells her that he noticed that she left behind her bag because he was staring at her beautiful shoes. She is ready to hit on him when LaLa comes and calls her You Qing Jie (Elder Sis You Qing). The second sign to ‘Beginning of old age disease’ is when someone calls you Jie (Elder Sister) or Ge and you just want to tell them to shut up. LaLa has come to ask for her opinion on her shoe designs. Continue reading

In Time With You Episode 1 Recap

I know, I know, In Time With You has already finished airing and I am doing recaps now. LOL, but who cares, at least I am watching it. 🙂 The first episode was great, but a bit hard to understand with all of the flashbacks. That’s okay, I’m just glad to see Ariel Lin back on screen in a refreshing role to her previous ones. I’m also glad to see Bolin Chen! I didn’t know him before this drama, but I must say, he is really cute!


We are opened to a horrid dream/nightmare – whatever you want to call it – which Chen You Qing relates to Lin Da Ren that there are always something against them. In this dream/nightmare of hers, she is chasing after a man at an empty department store until she sees that it is a creepy werewolf man, she turns around and runs away from it. It turns out she is running away from “time”. When the werewolf leaves, the empty store is filled with people. She walks around the store musing that every little girl wants time to pass by faster so she can grow old enough to possess their first pair of high heels in her life. She sees a pair of sneakers and puts it on remmebering how comfortable they were when she was 17. A school girls comes and calls her “aunty” before taking her pair of sneakers back. You Qing wakes up from her dream/nightmare annoyed at being called “aunty”. She goes back to her dream/nightmare and find that the girl has morphed into her at that age. Continue reading

In Time With You Synopsis

Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is a woman with a stable and successful career as a shoe department store manager but lacks in her love life. On her 30th birthday, she received an email on “the symptoms of premature aging” from her best friend Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) of 14 years. They have dinner and he make a bet with her that the first of them to get married between them before the age of 35 will pocket $100,000. So they start to look around for their potential other halves. Continue reading