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Smile Wen and Jay Shih Discover Japan as Bai Xue and Ren Wei

Jay Shih and Smile WenIn A Good Way might have ended four months ago but the love shows no sign of dying down. IAGW has made an impact not only in the drama world for being a standout drama but it ultimately has changed the lives of the cast involved, primarily for leads Lorene RenLego Lee, Jay Shih and Smile Wen. Prior to IAGW, people would barely bat an eye upon the mention of their names but now they have become household names. IAGW has really helped to shoot up their careers but more than that, IAGW allowed them to create some everlasting friendships which grows stronger day by day. I absolutely enjoyed IAGW and the ride that I had with it was an amazing one. It has become one of my favourite dramas and my love for it is still very much there. I’ve been paying attention to ever little bit of IAGW news, especially regarding that of the so-called movie which probably won’t be seeing the daylights any time soon. I would have loved to see a more definite conclusion to the open ending but it did wrap up nicely which is one of the best thing that any drama can do. I’m sad that that there won’t be a movie to tie up loose ends but sometimes, I guess it is best to be left open-ended. Continue reading


George Hu’s Leading Lady in Upcoming Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge is Yuan Ai Fei

Happiness Voucher The upcoming SETTV dramas are all sounding pretty good and definitely much better than its current line-up. Next cab off the rank to follow the current daily Tie the Knot will be Love Cheque Charge (AKA Happiness Voucher) and all is sounding pretty good except for the official English which I’m just having urks against. It just sounds so disjointed and unbalanced, not to mention that it once again features the lexeme “love”. I’d much rather prefer the alternative title but we get what we get. Anyways, ever since George Hu was confirmed to lead the drama, talks where on whether his leading lady will be his rumoured girlfriend and frequent co-star Annie Chen. At last came the confirmation that it won’t be. Instead, his leading lady will be Yuan Ai Fei, a relative newbie. I’m just glad that his leading lady is not Annie again this time around because their clichéd and overhyped pairing will totally drive the drama into overkill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them together and they send lots of sparks onscreen but the air that surrounds them just sends their pairing into overkill sometimes. It’s nice that we’re getting a different kind of air with this pairing. We’ll also get to hear George do some singing since he will be singing the ending theme song for this drama. Continue reading

Jay Shih Goes Skateboarding for Nokia Storyteller

Jay Shih's Nokia Storyteller With news from In A Good Way cast popping up every now and then, I don’t feel as though they are separated. Through their Instragrams and Facebook pages, you can see that they all still have a really close relationship with one another. What came out of IAGW was really good. There were some hearty familial friendships created and that is something that is just so rare to see. More often than not, you see the cast work together with each other but once the filming is done and dusted it is a goodbye but with the cast of IAGW, they are still very much closely knitted together. I love this relationship from them and seeing these lively updates continually makes me eager for the arrive of the IAGW movie! I seriously cannot wait! Continue reading

Jay Shih Stars in New Micro-Movie Alongside Guo Shu Yao

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It’s been over two months since the very successful drama In A Good Way ended its 26 week run and the stars have been working non-stop during these two months having had numerous offers upon them. With male lead Lego Lee taking the headlines with CF endorsements and an upcoming movie, second male lead Jay Shih is not too far behind with the recent online broadcasting of his new micro-movie Happiness Amulet 幸福御守 (the word 御守 is actually the Japanese word for amulet) where he stars alongside Guo Shu Yao. Happiness Amulet serves as a tourism promotional film for Kinmen which is a small chain of islands administered by Taiwan by claimed China showcasing the different things that you can do while in Kinmen. Happiness Amulet was actually filmed a year ago but only now does it see daylight. Continue reading