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2013 End of Year Drama Review

I cannot believe that the year is coming to an end already! It feels like it was only just the start of 2013! Oh, how time flies! It just makes you look back and appreciate all the goodness that has come out of this year. It comes to the time for an end of year review and I really do appreciate the goodness that dramaland has given this year.

2013 has been one drama year for me (every year is a drama year for me!), though it was definitely much slower than 2012. I was actually quite slack with my drama watching for the first half of the year and only began to intensely drama during the second half of the year. With a heavier school load, I had no choice but to lighten up on my drama watching and this also meant choosing wisely with what I wanted to watch, which didn’t work out quite so well with some drama choices. But I did manage to do a lot of live-watching this year, which is something that I am very proud of. I also managed to watch a 73 ep drama, which is another thing which I am very proud of. I looked back at my 2012 End of Year Drama Review where I said that one of my resolutions for this year was to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas but I don’t think I accomplished that. Anyhoo, I’ll just blame this on school which, really, is just an excuse to make me feel better of not achieving my goal.

There were quite a number of misses rather than hits this year which is quite disappointing but there were also a number of great hits. I didn’t get to see all the dramas that I wanted to see this year but I can always catch-up on it once I find some time in life. However, in generally, I think this year was quite a miss in terms of dramas. The reason why I was quite slack in terms of drama watching for the first half of the year was that there was any dramas that called out for me to watch it and furthermore, I have read reviews which have not been so positive about those dramas. It was during this half of the year that the dramaland picked up its game, especially in the k-drama verse.

I am going to have an even heavier school load next year which means less drama time for me but it won’t stop me from dramaing! Obviously school will be my priority but nothing is going to keep me away from dramas and blogging!

For this review, I am rating all of these dramas together for this year so the ratings will vary to the ratings on my ratings page. The ratings will be out of 5 stars. Continue reading

Love Around Episode 21 Recap

At long last it has finally come to an end! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time! Weeks and months actually!

This was a wasted ep with a very rushed ending. The pieces didn’t gel together and people who had hardly had any development on their relationship all of a sudden end up together. Seriously, the drama just tried to glue bits and bobs that do not match together. Well, this was not one hour of my life wasted but also 21 weeks live-watching it.

Just a word of advice, do not attempt to watch this drama if you haven’t done so already because it will do you no good. Continue reading

Love Around Episode 20 Recap

One more ep till this all ends! It is sad to know that the drama has only been heading downhill ever since it began. Disappointing, it could even show off the chemistry that Annie Chen and George Hu had! Love has certainly not been around for this drama!  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 19 Recap

The follow-up drama has been confirmed but it is in its infancy stages so not much is known about it yet but that means Love Around is coming to an end! I have been waiting for this day for weeks upon weeks. LA has been been confirmed to end at 21 eps but that is 21 eps too long if you ask me! The sooner this end the better that it will be. Love Around has been dragging around for way too long. The storyline has no direction and has reached a deep hole where it cannot pick itself up from except the drama continues to play off this by dragging it on. And this is done by repeating the same scenes again except in a different environment. Ratings have been dropping with this ep reaching the the lowest it has been throughout its run of 1.58. I guess it isn’t just me who is disappointed with this drama.

Watching this ep was very painful. Urghh, and it was one ep spent on the whole issue with Daddy Liang feeling guilt for what he did. Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu are back together again like there has never been any barriers which they had to cross. Urghhh! And can the Zhou siblings please have a relationship without the interference from the older generations? Well, I think I already answered my own question. The answer is no.  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 18 Recap

My frustration with this drama continues to flurry. Urghhhh! It just shocks me with how crap this drama can continue to get. And here we go again, except this time we are on the other end of the circle. But it is still a circle we are going in. This time around Zhou Zhen decides that he shouldn’t push Xiao Shu away any more because this will only hurt him and her. So now he decides this after spending about 9 eps pushing her away!? Well, after intervention from numerous people he finally realises this fact! Urgh. I would be glad when this drama comes to an end in two weeks but I am getting really worried because the follow-up drama is still yet to be announced.

Another bland and boring ep. I am really disliking this circle that we keep going around in because there is nothing new nor interesting about it. The same ideas are being reused again and again and worse of all is that it is a push or pull relationship between the OTP. One minute they are all lovey-dovey with each other and the next they push each other away because they think that this will be better for each other. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This drama is heightening up my anger over a drama that I am not even remotely enjoying.  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 17 Recap

So, rumour has it that this drama might be extended, again. SAY WHATTTTTTTTTT!? Someone get me a gun so I can shoot down this drama. This cannot be happening. It has already been extended from 15 eps to 20 eps. It does not need another extension! What in the right mind is the director and producers thinking!? But there is just four weeks left before the follow-up drama is slated to appear and there is no news of that yet. I just beg and pray that it will not be extended because this drama is already lost for direction and an extension will make this even worse. Ratings stand steady at 2, though this is nothing stellar but its ratings is better than its previous drama, King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess OR The Adventure of King Flower) which stood at the 1.5 mark. An extension will just make this even more boring than what it currently is. Viewers are getting bored of this drama. Ratings for this ep feel to an all-time low at 1.75.

Back around the circle we go, and this is a tiny circle we are going in. Always heading around in a circle, facing the same repetitive issues again with the same resolutions. Arghhh, can it get any more repetitive? Well, obviously it can. Boring! The drama tries to change this around by introducing more characters but this isn’t doing anything with the plot whatsoever. It just continues to bring this drama into a circle. These characters only bring the other characters back to face the same issues which they have already faced. The drama needs to head out of this circle and reach the finish line soon!  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 16 Recap

Throwing in useless relationship lines, useless characters and bringing the ex-girlfriend back is how SETTV is going to fill up the remaining five eps. Great, now isn’t this going to be a boring drama? Who am I kidding. From the very start it was going to be a boring drama! Really, when a drama has to result to using these tactics, the drama has lost of direction and substance. Actually, the drama had lost all that a LONG LONG LONG time ago and is now resulting to boring and repetitive storylines which does nothing to keep the plot moving forward. Urghhh, I am just so tired and annoyed with the direction of where LA is heading. Where has all the writers gone? Did they just all ditch their job?  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 15 Recap

It should have concluded here at ep 15, except it didn’t.

Boringggggggggggggggg! *Yawns* Continue reading

Love Around Episode 14 Recap

Okay, when I heard that Love Around was extended to 20 eps my heart mood immediately plummeted. I was so excited that this drama was going to end soon but hearing that news shortened my happiness. I guess I was the only one having this reaction because a lot of netizens were going ballistic hearing of this news. Seriously, those people must be living in another planet to think that this drama is worth an extension. No kidding. This drama is crap but there are actually people out there who think it is good. What is on the mind of these people!? How can they think that this drama is good in the slightest sense? I guess everyone has their opinions or maybe I just don’t see the goodness from this drama?

I guess many of you must be wondering why I continue to watch and recap this drama when I feel this way. Well, once I start a drama I must finish it. I just have to or else it would feel incomplete for me. Since I saw the opening of it, I must see how it all concludes.

I was really busy this week so this recap will be shorter than usual. Needless to say, this ep was well and truly under standard. Again, it was bland and boring. It is just a repeat of what has already happened in previous eps. Actually, each ep is a repeat of each other. This drama has lost all thoughts of creativity, resulting to the same tactics over and over again.  Continue reading

Love Around Episode 13 Recap

I am getting worried. There isn’t much news on the follow-up drama, in fact the follow-up drama hasn’t even been announced! Also, I have been hearing that this drama has been extended to 20 eps… I gravely hope that this is not the case because this drama is going to be more draggy and long-winded that what it already is!

Hug, hug, hug. That is the only thing that Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu can do to convey their relationship.

So the drama decides to result to some refutable traumatic past that is somehow supposed to lift this drama up, except it isn’t working that way. Furthermore, now the drama seems to have shifted focus; instead of focusing on the OTP, it is now focusing on the parents. Just where is the mindset of this drama? Please, Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen, just elope and never come back. Just elope and live your happy life together. This will be the best for the drama.  Continue reading