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My Opinion on Like Father, Like Son

What a jewel this movie was! Critically acclaimed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda not only served as the director for the jewel of a movie but also as the writer and editor. This movie was just so beautiful, melancholic and pensive all the while telling a very emotional and touching story. I was so impressed with the density of the movie. I like it when movies are implicit in addressing us as the audience but I think that a dense like such as this works better being explicit so that it allows us to gauge and decipher the hidden meaning with the movie. And that is what Like Father, Like Son has done. Its plot is simple on text but brought on screen, it spoke of so much more than just written words. It spoke from the heart and that is exactly what this movie set out to tell.

LFLS is about two couples who find that their six year-old son was accidentally swapped at birth and is being raised by two families of different socioeconomic status. The two couples are faced with the question of blood or bond that they have built up with their non-biological son throughout the six years of companionship. Biological relations are one thing but that does not mean that it is everything. In fact, at times if not most times, the bond forged between two strangers people holds a much deeper connection over any blood relationships. These two relationship ties come into play here and the two couples must really question the extent of the importance of physical and biological bonds. Continue reading