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Breath-Easy Diary Part 3 Recap: Dying For Love (Tia Li’s Entry)

Oh Bolin Chen! I am going to miss seeing you! I really need to see him in a drama ASAP! Ahahaahhas! But it has been wonderful watching him here and he was exceptional in his roles. Though I like him as the coy and sneaky one the most!

I enjoyed the re-telling of each ep and how it all appears to collect together the events of that entry. I really like the concept! I also enjoyed how there is a song for each ep, and song seems to match very well with each ep!

This ep is quite different from the previous two. The previous two were more upbeat whereas this one isn’t so, and instead is not about finding love but about getting over past love. This ep touches more on the sorrow side of love and how to face love after it becomes the down fall of you.  Continue reading

Breath-Easy Diary Part 2 Recap: Mircowave Love (Emily Song’s Entry)

This was a sweet story! I liked this more than the previous ep as it held more of a solid plot. It was filled with magic as Emily went on a journey of finding happiness in Taipei. It was a very written and solid storyline that really allowed Emily Song to shine. It showcased her character as well and made the ep really easy to watch.

The time with Bolin Chen is not enough! He only appeared for about a minute! Ahahahas, but I guess I have to be content with that, don’t I?

Quite a few dialogues were portrayed in Korean and I appreciated that because it allows Emily to show her two different cultures. She is not shying away from her Korean heritage yet instead she allows that to develop who she is. I actually find her voice to be quite sweet when she speaks Korean!  Continue reading

Breath-Easy Diary Part 1 Recap: Because You Are Here (Puff Guo’s Entry)

I’m hyperventilating here! I could not get enough of Bolin Chen in In Time With You and I am more than happy to have him back on my screen. But boy, did I miss him! Ahhhh, the sweet sweet smile! It reminds me so much of Li Da Ren (ITWY reference). Ahahahahas, and yes, I did watch this solely for Bolin because I don’t think I would have blinked an eye for this mirco-movie if he was not in it.

I know that this micro-movie is supposed to help promote Dreamgirls but that is hardly my focus when Bolin is the eye candy here! Those few minutes were just barely enough to satisfy my cravings but I am just glad to see him back on screen, even it is for a few minutes.

Micro-movies are always a hit with me as they can’t really go wrong. It is short, simple and sweet. Of course this one was no exception and was beautifully told. This is really short from your typical micro-movie considering that each ep is essentially one story so it is quite remarkable with the information that is packed inside. What separates this micro-movie from others it that it re-tells the story whereas other micro-movies tells the story as it goes along. Also, each ep of this micro-movie is essentially a story in itself so it has to pack a punch in a limited amount of time! Continue reading

Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 4 Recap

Okay, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I thought that the third ep was the end but luckily it’s not because it was really really really opened. I didn’t even know that there was this final ep! But luckily there is because it ties up the entire story together with a closed ending. I take back a lot about what I said during the last ep because I truly took ep 3 as the final ep. So this means that ep 3 performed a lot better than what I thought given that it wasn’t a conclusion ep. But, given that the previous ep wasn’t the conclusion, the development happened a lot slower than what I thought. Regardless, I am just glad the the previous ep left for something this ep could build upon.

This ep was all emotional but coming to the end I expected this, especially since that it is inevitable that Siu Yau will have to leave. This ep didn’t contain the movement that the previous eps contained but that’s a given since Siu Yau and Ah Jun have a lot of dialogue to explain to each other. I really loved that this was was really strong in its dialogue deliver because after all that Ah Jun and Siu Yau have been through to get to this stage, they need to tell each other once and for all. Continue reading

Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 3 Recap

Okay, it did not just leave me with an open opened ending! Arrrggggghhhhh! Three eps is not enough, let alone three short eps! It was so open that it feels like it is just an episode conclusion and not a drama conclusion. But for three eps, it is pretty impressive with how the plot lead. Of course in 30 minutes of drama time divided into 3 individual 10 minute eps, only show much can be told but it will run quite well with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Admittedly, this ep wasn’t as great as the previous eps but it offered something that I personally found that the previous ep lacked. In 10 minutes it was able to enforce the complication as well as provide a resolution which  is pretty impressive and superb. It closed the series on a questionable note which quickly leads back to the reason that this micro-movie/mini-film exists, i.e. to promote Raymond Lam‘s upcoming 2013 concert, which is about him giving time for his fans. Though, as a standalone micro-movie/mini-film (with the promotion background) it is a pretty impressive production. Continue reading

Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 2 Recap

Coming off the brilliant first ep/introduction, I was hoping that this ep would be more of the crisis/complication ep. It didn’t exactly give that part to the storyline but I was fine with that because it seems to be more of a build up from the first ep. It is actually quite a smart tactic because the complication is always there, it’s just that it is overshadowed with every else that is happening. Also, it the complication can be further enforced in the final ep because a conclusion does’t take that long to finish up. I did like this ep, but it wasn’t as good as the first ep but what I absolutely loved was the cameos!  Continue reading

Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You Part 1 Recap

Ever since I discovered micro-movies/mini-films, I have been in love with them! And, I have been in love with them even more with every one that I watch. These micro-movies/mini-flims are a huge hit within the chinese community so I was surprised that Hong Kong did not delve into it already. So I was quite to shocked to hear that Raymond Lam is going to feature in one. I have heard about Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You for quite some time now and it was until quite recently (and I mean recently) that I discovered its existence. I may be late, but I found it. This micro-movie/mini-film is designed to promote Raymond Lam’s upcoming “A Time 4 You” concert.

As with all other micro-movies/mini-films or one off eps, I really like how so much can be told in such a short ep. It always is direct and to the point and generally feels like you have landed into the middle of the story. However, this  micro-movie/mini-films feels quite different to the others that I have seen. It actually feels like it is starting off with an introduction, rather than landing into the middle of the plot which I would enjoy, because this is a triology meaning that ep 1 would be the introduction, ep 2 would be the body and ep 3 would be the conclusion.

This first ep provides a relatively stable and progressive introduction and it is actually quite creative and unique with its storyline. Though, I did find some parts to be irrelevant so I just hope that it will reappear in the next to eps to provide some cohesion. That aside, I really like its simplicity and creativity. Continue reading

Refresh 3+7 Episode 10 Recap

Firstly, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and say a huge thank you for all the support that I have received in the past year. So here’s my first post for 2013 and what a great way to start off the year. When I first started watching Refresh 3+7 I was super duper eager to see this ep and now it is finally here! I had high expectations for this ep, especially knowing that Ady An would be in it. I loved her ever since I saw her in Autumn’s Concerto and here she shows exactly why I love her.

Yaaayyy, I am so happy! I found this is 720p which means great pictures! It seems like the better eps of the series comes in better quality, ahahahas! But I must say, even if you have not seen the previous eps and have no intentions of doing so, this ep tops it all and is good stand-alone ep to watch. This is a great one-off ep as well as being a great ep to unite the series. I loved this ep, it was such a splendid ending for the series as well as being a great drama start for 2013. Just a beautiful way to end the series as a whole and it does a lot to tie each of the 10 eps together. It was short, sweet and bright.  Continue reading

Refresh 3+7 Episode 9 Recap

This wasn’t one of my favourite eps, not by far. It was quite slow paced and for 35 minutes one-off ep, I would expect the development to be quite progressive. The first half was quite draggy and was an overly long introduction. The real detail didn’t appear until the latter half and even then it all felt very loose and doesn’t seem to make much sense. Though, the storyline is quite touching here about a change for the better. Continue reading

Refresh 3+7 Episode 8 Recap

Sadly, we are back to 360p quality pictures. Sorry! I did all I could to find a better quality video but I couldn’t find one. Hopefully the pictures aren’t that hard to see.

This ep was strong in its concept but lacked a bit in the execution of it. There were various scenes where it felt like it was trying to force Ah Yong to take centre stage when Wang Lu was clearly the one at centre stage. The execution was strong on Wang Lu’s behalf but fell weak on Ah Yong’s behalf.

Though, I really enjoyed how this ep conveyed the message of having a good conscience and what it means to truly live a healthy life.

Wang Lu (Alice Tseng) calls number after number with phone after phone but everyone quickly hangs up on her one by one. Continue reading